Without a doubt, these are the 65 most clever gifts under $35 on Amazon

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Some people in life are easier to shop for than others, and I’d wager that’s something most of us can relate to. Whether you’re buying gifts for the person who has everything, or it feels like you’ve exhausted all the ideas you could possibly come up with, (or if you’re looking to treat yourself), this list of clever and practical gift ideas from Amazon — all of which are under $35 — will help narrow down your options.

Not only will these brilliant inventions not break the bank, but everything here serves a purpose and is meant to make life easier in some way. “But... what does that mean?” you might be asking. Well, it’s gadgets to streamline and simplify kitchen chores and food prep, smart devices that help you with household management and organizing, or even those “I didn’t know I needed it and now I can’t live without it” types of products. Like a stylish beanie with a built-in Bluetooth headset, a heated blanket that works in the car, or a reading light that loops over your shoulders. There are dozens of things to consider here, and you’ll surely find something — or, somethings — for everyone. Which reminds me, if there are any members of my family reading, feel free to pause here — I don’t want you to see any spoilers for the next round of holiday and birthday gifts.


This drop-in wine chiller & decanter

This genius wine chiller set comes with a stainless steel rod insert that keeps wine cool long after it’s removed from the fridge or cellar. Just drop it in the bottle — a built-in decanter aerates your wine, and the drip-free pourer helps you pour a clean glass. All of it is beautifully packaged and ready to light up the face of your wine loving-est friend.


A compact waffle maker that handles a variety of breakfast foods

Great for someone in their first apartment, or to refresh an already-established kitchen, this mini waffle maker is a little delight. With a cooking surface of just 5 inches, it’s great for small portions and single servings of waffles, crepes, quesadillas, and more. Or, if larger quantities are on the menu, standard-sized and stuffed waffle irons are available, too.


A solar-powered lantern that shines in a rainbow of colors

Great for camping and other outdoor adventures, this solar-powered lantern allows for up to 35 hours of runtime when on its low setting, and it has seven color settings for all kinds of moods. It’s also chargeable via USB when the sun doesn’t want to cooperate, and it flattens down for easy storage, making it super versatile and practical.


This bath light that gives the tub an atmospheric glow

This underwater, color-changing light gives a bathroom or sink that luxurious, night-swim vibe thanks to the 16 color options and additional features that are controlled via remote. It works in varying amounts of water, from fountains to flower vases, and is battery operated, so there’s no worries about cords or wires.


The smart light bulbs with literally millions of color settings

These smart bulbs are compatible with home assistants, or they can be controlled by app when you’re away, so you can set and schedule lighting from any place you have service. Choose a hue you like from anywhere on the color wheel, and adjust the brightness, too. They’re great for everyday use, for setting the mood of a party, or decorating for the holidays.


A compact diffuser that fits in a car cupholder

This cool mist humidifier and diffuser is great for on-the-go mist and aromatherapy benefits. Sized to fit most cupholders, it can run for three to six hours depending on setting, and it’s ultra quiet so it won’t distract. It runs off of an included USB cable, so there’s never a worry about whether it’s charged.


A toothpaste dispenser & toothbrush holder to streamline dental routines

When you use this toothbrush holder and coordinating dispenser, you’ll appreciate how it helps keep drawers and countertops clear of clutter, prevents battling with the last dredges of toothpaste, and keeps products clean and within reach. There are three colors to choose from, and it holds four toothbrushes.


These rechargeable batteries & charger so you can always power up new toys

Never let “batteries not included” stop you. This rechargeable battery set comes with four AAs and four AAAs, and includes room for all of them on the sleek and slim charging station. It’s powered by a USB cable, giving extra flexibility for placement and usage. It has a 4.5-star rating, and one fan describes it as “long lasting” at “an excellent price.”


An alarm clock that projects the time in any direction

If someone in your life needs a little encouragement when it come to keeping track of the time, or appreciates a clock that’s more than a standard wall piece, consider this projection alarm clock. It shines the time on the wall and has a 7-inch digital display, with additional features like snooze, radio, and sleep timer, too. Plus, reading the clock without getting out of bed is a powerful feeling.


A lens kit to take phone cameras to new heights

Photographers of all experience levels can appreciate this thorough kit of phone camera accessories, which includes four lenses (telephoto, fish-eye, wide-angle, and macro), a clamp, phone clip, tripod with remote shutter, cleaning cloth, and storage case. It works on a variety of phones, with both front- and rear-facing camera capabilities.


