Things you're accidentally neglecting if you have pets & it'll cost you later

Plus solutions that’ll save you.

ByClaire Epting
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You may not even realize you’re neglecting an issue with your pets until it costs you money — not to mention energy and time — which is why I’ve rounded up clever cat and dog products that will save you in the long run.

Don’t wait until your kitty shreds your couch — give them this sisal mat to satisfy their scratching urges. Unpleasant carpet odor? Bust out these UV blacklight pens to detect urine stains, then follow up with a zesty deodorizing spray. Even the most seasoned pet owner slips up every so often, but with these products, your costly mistakes will quickly become a thing of the past.


The furniture upholstery that’s unprotected from cat scratches

Solution: These transparent shields that prevent your cat from tearing up your couch

Has your feline companion made your upholstery their own personal scratching post? Made out of transparent plastic, these furniture shields protect your fabric couches and chairs from unrelenting, sharp kitty claws. Each self-adhesive pad can easily be cut to your desired size. You also get a set of removable twist pins to help secure the shields in place.


Your car’s interior that’s vulnerable to dirt, claws & hair

Solution: This durable backseat cover that keeps your car clean & scratch-free

This waterproof back seat cover is made of hard-wearing Oxford cotton, which protects your car’s interior from the dirt, claw marks, and hair that comes with bringing Fido along for the ride. It attaches to your car’s headrests with a set of buckled straps, while the side flaps ensure that every inch of the seat area is covered. Simply run the cover over with a vacuum when it’s time to clean.


Your pet’s dental hygiene (& breath)

Solution: An enzymatic toothpaste & toothbrush set for fresher breath

Like humans, dogs can develop dental issues if their teeth aren’t kept in check. Luckily, you can remove plaque from your pup’s teeth at home with this enzymatic toothpaste and toothbrush set. Formulated with gentle ingredients such as aloe, neem oil, and grapefruit seed extract, the toothpaste also works to freshen your dog’s breath — something you’ll definitely appreciate the next time they slobber in your face.


The fur building up incessantly on your furniture

Solution: The rolling pet hair remover with a cult following

If you find your living space accumulates pet hair faster than you can clean, you’re not alone. In fact, more than 100,000 Amazon buyers have tried (and loved) the ChomChom pet hair remover, giving it a perfect five-star rating on Amazon. All you have to do is roll the tool over your couches, chairs, and bedspreads — the loose fur collects inside the removable chamber, so you can quickly dispose of it. “This is a life saver, a game changer, the best invention ever!” raved one reviewer.


A dedicated place for your kitty to scratch

Solution: This sisal mat that satisfies your feline’s urge to claw things

If you don’t give your cat a designated place to sharpen their claws, they’ll target your furniture and carept instead. To protect your upholstery from damage, teach your cat to scratch this sisal mat instead. You can place it on the floor or install it vertically on the wall — wherever your cat prefers. The natural fibers are durable enough to withstand repeated daily scratching.


The odd odor coming from the carpet or furniture

Solution: This fast-acting spray that removes pet-related odors from your furniture

Infused with an invigorating orange scent, this odor eliminating spray helps remove the lingering pet-related smells from your couches, carpets, and chairs. The fast-acting formula even works on urine stains — just spray it directly onto your furniture and wipe away the excess moisture. “This stuff worked amazingly and without the usual chemical smell,” wrote one reviewer. “I wish I had found this stuff sooner.”


Your kitty’s reluctance to drink water

Solution: A water fountain that provides a constant stream of fresh water

Cats can be picky about their drinking water — and since proper hydration is so important for their health, it’s a good idea to invest in a water bowl they’ll actually use. This whisper-quiet water fountain creates a free-falling stream that naturally attracts your feline and keeps them engaged. It also has a bubble-flow setting that provides a larger surface area for your cat to drink. Plus, you won’t have to refill your cat’s water bowl multiple times a day, saving you time and energy. It’s a win-win.

  • Available colors: blue, purple, green, orange


Your dog's boundless energy that needs to be released

Solution: This handheld ball launcher that upgrades your game of fetch

If you’re pressed for time and your dog has boundless energy, a regular game of fetch may not be enough to tire them out — unless you use the ChuckIt! ball launcher. This helpful handheld device allows you to catapult your tennis ball much farther than you could throw it, without causing muscle strain (seriously, your arm will thank you). Just as good, the scoop design means you don’t have to crouch down to to pick up the ball — or make contact with the slobber on it.

  • Available sizes: 4


The half-full can of food in the fridge — that’s not covered

Solution: These silicone can covers that preserve your pet food

Covering your opened pet food cans with these silicone lids ensures the contents stay fresh until your pet’s next mealtime — and you won’t have to deal with any unwanted smells in your fridge. Unlike plastic wrap, these can covers are reusable, which will save you money in the long run. The covers are compatible with nearly all sizes of pet food cans.


