These weird things for your pets are actually life-changing

Having a pet will be so much easier — and so much more fun.

ByAmanda Pellegrino
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Having a pet is amazing, but it’s also a time — and money — commitment. So when you find even one product that makes your life easier while taking care of your furry friend, it doesn’t matter how weird it is, you need it.

From collars with laser pointers on them that allow your cat to entertain himself to a water bowl additive that cleans your pet’s teeth to a pooper scooper that’s gentler on your back, these 40 products for your pets might be weird, but they’re life-changing.


These clever gloves that massage your pet while brushing them

Make grooming your dog or cat quick and easy when you have these gloves. The spiky yet gentle silicone nubs on the palm and fingers of the gloves de-shed and massage you furry friend. They’re one-size-fits most, with an adjustable wrist strap to secure and keep your hands fur-free, and they’re machine-washable for easy cleaning between uses.


This strong, scent-free deodorizer that eliminates cat litter smells

Just sprinkle this deodorizer directly into your cat’s litter box, and it will smell better than ever — a.k.a. like nothing. Not only does it neutralize and eliminate odors without added fragrance, but it also makes your litter last longer. And, it works with any kind of litter — clay, crystal, natural, scented, and unscented — to keep your place smelling great.


These dog toothbrushes that you wear on your finger

It’s just as important to brush your dog’s teeth as it is to brush your own, and it’s never been easier than with this finger toothbrush. It’s covered in tiny silicone bristles, and can be used with most dog toothpastes to safely and gently scrub away plaque and grime from your dog’s mouth.


This self-warming pet pad that’s machine-washable

Keep your pet warm and cozy with this self-warming and cushiony pad. The four-layer cushion absorbs your pet’s heat and reflects it back to your pet, and is covered by a plush micro fleece top. And, it’s machine-washable in case of any accidents or doggy drool.


These stuffing-free squeaky toys with crinkle paper inside

Your pups will love these squeaky toys that also feature crinkle paper inside for extra stimulation. They come in a frog, leopard, monkey, parrot, and sloth designs for jungle-themed fun. They’re reinforced and durable to survive rough play, and are stuffing-free to avoid mess or your dog accidentally eating a bunch of cotton.


A pack of self-groomers that clip onto your wall

Let your cat groom herself whenever she wants with this corner groomer. Using adhesive tape, it attaches directly to the corner of a wall, table leg, chair leg, or flat surface, to make self-grooming easy, especially for cats who already rub their faces on these spots. Plus, the plastic nubs are tough enough to massage and remove excess fur but comfortable enough to not break hair when doing so.


This purring pillow that helps your cat de-stress

This pillow is battery-operated and touch activated to emit a two minute long purr that helps your kitten feel more calm and relaxed. Its small silhouette is the perfect size for your cat to snuggle with, and the comforting purr will make this your cat’s favorite new toy.


This dog harness that keeps your pup secure in the car

Keep your dog as safe in the car as you are with this doggy seat belt. The belt straps around a standard headrest, while the opposite side hooks onto your dog’s harness to keep them safe. It’s adjustable from 18 to 30 inches to fit both big dogs and small dogs, and can be converted into a leash when you’re out of the car.


This handheld shower attachment that makes bathing your dog easy

You — and your pup — will look forward to baths when you have this brush. It features an adaptor to attach to a shower head and an adaptor to attach to a hose, so you can bathe your pup inside and outside. Plus the head features cone-shape silicone nubs that allow you to scrub, brush, and spray at the same time, greatly simplifying the process.


This suction cup koi fish dangler with catnip

Keep your cat entertained with this koi fish dangler. Not only does the attached string create an erratic bouncing motion that will draw on your cat’s instincts and get them pawing at it, but it has a suction cup, so you don’t technially have to dangle it for them. Beyond that, this fish contains potent catnip and silver vine accents to keep your cat’s attention for longer.


A 2-pack of water additive that eliminates bad breath

Keep your pets’ teeth plaque-free and breath fresh with this water additive. Just add a few measured drops — it’s tasteless and odorless — into your dog or cat’s bowl and their oral hygiene will be better than ever. Whether you use it in between brushes, or as a brushing replacement, you can say goodbye to bad puppy breath.


This bright light-up pet collar that’s waterproof

Keep your dog in sight whether they’re off leash in the early morning or you’re going for a walk at night when you have this light up collar. It features three lighting modes — solid, fast blinking, and slow blinking — comes in many vibrant colors, and offers up to 1,000 feet of visibility. It’s chargeable and can last up to eight hours on one charge.


This litter pail that holds up to 14 days of waste & keeps your home smell-free

This pail seals in odors so your litter box smells better than ever. Use the attached scooper to grab clumps from the litter box and drop it into the pail. Then, pull the handle and the waste and odor are sealed in there. The pail holds up to 14 days of soiled litter, which keeps you from frequent garbage trips, and the pail comes with standard refill bags that can last up to eight weeks.