These blue light blocking glasses that lessen the impact of screen time

Great for gamers, people who work on a screen, or anyone who spends lots of time around fluorescent lights, these blue light blocking glasses have a fashionable and versatile design that’s lightweight and easy to wear. The anti-scratch lenses not only filter damaging blue light, but offer UV protection, too. There are seven frame styles to choose from.


This dry-erase menu planner with a chalkboard design

Take menu planning and organizing to the next level with this 16- by 12-inch magnetic menu planner that can be hung right on the fridge. In addition to seven sections for each day of the week, there’s additional space for notes and a shopping list. Plus, it comes with three neon markers (in pink, blue, and green) that are magnetized so for easy fridge-stowing.


A spherical mold for elegant ice balls in cocktails & more

This spherical silicone mold makes up to six round 2.5-inch ice balls at a time — ideal for entertaining or making drinks that enjoy a slow melt. The funnel fill design also makes it easy to add fruits or other features to the ice, and thanks to the bendy, flexible material, it’s easy to pop out.


A stylish beanie with internal headset & Bluetooth capabilities

This Bluetooth beanie keeps audio playing and heads toasty, without the fiddliness of the headphone/earbud hat dance. With a built-in mic and headset, it has a zipper pocket for the module so you can easily access and adjust it as needed, or remove it when you wash the beanie. Reviewers rave over it, from mail carriers to 16-year-olds.


An electric wine aerator & pourer that charges via USB

For wine aficionados and newcomers alike, this electric wine aerator and spout pours a delicious glass of wine with the simple press of a button. An airtight inner seal also keeps wine fresh while in use, too. It’s available in matte black or red, and it’s portable, so is easy to use at home or pack in a picnic basket.


A filtered water bottle for fresh H2O on the go

This filtered water bottle makes it easy to stay hydrated with fresh water, without needing to rely on store-bought bottled options. The lid includes a replaceable carbon filter that lasts for up to two months, and is easy to change when the time comes. There are six different lid colors to choose from, and the bottle is made with BPA-free plastic.


This heated blanket to keep toasty in the car

What’s better than a cozy throw blanket on a cold day? A cozy, portable, heated blanket on a cold day. The fleece material is comfy on its own, but the blanket has a car-compatible plug so drivers (or passengers) can stay warm while en route. There are six versatile styles to choose from.


An avocado growing kit for endless avocado toast

Have you ever wished for more avocados in life? This avocado tree growing kit just may be the answer you’ve been looking for. The contemporary design of the pot makes it easy to add to any space (there are three designs to choose from), and all necessary pieces and instructions are included — just add an avocado seed and water.


The charging station organizer that instantly improves a mess of cords

Pop your USB hub underneath this bamboo charging station to corral all your devices to one corner of the home. It keeps cords and wires tidy, helps you stay organized, and adds a hint of natural decor, too. There’s space for three phones or tablets, a smart watch, and earbuds. (Note: USB charging hub not included.)


This card-sized multitool that fits in a wallet

One can never be too prepared. This multitool card has multiple features and yet still fits comfortably in a credit card slot. It can serve as an opener for cans, bottles, and boxes, it can peel fruit, turn screws, remove nails, and more. Plus, since it doesn’t have sharp edges, it’s safe for travel, too.


This magnetic cable manager that prevents cords slipping behind the desk

Finally, this magnetic cable manager provides a way to keep cords up where you need them. Hidden magnets hold cables in place, and additional magnetized “cable collars” are included in case your cords need a little extra wrangling. This Austin-based company offers four cheekily-named colors to choose from.


These twinkly solar lights that transform gardens or patios

If an area outside the home could use a little extra sparkle, this spherical solar light will do the trick. There are three sizes to choose from, each of which has a nearly-hidden stake to keep it securely in place. With six to eight hours of charge, it’ll glow in warm white for eight to 10 hours of nighttime.


A handsome insulated lunch box for munching on the go

This soft cooler bag is perfectly sized to be a lunch box, or it works for snacks and drinks (or more drinks), too. It keeps foods cool or warm, and when it’s not in use, folds down for easy storage. There are two sizes (15 liter and 24 liter) and two colors (black and grey) to pick from.


This armrest caddy with pockets & platform to keep essentials in reach

A great substitute for a bulky end table, this armrest caddy and cupholder does nice work holding all the remotes, books, magazines, glasses, and other important items. The top has a built-in surface for drinks or snacks, and it’s covered with water-resistant material. The base is non-slip to keep everything secure and in place.


