40 ways to instantly make your home look a lot better for under $30 on Amazon

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Every time I watch home makeovers, or real estate shows — which is often — I think about all the ways my home could look better. The problem is, most of them cost an arm and a leg. Luckily, there are tons of products on Amazon that can refresh my bedroom or update my kitchen, and they’re all less than $30.

For example, I love having a record collection. But, I don’t always store them properly. That’s why something like this vinyl record holder comes in handy. It can hold up to 50 records and is angled so they don’t weigh each other down.

Sometimes you have a great piece of furniture that just needs a little refresh, like this wood marker repair kit that covers up scratches or marks on wood floors or furniture. For non-wood surfaces, there’s this stain remover that works on carpet, upholstery, and clothes.

Whether you want to make some repairs to run-down furniture, or spruce up the outside of your home, you’ll find plenty of ideas in this list. And the best part is, they’re all affordable.


Adding more shelving to help display keepsakes

If you don’t have enough shelving in your home, then you won’t have space to display your favorite keepsakes, trinkets, and photos. These floating shelves have a minimalist look, so it doesn’t take away from the items it’s displaying. You could also hang them in the kitchen or bathroom to hold your most-used products.


Keeping your favorite kitchen tools within arm’s reach

It’s such a pain when you’re in the middle of cooking, realize you need a spatula, and then have to dig through a drawer to find it. This chrome finish utensil holder is the perfect size for placing on your countertop. Use it to hold your most-used tongs, spoons, and other cooking utensils.


Using a lazy Susan to display spices or condiments

Sometimes when I’m cooking, I open the spice cabinet and then spend the next five minutes looking for the spice I need. This lazy Susan turntable The container comes with removable dividers, so you can keep your spices or condiments separate, and it rotates 360 degrees so they’re also easier to find.


Storing your batteries in this organizer instead of the junk drawer

There’s never a good place to store batteries so they often end up lost in the junk drawer. This battery storage organizer makes them much easier to find, with 180 slots for holding batteries of all different sizes. It even has a tester so you can test whether or not your batteries still work.


Making use of corners for storage

Whether you need somewhere to store spices in the kitchen, photos in the living room, or makeup and other toiletries in the bathroom, make use of your corners with these unique corner shelves. The alternating design isn’t just chic, it’s also functional. Each shelf is 7.75 inches high, and the entire system can hold up to 11 pounds, making this a useful shelf to have all over your home.


Treating stains before they become a permanent part of your carpet

If you don’t treat a stain right after it happens, you run the risk of letting it become a permanent fixture in your home. This stain remover works on carpet, upholstery, and clothing, and it’s made without peroxide, chlorine, or phosphates. It comes in a spray bottle so you can easily target the right spot.


Replacing your worn out door mats

After a few years, your door mat is probably pretty dirty and worn out. Swap it out for a fresh one with these door mats that come in a set of two. Since they can be used indoors and outdoors, you’ll certainly find a use for both. The mats have a rough surface that scrapes dirt off your shoes and a latex base that keeps them from slipping. Over 4,000 customers gave these mats a five-star rating on Amazon.


Keeping your rugs flat & in place

Rugs that slip and slide everywhere or have rolled up corners aren’t just eyesores — they’re unsafe. Fix that with these rug corner grippers. They keep your rug in place with four layers: an adhesive that sticks to the backside of carpet, a stiff plastic that keeps corners crisp, a grippy gel that sticks to the floor, and a pad that allows you to lift the rug again for easy cleaning.


Illuminating your space with a warm glow

The right lighting can make or break your space, and this handcrafted Himalayan salt lamp emits a soft amber glow that is so soothing. Turn any space in your home into a spa-like retreat with this lamp, which also has a wooden base that makes the entire piece look so much more expensive than it actually is.


Adding extra lights underneath your cabinet

Installing more lighting in your home doesn’t have to be a costly venture. These LED strip lights are ideal for attaching underneath your cabinets to add more light to your kitchen, but they can also be used in a dark closet or above a desk. The strip is three feet long and can be attached with adhesive backing.


Replacing your doorbell with a wireless version that has multiple chime options

Traditional doorbells need to be installed by an electrician and typically only have one chime option. But this wireless doorbell kit is battery-operated and quick to install. It comes with one receiver and two transmitters, which have a waterproof casing. Plus, you can choose between 52 different chimes.