A best-selling ball launcher that makes fetch more fun

This ball launcher makes it easy to send your pup far and long to retrieve their favorite ball. It’s compatible with 2.5-inch balls, and is best for puppies between 20 and 60 pounds. Of course, with reviews like, “my dogs are obsessed” and “my dog cannot [get] enough of playing ball!” it’s no wonder why it’s a bestseller with over 45,000 five-star reviews. Plus, the ergonomically designed launcher features a slim handle, so you’ll love it too.


This easy-to-clean splash mat to keep your pet’s food & water off the floor

Make cleaning up your pet’s food and water spillage easy when you have this splash mat. Just place it directly underneath your bowls, and the raised lip will protect your floors from any spilled food or leaked water. It’s waterproof and made from food-grade silicone and features a diamond patterned service to keep bowls from slipping around.


A leakproof dog water bottle that makes on-the-go hydration easy

Keep your pup hydrated no matter where you are when you have this doggy water bottle. Most importantly, it’s leakproof. The bottom section holds 12 ounces of water, and with the press of a button, some water is distributed into the bowl side to drink. Whatever your puppy leaves behind can be tossed away or poured back into the bottle. No water waste and no spills.


These tubed cat treats with a 4.8-star rating

These cat treats can be squeezed over meals or used to hide pills and your cat will lick it right up. Made with wild-caught tuna, it comes in four flavors: tuna, tuna with chicken, tuna with scallop, and tuna with shrimp. Cats go absolutely crazy for these creamy treats. “If there was ONE think my cat will go psycho for…it is Churu sticks. If she even THINKS I am getting one, she is circling me like a vulture circles prey. I have not found a single flavor of these she does not go gaga for, and when I found this pack of 20, I was beyond excited. The price, is PHENOMENAL for this product, especially for how much you get,” one reviewer raved.


This squeaky ball with outer layers that are meant to be destroyed

This dog toy provides so much entertainment your pup will want to play with it all day. Made for more aggressive chewers, the toy contains two outer layers designed to be chewed through before finally reaching the tough, spiky, and squeaky ball hiding inside. And, the polyester material was designed to break off in large chunks so there’s no choking risk.


An automatic cat feeder with an interactive voice recorder

This isn’t just an ordinary cat feeder. It’s the only cat feeder that matters. Not only does it allow you schedule automatic feeds — and allows you to designate how much food per feed — but you can also record a 10 second message and have it play up to five times to call your cat to eat, which is great for days when you’re away from home. Plus, it has a super secure lid lock to make sure your furry friend doesn’t have access to the 4 liters of stored food.


A highly-rated pooper scooper that’s easy on your back

This heavy duty pooper scooper features a rake and tray with 36-inch long handles so cleaning up after your pup doesn’t take a toll on your back. Made of metal and aluminum, the the tray and rake are rust-proof and, most importantly, can be easily cleaned with your garden hose.


This interactive treat puzzle toy with over 128,000 ratings

If you want your puppy to have to work a little for his treat, check out this best-selling treat puzzle. It features four bone-shaped covers your dog will need to pull out to unveil a treat, and eight compartments with lids hiding treats. The combined actions help exercise your dog’s mind and reward him when he gets it right.


These can covers that keep your pet’s food fresh longer

These can covers are made with food safe silicone to tightly adhere to the top of your pet food can and keep it fresh for longer and reduce unwanted odors from open food. They feature three internal lips designed to fit securely to the three most common can sizes — 2.5, 2.9, and 3.3 inches — and they’re dishwasher-safe to boot.


A grooming comb made to de-mat your pet’s fur

Keep your pet comfy and their fur shiny and thick as ever with this grooming comb. It features six blades with curved — and safe — edges, to loosen matted hair and general knots to keep your furry friend’s hair healthy. And it features an anti-slip grip and ergonomic rubber handle so you’re also comfortable while you’re working on your pet.


A transparent cat scratching shield that protects your furniture

Keep your furniture protected when you have this adhesive scratching shield. With an adhesive backing, this totally transparent shield sticks to polyester, cotton, acetate, and acrylic surfaces, blending into it completely to discourage your cat from scratching while keeping your furniture looking good as new.


This waterless shampoo to freshen up between washes

Just as you spray on dry shampoo in between hair wash days, your pup could also use some refreshing between baths. Just rub this waterless foam shampoo into your dog’s fur to keep them looking bright and shiny, and make your time between washes a little bit longer. It deodorizes, dries clear, and is vegan, so your dog will always look her best.


This litter box mat that repels lingering odor

Slip this cushiony mat underneath your cat’s litter box to reduce odor and make cleaning up any spillage super easy. It features a mesh, microfiber top that’s soft on your cat’s feet, but tough enough to trap any lingering litter so it stays on the mat and doesn’t get tracked all over your house. It’s waterproof, features a non-slip bottom, and can be vacuumed for an easy clean.