A coffee maker that pours straight into a sleek travel mug

This single-serve coffee maker is here to get a hot cuppa brewed and ready in less than a minute. It stands under ten inches tall with a footprint of 5 by 6.5 inches, so doesn’t take up too much room on the counter. The included travel mug holds up to 14 ounces of coffee — plenty to get even the most robust caffeine fans onto the next destination.


The practical dash cam that views up to 6 lanes of traffic

Capture the open (or not-so-open) road while traveling with a handy dashboard camera. It offers a 170° wide angle and records on a loop, foregoing the need for millions of memory cards. Smartly, it has a motion sensor that detects shakes or collisions, and “locks” those recordings off the loop for safekeeping. It’s compact and easy to install.


A 4-pack of magnetic charging cables in different lengths

Charging cords are a fact of life, and so is the wear and tear that they endure. But, upgrading to durable, practical magnetic cables can make charging devices easier and less annoying. This set of cables offers a 1-foot, 3-foot, and two 6-foot cords, all of which have interchangeable tips to work for iDevices, micro-USBs, and USB-C.


These flashlight gloves that shine when hands are busy in unlit plaaces

Outdoor enthusiasts and DIY-fans, assemble. These flashlight gloves have a light source on each hand, making them a dextrous choice for illuminating cords in a dark cabinet, working under a car, or staking a tent at night. They stay in place with a wrist strap along with pointer finger and thumb coverings, and, according to buyers, “THESE ROCK.”


A multitool survival hammer to keep in the car

This survival hammer and multitool is a practical device to have on hand for emergencies big and small. In addition to its glass-breaking capabilities, there are features that rival a pocket knife, including multiple blades, pliers, a wire cutter, a bottle opener, a file, and more. It fits right under the driver’s seat or in the glove box.


This complete kit for pro-level fire roasting

Never again be left to the whims of nature when it comes to toasting marshmallows (or hotdogs). This marshmallow roasting kit has five telescoping sticks, all with two prongs and comfortable handles. The ends rotate for an easy, even roast. A zippered pouch is included too, so everything can be easily packed for camping. Beats a stick any day.


An indoor plant light with multiple bonus features

No green thumb is necessary when you have this indoor plant grow light. It serves as a light and energy source for plants of choice, regardless of season. An adjustable lamp neck and colorful options for the base lights give it extra versatility (and pizzazz). It comes in both white and black.


These spa-quality heated mitts to treat dry hands

Designed to soften and soothe dry hands, these heated hand mitts provide the option for a spa-level treatment in the comfort of home. They have three different heat settings for opening pores and allowing moisturizers of choice to sink in. In addition to relieving dry skin, they also do a great job at— you guessed it — warming hands, too.


A folding keyboard that lets you type anywhere, anytime

Give your phone the full-size typing treatment with this folding Bluetooth keyboard. Reviewers give it 4.5 stars, commenting they’re “pleasantly surprised” with how well it works for a Bluetooth board. It’s super portable at less than 6 inches long when folded, and weighs under six ounces. The included battery holds up to 40 hours of charge, and black or silver versions are available.


This faucet light that indicates water temperature

This faucet temperature light helps to take the guesswork out of handwashing and dishwashing, and is sure to please any finicky toddlers in your life. It uses energy from the flowing water to glow red, green, or blue based on the water’s heat level. Multiple versions are available, so you can upgrade your kitchen, shower, bathroom, and more.


A relaxing foot spa to soothe those tired dogs

With a vibrating massage setting and a deep reservoir for an immersive soaking experience, this at-home foot bath takes self-care to the next level. Available with lavender or purple accents, it’s corded and has toe touch controls for easy adjustments. There’s a pinpoint massage attachment so you can really get in and rub out what hurts.


These nifty hair clips that can literally save the day

Whether you’re looking for a tactical and survival-themed tool, or a clever conversation-starter, these multi-functional hair clips will meet those needs and then some. It can be a wrench, cutter, screwdriver, ruler, and more. And yes, they will indeed hold hair back, too. They come in packs of three, five, 10, or 20.


The stick-on Bluetooth tracker so necessities are never lost again

Want to make life a little easier? Consider the Tile sticker and remote finder, which works up to 250 feet (the Tile app can be used for recent locations when the devices are out of range, too). Even better, the fob can adhere to all sorts of important items, from phones to keys, to pet collars and more.


This flexible neck light for hands-free illumination that won’t disturb a partner

Unlike a traditional booklight, this bendable reading light won’t weigh down your book or magazine since it can hang around your neck and angle toward your reading material (or to any other activity occupying your hands). There are six brightness levels to choose from, plus cool white, warm white, and yellow light color options.