Making your produce last long with these fridge liners

It’s always a bummer when fruit or vegetables go bad before you’ve had a chance to use them. These fridge liners help absorb moisture, protecting your produce from spoiling or bruising. The sheets come in a pack of six and can be cut to size to fit in your drawer or shelf.


Repairing scratches in furniture with touch-up markers

You may be tempted to toss a piece of furniture that has some scratches on it, but this furniture repair kit will save you the hassle and money. These wood markers and wax sticks can help fill in scratches on your wood furniture including tables, chairs, and even the floorboards. They come in a variety of colors, so you can accurately match them to your wood. It even comes with a wax stick sharpener.


Sealing your stove gap cover to avoid a mess

The gap between your stove and the counter can accumulate a lot of crumbs and dropped food. This silicone gap filler fits into that space, so you won’t have to worry about trying to reach into the crevice. It’s made from heat-resistant silicone and can be cut to size.


Keeping your counters clean with this utensil drip rest

Leaving spoons and spatulas on the counter while cooking also leaves behind drips and stains. This silicone utensil rest has several slots for holding your utensils, but it also has a drip pad to collect any liquid that drips off. As a bonus, it comes in more than 30 colors.


Avoiding fingerprints on the fridge door handle

The average fridge is opened at least a dozen times a day, and chances are likely that your fridge handle is covered with fingerprints and food residue. These fridge door handle covers attach to your fridge with velcro and keep it from getting dirty. The covers are machine washable. They can also be used for other appliances, like the oven.


Installing a toilet light to make nighttime visits easier

Getting up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night usually means stumbling around in the dark. But these mini night lights clip onto the side of your toilet bowl, and they’re motion activated so you don’t have to fumble for a switch. The battery-operated lights come in a set of two and you can even choose between eight colors of lights.


Hanging your plants so they don’t crowd the windowsill

So many plants, so little windowsill space. Use these macrame plant hangers to hang your plants from the ceiling so you don’t have to crowd them on your limited windowsill space. These macrame hangers securely hold your plants. The set comes with three hangers, three hooks to attach to the ceiling, and three plant pots.


Using a magnetic bar to make kitchen tools easily accessible

When you’re cooking, you want to be able to quickly grab the tools you need. This magnetic bar allows you to hang your whisk, knives, and other kitchen utensils on the wall, so they’re always within arm’s reach. You can also use it to hold workshop tools like a hammer and wrench.


Keeping your shower organized with these bottle holders

Most showers aren’t built to hold the sheer number of products we have, which is where these bottle holder hooks come in handy. Each hook in the set of three attaches to the shower wall with adhesive and can hold up to eight pounds, so even your heaviest bottle of shampoo will hold.


Making your grout look like new with this tile marker

Dirty grout can age the tile in your bathroom, but you don’t have to regrout the whole floor to get it looking new again. This tile paint marker colors in the grout to make it a brilliant white, and at under $10, it’s a much cheaper solution than the real thing. Each pen covers up to 150 square feet.


Decorating your garage door to make it look brand new

If you don’t love the look of your garage door, these magnetic accents can create a new farmhouse look. The set comes with four accent strips and two handles. They’re made of weather-resistant plastic that won’t damage or get rusty in the rain.


Adding privacy to your windows with this colorful film

If you want to add some more privacy to your home, but don’t want to cut off the stream of natural light, then this window privacy film is the perfect solution. The film has a stained glass design that creates colorful rainbow light but also blocks outsiders from looking in. It also helps block out harmful UV rays.


Helping "soundproof" home offices with a door draft stopper

A quiet office space is important, especially if you work from home or take a lot of Zoom calls. This door draft stopper fits in the gap under your door and helps block out sound. It also helps to prevent heat or cold air from escaping. It only takes a minute to install and is made from a waterproof fabric that’s easy to clean.


Replacing door hinges for a quick & functional makeover

After a while, your door hinges will start to get old and rusty. Give your door a new look with these steel door hinges that have an oil-rubbed bronze finish. The hinges are installed using six screws, which come with the set and match the color of the hinges.


Updating your front door with a fresh coat of paint

If your front door has chipped or scuffed paint, it might be time for a little makeover. This all-in-one paint can be used on walls or furniture and comes in a light gray color called cobblestone. An 8-ounce can covers 35 square feet, so you can buy as many as your specific project requires.