This odor eliminator that has a delightful citris scent

This deodorizer is a must-have for any pet owner. Just a few quick sprays on almost any surface — carpet, fabric, tile, wood, turf, concrete, upholstery — releases a delicious citrus scent that targets and destroys any lingering pet odors. Yes, even from that time your cat peed on your living room couch. It’s that easy.


This laser-pointing cat collar that encourages self-entertainment

Let your cat entertain herself when she’s wearing this automatic cat toy collar. The adjustable band fits as comfortably as a collar would and it features a laser pointer angled to the ground that will get your cat pawing at it. The light can be constant or flickering and it automatically powers off after 15 minutes.


This scratch pad that mounts directly to your wall

If you want to give your cat a fun and safe place to scratch that doesn’t damage your furniture or home, check out this scratch pad that’s made from layers of recycled paperboard. Included with the pad is a bag of silver vine catnip, which can be sprinkled onto the board to create a more enticing and relaxing scratch.


This dog paw washer that only needs some water

Take this dog paw washer with you anywhere you go to keep the inside of your home or car clean, no matter what your pup has been up to. Just add water to the bottom, stick your pup’s paw inside, twist it so the internal silicone bristles remove dirt and mud, and then pat dry. Plus, it’s available in multiple sizes depending on how big your dog’s paws are.


This quacking, flapping toy that keeps cats engaged

This rechargeable toy flaps, flutters, and quacks like a duck to stimulate your cat’s hunting instinct and keep her chasing and pawing at it for maximum engagement. And tucked inside is a silver vine catnip pouch to increase mood and relaxation as your cat entertains herself.


This invisible wax that protects & soothes sensitive paws

Made from food-grade oils and waxes, this dog paw wax goes on invisibly and protects your pup’s sensitive paws from rough outdoor surfaces, ice build-up, hot concrete, and more. The combination of Vitamin E, beeswax, vegetable oils, and candelilla wax can also soothe and heal cracked or damaged paws.


A cute cat perch that suctions right to the window

Let your cat soak up the sun all day with this window perch. It has four extra-large and strong suction cups that secure firmly to a window, and it can hold kitties up to 40 pounds — which is plenty for two furry friends. The base is made of an indoor/outdoor fabric that’s comfy enough for napping but tough enough to not sink or deform as your cat sits on it.


This popular pet camera that works during the day & night

This HD camera is small enough to be installed almost anywhere to let you keep an eye on your furry friend no matter where you are. It’s features two-way audio so you can speak to your little guy while you’re away, and can alert you when motion is detected so you know when to check in. And, it has night vision that allows a clear view of your pet in the dark for up to 30 feet.


This adorable tiny pillow that improves your cat’s sleep

Is there anything cuter than a cat sleeping on this tiny pillow? I think not. But, not only is it adorable, the U-shaped design protects your pet’s spine to encourage a comfortable and safe sleep. It’s made of a super cozy polyester and acrylic blend fabric, and the whole thing can be thrown into the washing machine for super easy cleaning.


This snuffle mat that encourages training, scavenging & slow eating

If you’re trying to encourage foraging and slow eating for your dog, this snuffle mat can help. Just sprinkle some kibble throughout the fleece mat, and let your dog hunt for treats, stimulating his brain and training against distructive chewing behaviors. It can be adjusted to three sizes — small, medium, and large — based on the size of your dog, and it’s machine washable to clean between uses.


This door strap that lets cats in & keeps dogs out

Even the most social cats needs their space, and if you have a multi-pet household that can be difficult to find. However, that’s not the case when you have this adjustable door strap. Easy to install and remove, it allows a door to open just enough for a cat to enter, but not enough for a dog to fit through, which also makes this great for the room where you keep your kitty’s food or litter box.


This bitter apple spray to aid in anti-chew training

This bitter apple spray has nearly 9,000 ratings, with may reviews commenting on how much it aided their anti-chewing training. Just spray this liquid onto your shoes, rugs, furniture corners, and other places your dog is inclined to chew, and the bitter taste will discourage chewing and bititng, to hopefully eventually remove the behavior entirely. It’s also good for dogs with hot spots to prevent them from irritating their own skin.


A cat scratching post that’s shaped like an adorable cactus

If you’re looking for an inexpensive cat scratch post that’s also cute, this cactus one is for you. The base pole — which comes in multiple sizes depending on how big your cat is — is tightly wrapped in green sisal rope, while the bottom and cactus-looking top are covered in a soft fabric. And, aside from scratching, your cat will also love playing with the attached dangling ball.


This tough, tooth-cleaning dog chew toy that looks like corn on the cob

Great for aggressive chewers, this corn on the cob toy features a bite-resistant plastic corn piece and a cotton bite rope to keep your dog entertained. Plus, it has a whistle function that makes a sound when your dog bites down, for even more stimulation. Though it might not be completely indestructible, your dog will have a great time trying, and the knobs of corn also help to clean your dog’s teeth.