Your pup's digestive health

Solution: Some probiotic chews that support your dog’s digestive functions

If your pup is prone to an upset stomach, feed them these chewable probiotic supplements. Each one contains six strains of live bacteria that support your dog’s gut health, combined with a base of enzyme-rich pumpkin and papaya. With three tantalizing flavors to choose from — chicken, pumpkin, and bison — your dog will look forward to chowing them down.

  • Available flavors: chicken, pumpkin, bison


Your pet's itching skin — & the potential for hot spots

Solution: This soothing dog shampoo that reduces itching

If left unsupervised, your dog’s constant scratching can lead to hot spots that require medical treatment. Soothe their dry, irritated skin with this gentle shampoo made with hydrating aloe, itch-reducing chlorhexidine, and irritation-busting ketoconazole. The veterinary-strength formula has a light cucumber melon scent that leaves your pet’s fur smelling fresh and clean.


Your bored cat who might wake you for entertainment in the night

When left to their own devices, cats’ nocturnal play habits can wake you up in the middle of the night — which can cost you sleep. Tire your kitty out during the day with these fluffy ball toys. Stuffed with tantalizing silvervine catnip, each ball is designed to emit a different animal noise to capture your feline’s attention. Between the frog, cricket, and bird sounds, your cat will have plenty to get excited over (before night falls).


Your dog’s appetite for destruction through chewing

Solution: These all-natural bully sticks that keep your dog occupied

Dogs thrive when they have a “job” to do — it also keeps them from engaging in destructive behavior. These 6-inch bully sticks are made of pure beef, so they’re fully digestible. And, unlike bone chews, these won’t splinter. Free of preservatives and artificial flavors, each bully stick keeps your dog busy while also strengthening their teeth and gums.


The kibble & water spills all over the floor

Solution: This stainless steel pet bowl set with a spill-proof mat

If you’re tired of constantly cleaning up your floors after your messy eater finishes their meal, you’ll love to know that this set of stainless steel pet bowls comes with a spill-proof mat. The silicone mat has raised edges that catch bits of food and water splatters before they reach your floor. Both the bowls and silicone base are dishwasher-safe, making cleanup a breeze.


Your kitty’s fur that’s quickly getting matted

Solution: These wall-mounted groomers cats can use all by themselves

Even if you don’t have time to regularly brush your cat, you can still save yourself from a carpet of pet hair on your floor. How? By teaching your cat to use these wall-mounted groomers. Simply add some catnip to the inner chamber, then fasten the brush to the corner of your wall using the included adhesive strips or screws. As your cat rubs against the groomer, the bristles will pick up any loose hair from their coat.

  • Available colors: gray, black


The fact that your pup gets indigestion after eating too fast

Solution: A uniquely shaped food bowl that slows down mealtime

When your dog wolfs down their meal too quickly, they may throw their meal right back up — and right onto your clean carpet or rug. An easy way to prevent this from happening is to serve your dog’s meal inside a slow-feeding bowl. The unique ridges prevent your dog from gobbling up their kibble, lengthening their mealtime and reducing the odds of any tummy troubles. (Of course, be sure to check in with your vet about any health concerns.)


An older dog’s stiff joints

Solution: This chewable supplement that supports healthy joints

As dogs mature, they may start to develop stiff joints — but this chewable supplement can help promote healthy bone function and even boost their mobility. Combining glucosamine — an ingredient which may help improve stiffness — and antioxidant-rich turmeric, this powerhouse formula delivers effective results in a tasty, bite-size package. “Truly an amazing product, not only because it actually works, but my dog will eat it willingly,” wrote one reviewer.

  • Available flavors: chicken, bacon, turmeric


The hairballs that are ruining your furniture bit by bit

Solution: The malt-flavored hairball relief formula your cat won’t mind eating

No one likes coming home to a fresh hairball on their expensive couch. Your cat doesn’t like it, either. Luckily, preventing hairballs is as easy as feeding your cat a small amount of this laxative formula. The hairball relief solution eases occasional vomiting and dry cough, and since it has a tempting malt flavor, your cat will actually enjoy licking it off your finger.


The fact that your pup gets into trouble in off-limits areas

Solution: This walk-through pet gate that’s easy to install

If you’re having trouble keeping your dog away from off-limits areas in your home, you may want to set up this walk-through pet gate. Adjustable and easy to install, the sturdy gate allows you to step through the swinging door while keeping your dog where they’re supposed to be. A built-in smaller door can be left open to give smaller pets — such as your cat — free range of your home.


Invisible stains that may be lingering on your carpet & furniture

Solution: These ultraviolet flashlights that uncover hidden pet stains

Dried urine stains can be practically invisible on your furniture and carpets, so it’s possible you won’t even know they’re there — until you notice the unpleasant odor. Before you replace your entire couch, use these ultraviolet blacklight pens to detect any hidden splotches. Once you’ve found the source of the smell, you can zap it with an enzymatic deodorizing spray.