This portable coffee maker for delicious brew at home & away

Coffee lovers know that a subpar (or missing) cup of joe can ruin a morning, which is why a reliable coffee maker like this portable AeroPress is a great tool to have on hand. It makes one to three cups of coffee at a time via total immersion, and takes just one to two minutes depending on desired brew. It has a mug and lid that double as its carrying case.


A phone mount that keeps devices secure and in place

Keep your phone close and visible with this magnetic phone mount that can bear the weight of up to four phones (just don’t test it while driving). It quickly attaches to a car’s vent, and works with a variety of phones and other devices. The best part? Reviewers rave about its staying power.


An organizer bin to use on fridges or other metal surfaces

This magnetic organizer bin allows you to create storage space out of thin air. It can be attached with the included magnets, or installed with screws if preferred. It comes in versatile brown or practical beige, and measures just over 7 inches long. It has hooks, making it a great option for keys, with a slat for phones, mail, and more.


This set of foodie dice to entertain & inspire the home chefs in your life

Tired of cooking the same old meals? Itching to get out of the box with meal planning? These foodie dice will be a game changer. A total of nine dice can be used in literally thousands of combinations to help get that creative cooking energy flowing and offer countless ideas. They’re made of birch wood, and come in a drawstring bag.


A pair of ear cuffs that keep AirPods close

These wearable AirPod connectors can be attached to the outside of the ear for the stylish look of an ear cuff, with a nifty attached chain and rubber loop to hold ear buds. They’re great for active people, or anyone who likes to take precaution when it comes to electronics (and/or has lost a Pod before). Multiple styles are available. The best part? Ears don’t need to be pierced.


A realistic dictionary that’s actually a locking safe

Keep valuables secure in this book safe that seamlessly blends with the rest of your collection. It comes in two sizes, and with a red, black or blue cover for easy spotting on your shelf. Plus, the lock is set with a three-number code, so there are no keys to keep track of.


This to-go tumbler with a tea infuser

This elegant, leak-proof bamboo thermos has a stainless steel interior, and a matching tea infuser that holds loose leaf tea for a fresh, portable brew. Drinks can stay hot for 12 hours or cold for up to 24 (not a typo!), and there are three sizes available: 12-, 17-, and 22-ounce.


A handy kitchen gadget that combines multiple steps into one

Equal parts kitchen scale, cutting board, and tray, this tool streamlines kitchen prep and diet management while saving precious counter space. It measures up to 11 pounds of food (assuming that’s the case), and has a large display that’s easy to read and adjust as necessary. It’s powered by batteries, which are included.


These smart switches that make it easy to control lighting from anywhere

Smart lighting is an easy way to bring a home zipping into the future, and these 3-way light switches do the trick. Want to set a timer for lights while away? Check. Use voice commands to dim or brighten? Check. Program scenes based on personal preferences? Check. They come in a set of two, and guided installation is offered via the brand’s app.


A practical backpack with many pockets & a lock feature

It may look like a traditional laptop backpack, but there’s more to this bag than meets the eye. There’s a laptop pouch, and an outer pocket with multiple slots to keep items like phones and pens secure. A built-in USB charger makes it easy to juice up devices, and a three-number lock ensures that your belongings stay safe.


A sleek mug warmer that keeps drinks at optimal sipping temp

If you or someone you know likes to enjoy coffee at its ideal hotness (who doesn’t, really), then look no further than this stainless steel mug warmer. You’re able to customize the settings to keep drinks at a preferred temperature (visible on its display), and it “remembers” your preference in between uses.


This clever planner to help manage finances

Making a small initial investment toward this handy budget planner offers longterm returns in the way of money management, budget tracking, and goal planning. There are a number of goal-setting and tracking templates, with a variety of (pretty fun) stickers for bill reminders, encouragement, and more. There are 23 colorful covers to choose from, and it’s undated, so you’re not limited to starting it on the new year.


These magnetic glasses-holders that keep specs safe & accessible

Questing for misplaced glasses is an activity most people can do without. These magnetic eyeglass holders make simple, unobtrusive work of keeping glasses on hand (or, on shirt). Slip the slim backplate behind the fabric, and pop on the front. Presto — a safe and secure glasses hanger. They also work for earbuds, work IDs, or anything dangle-able you want close by.


This easy hydration reminder that straps to the bottle

Foregoing the hassle of clunky, specialized bottles, this smart hydration reminder slips onto any shape, size, or material of bottle you currently use. If it’s been more than 30-40 minutes since your last sip, it blinks to remind you to go bottoms-up. There are myriad body benefits to being optimally hydrated, and this little buddy helps you get there.