Adding modern address numbers on the outside of your home

House numbers are important so visitors — and the mailman — can find where you live. But old or outdated numbers don’t do much for your home’s curb appeal. These house numbers are made of stainless steel with a matte black finish. They have a simple yet modern look that instantly upgrades the outside of your home.


Making your countertops look new with this marble

Installing new countertops is an expensive and laborious process, but you can take a shortcut with this decorative self-adhesive film. The film is designed to look like marble, so it adds a luxurious touch to your kitchen design. The film is made from vinyl, is water-resistant, and is easy to clean.


Storing your remotes in their own space

If you don’t have a good place to store your remotes, they might end up getting lost between couch cushions. This remote holder mounts to the wall (with adhesive tape or screws) and creates a designated pocket to keep your remotes in. It fits remotes of all sizes, from big hefty remotes to a slender Apple TV remote.


Adding shelf dividers to better utilize space

My linen closet would be a lot more organized if I had these acrylic shelf dividers. The dividers attach to your shelves without any screws or special tools. It makes it easy to stack folded items, keep clothing separate, and make sure books stay upright. The dividers come in a set of four.


Installing a toilet paper holder that has multiple functions

Most people bring their phones into the bathroom with them nowadays, whether you do it without realizing it, or whether you purposely bring it in there to watch TikTok during a break. This toilet paper holder not only has an arm to hold toilet paper rolls, but it also has a wooden shelf that you can use to hold your phone. Incense, candles, and even an extra roll of toilet paper can also fit up there.


Upgrading to a smart light switch that includes a dimmer

Bring your light switch into the modern age with this smart switch that has a built-in dimmer. This light switch connects to your Alexa device or Google Home device, so you can turn the switch on or off with voice commands. The dimmer allows you to adjust the level of light so you can make it more or less bright.


Leveling up your shower with this head that has 5 settings

A good shower head is one that is adjustable based on your needs. Sometimes you want a high-pressure massage, and other times you want a gentle mist. This shower head has five settings, ranging in different levels of pressure. It’s quick to install and has rubber nozzles that are easy to clean.


Using a curved shower rod to make your shower feel more spacious

Straight shower rods can make your shower feel a little cramped. This curved shower rod helps open up the space so you aren’t constantly bumping into the rod or brushing against your shower curtain. It’s made from iron and has a satin finish. It also can be adjusted for length.


Removing annoying water marks on furniture with this cloth

In an ideal world, you’d remember to use a coaster every you set a drink down on the coffee table, but that’s not always the case. If you have watermarks or other stains on your furniture, use these watermark remover cloths that erase the damage caused by water, heat, and scratches.


Keeping your stove clean with these burner covers

Cleaning the stovetop can be an annoying chore since food and grease often get caked on. But these stove burner covers are heat resistant and removable, making your stovetop much easier to clean. They can be rinsed off in the sink with minimal effort. The covers come in a pack of eight and can be cut to fit the size of your stove.


Patching up tears in your screen doors and windows to keep pests out

A rip in your screen door means that bugs can easily find their way into your house. This screen repair kit covers up the holes with a strong adhesive tape with a fiberglass layer. You can cut the tape to the necessary size and it’s waterproof so the adhesive won’t come undone in the rain.


Storing your spices on these easy-to-access wall-mounted racks

Keep your spices on display for aesthetics and for easy cooking access with these mesh wire spice racks that mount onto your well. Each rack has a sleek black metal finish that’ll work with any kind of kitchen decor, and the universal design can fit any spice jar up to 3.25 inches wide.


Organizing your jewelry with this rotating rack

Keeping jewelry in a box can lead to a bunch of tangled chains. This wall-mounted jewelry rack has two arms for holding necklaces and bracelets, as well as an earring stand with 44 holes. It also has a shelf on top of the rack for storing other accessories or cosmetics. The racks also rotate for easy access. It’s bound to get compliments.


Masking odors in your home with these scented plug-ins

Even the cleanest home can have unwanted smells, whether it’s the lingering smell of cooking or your stinky pet. These scented essential oil plug-ins help mitigate unwanted odors by releasing a fresh linen scent into your home (it also comes in lavender, vanilla, and apple cinnamon). The set comes with two plug-ins and six refills.