A way for your dog to communicate they need to go out

Solution: A doggie doorbell you can teach your pup to use

Unfortunately, pet owners aren’t mind readers and dog’s don’t speak English — that’s why it’s so useful to have a doggie doorbell that lets your pup alert you when they need to go outside. Not only does this reduce the chance of an accident inside the house, it also presents your dog with a new skill they can master. The customizable bell comes equipped with 38 different tones at adjustable volume levels, so you can pick a sound that won’t annoy the heck out of you.


Your pet’s long, untrimmed claws that can cause unnecessary scratches

Solution: These easy-grip nail clippers with a safety guard

Regularly trimming your cat or dog’s nails can save you — and your furniture — from some nasty scratches. Plus, it’s important for your pet’s overall health. These easy-grip clippers give you complete control when trimming your pet’s nails, while the built-in quick guard prevents you from cutting the nail too short. You also get a stainless steel nail file to smooth out your furry friend’s paw-dicure.


Adequate supplies for a dog that loves to chew

Solution: A variety pack of durable chew toys that will keep your pup busy

Giving your dog enough things to chew on ensures they stay busy — and keeps them from gnawing on your shoes and furniture. This set of toys includes everything your dog could want, including durable rope pulls, chewable ball toys, and a pair of squeaky plushes. All of the items store away neatly inside the included carrying pouch, so you can even take them to the dog park.


The litter getting ground into your floors on the daily

Solution: This mat that catches the litter before it hits the floor

Don’t wait until your cat has tracked litter all across your hardwood or tile flooring — put this grippy mat down to trap the pieces that fall off your feline’s paws. Available in two sizes, the large mat completely covers the area in front of your cat’s litter box. When it’s time to clean, simply shake out the mat into the trash or run a vacuum over the surface.

  • Available sizes: 2
  • Available colors: 5


A way to remember to bring waste bags on your walks

Solution: This wall-mounted waste bag dispenser with a streamlined, modern design

We’ve all been there. You’re walking with your dog, and when they stop to do their business, you realize — you forgot a waste bag. Creating a visual reminder, such as installing this wall-mounted dispenser near your entryway, will prompt you to grab one before heading out the door. With a streamlined, hexagonal design, the dispenser seamlessly blends in with your home’s decor.


Your dog's stressful behavior during storms & vet visits

Solution: These chewable treats that promote calmness in your dog

Just like people, dogs can experience bouts of anxiety — especially when they have to deal with a stressful situation, such as a vet visit, car ride, or a thunderstorm. These chewable supplements, formulated with vitamin B1 and L-theanine, may soothe your dog and promote a state of calmness. With effects lasting for up to four hours, the chicken liver-flavored chews are great for any dog owner to have on hand.


Your cat’s dander levels that may be causing sniffles & sneezes

Solution: This dander-reducing spray from a fan-favorite brand

If your cat’s dander is driving your allergies wild, you may want to start spraying them with this dander-reducing spray ASAP. You may know Burt’s Bees from their fan-favorite line of skin-care products, but they know their stuff when it comes to pet care, too. The brand’s pH-balanced formula includes gentle ingredients such as aloe vera and oatmeal, which work to moisturize your cat’s skin and ease flakiness — which will help reduce dander output. “This product has helped enormously,” raved one reviewer. “The dry flakes are gone and his coat is soft and shiny, I’m completely amazed.”


A way to keep training your dog — without relying solely on treats

Solutions: These training clickers that offer your dog positive reinforcement

Training your dog is an ongoing task — not only does it promote good behavior, but it strengthens the bond between the two of you. To keep you from depleting your treat supply, try using these handheld clickers in their place. By pressing the button, you’ll release a high-pitched sound that your dog will associate with a job well done. With a little patience, you two will be making progress in no time.


Enrichment for your dog's (genius) mind

Solution: A treat-hiding puzzle board that gives your dog a challenge

The easiest way to keep your dog out of trouble is to give them a mentally stimulating activity. One way to really challenge them is to hide their treats inside this puzzle board. Designed with multiple flaps and compartments, the toy will keep your pup’s mind engaged. There are plenty of other designs to pick from depending on your pet’s experience, ranging from beginner to advanced.

  • Available styles: 9


Your cat's anxious behavior when meeting new creatures or moving homes

Solution: This calming diffuser that mimics your cat’s natural pheromones

If your cat is displaying behaviors such as scratching and urine spraying, it might be the result of stress — which can be caused by a recent home change or an unfamiliar visitor. This FELIWAY diffuser mimics your cat’s natural calming pheromones, creating a sense of comfort throughout your home. Over 13,000 customers have given the diffuser a five-star rating on Amazon, with many leaving reviews reporting positive changes in their cats’ behavior. Just plug it into the wall for operation — you won’t notice it.