The breathable work gloves with touchscreen sensitivity

When really getting into a gardening, construction, or electrical project, dexterity (and safety) is important. These durable working gloves fit like a second skin, and are made from bamboo fabric that absorbs perspiration. They’re topped with grippy, textured rubber. Best of all, you don’t have to peel ‘em off to answer a text or take a Twitter break.


These wildly-popular Bluetooth earbuds & charging case

The Tozo T10 earbuds pack a lot of power into a tiny package. An 8-millimeter speaker driver delivers powerful bass, mellow midrange, and clear treble for a luxe listening experience. They automatically connect with each other, and in one step hook up with your Bluetooth. Ergonomic and waterproof, they stay put when you’re in motion. Over 170,000 reviewers rate these bad boys a perfect five stars.


A fitness tracker that’s actually affordable

Ushering in a healthier lifestyle is simpler with a wrist mate that keeps you posted on your vitals. This jam-packed but compact fitness tracker counts steps, calories burned, monitors heart rate and even sleep quality, and more. Connect it with an app to incorporate your calendar, social media accounts, and text messages, should you wish to stay connected while working out.


A stylish word clock with a modern art feel

An old-fashioned wall clock has its place, sure, but it’s fun to keep analog alive with this snazzy Sharper Image word clock. It works as a timepiece, a modern decor element, and a conversation starter. It tracks time in five-minute intervals, and is bright and easy to read even at night.


This sleek hand warmer that also charges devices

Ideal for camping, skiing, or cheering on a favorite team, this rechargeable hand warmer is portable, compact, and ergonomic. It heats up in just one second, and has four temperature settings so you can be as toasty as you like. It can also fully charge up most tablets and smartphones, and has indicator lights that display its battery status.


This tablet pad for hands-free lounge-viewing

Sometimes it’s ideal to kick back with a tablet and also put your hands behind your head (or into the snack bag). This universal tablet stand pillow allows you to do just that. It’s soft so won’t cramp your lap, and has six angle adjustments so the perfect view is in reach whether on a bed or couch, or when it’s sitting on a table.


A knife-sharpening stone for blades that are “scary sharp”

Dull knives aren’t only annoying, they’re dangerous — greater pressure required for cutting invites greater slippage. Enter the Sharp Pebble knife sharpening stone. It’s double-sided so those old, dull blades can be sharpened just right, for a fresh breath of life. It works for scissors, straight razors, or even gardening tools — anything that benefits from a sharper edge.


This kit for soda-shop-fresh root beer at home

Make up to two gallons of creamy, homemade root beer with this easy homebrew kit. It comes with all ingredients and supplies needed, including four 1-liter bottles with caps and labels (though creating your own root beer brand name seems fun). Reviewers are fans of the simple process, while also noting “the flavor was fantastic.”


These colorful battery-operated candles

This set of six pillar candles provides an instant ambience-boost to any surroundings with 12 different colors that are controlled via remote. They run on AAA batteries and can be set on a timer for four or eight hours, and can be set to flicker or scroll through colors. Achieving perfect party-cave vibes has never been easier.


This fast & effective filter pitcher that lasts for 150 gallons

Using a sophisticated activated carbon fiber filtration system, the Nakii water pitcher removes up to 98% of chlorine and mercury for a cleaner, tastier glass of H20. Its slim design fits neatly in the refrigerator door, and the filter flows quickly so you won’t be standing around waiting to sip. It works for up to 150 gallons, too, which is four times longer than most.


A pen that doubles as self-defense tool

Made of aircraft-grade aluminum, the TAKEFLIGHT Tactical Pen looks like any other quality writing device — but can be used as a weapon, to break glass for emergency escape, and also has a flashlight. It’s discreet so you can always have it on hand for an added boost of security and strength.


These workout bands with three resistance levels

For those interested in taking their workouts to a new level, this set of three resistance bands easily ups the ante. They’re made of soft cotton material with nonslip grips so they won’t roll, pinch, or snap while breaking a sweat. Over 30,000 fitness fans rate these 4.7 stars, and like that you can double up for an added challenge.


This outlet extender with USBs and a phone shelf

For spaces where outlets are at a premium, this sleek charging station provides two extra outlets and two USB ports, along with a nifty shelf to tuck a phone into as it juices up. It also has an adjustable automatic nightlight that illuminates when the room darkens so you never have to fumble around for chargers.