You can make your home look expensive if you do any of these 40 things

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You can either make your home look expensive by shopping at pricy, trendy stores, or you can make it look expensive by being a savvy shopper. This list will help you achieve the latter, with plenty of Amazon finds that are very affordable, and still make your space look put together. And here’s the thing: Even though Prime Day is over, you can continue being an even savvier shopper by taking advantage of some great deals that are still available on Amazon.

First off, as someone who loves making food and drinks, I always notice when people have particularly nice tools or dishware. These Moscow mule mugs are in the signature copper color and instantly signify to guests that you’re no amateur bartender. Or maybe you want a better way to store your set of knives with this bamboo knife block that fits in a drawer.

There are also plenty of things you can do to keep your home in good shape, like using this cleaner to remove the color and odor of pet-related stains from your carpet or furniture. Or maybe you want to give your driveway a good clean with this pressure wash nozzle that attaches to your hose.

Whatever you choose to add to your home, in this list you’ll find plenty of options that look expensive without actually hurting your wallet.


Getting 5-star-hotel-quality pillows for a fraction of the price

This set of two cooling gel-filled pillows will feel like sleeping in the most luxurious of hotels. They're designed to provide plush yet gently firm support whether you're a back, side, or stomach sleeper. And best of all, these pillows won't scrunch or lose their shape as you sleep. With over 100,000 five-star ratings from Amazon shoppers, these pillows are best-sellers for good reason. Be sure to click the coupon box to save 40%.


Adding these luxe satin pillowcases for the smoothest set

These smooth polyester satin pillowcases are a fan favorite on Amazon with over 66,000 ratings and 4.5 stars overall, and they're an easy way to instantly make your bed feel more luxurious. The ultra-soft pillowcases are wrinkle-resistant, machine washable, and gentle on your skin and hair while you sleep. Don’t forget to click the coupon box to save an extra dollar.


Lighting your closet with these motion-activated lights for a high-end feel

These LED lights feature a motion sensor so that they turn on automatically when they detect movement within 9 feet — so when you walk in your closet you get the experience of a high-end retailer. They offer up to 50,000 hours of illumination before the batteries need to be replaced, and they have an impressive 4.3-star overall rating after more than 12,000 reviews on Amazon.


Having immaculate floors with zero effort with this Shark Robot vacuum

This robotic vacuum from Shark lets you forget about vacuuming for up to 45 days. Just start it up with your phone or voice (it's Alexa-compatible), and it'll clean your whole home using powerful suction and thorough mapping. It then self-empties into its charging base that holds more than a month's worth of dirt. Currently, it has about 8,000 reviews and a 4.5-star rating.


Playing the coolest music on-demand with this 4th-Gen Echo Dot

Shop the highly popular and highly-rated Amazon Echo Dot for a major discount while it's on sale. Set appointments, create shopping lists, turn on some tunes, check the weather, and so much more completely hands-free.


Upgrading your charcuterie presentation with this bamboo board

Charcuterie boards are having a moment and for a good reason; who doesn’t love a spread of meat, cheese, and fruit? This bamboo board is ideal for spreading out your snacks because it has a flat area for displaying meat and cheese and two side trays for holding crackers or nuts. It also has handles, so you can easily carry it from the kitchen to the living room or dining room.


Adding solar-powered lights to illuminate your walkway

Put these solar-powered lights in the front or backyard of your home so you can see where you’re walking at night. The lights have a stake on one end so you can install them into the dirt or grass. They come in a set of six and are powered completely by sun exposure, so no batteries or wires are required.


Hiding your knives in a drawer instead of keeping them out

The problem with knife blocks is that they take up a good amount of space on your countertop. But this bamboo knife block fits in your kitchen drawer, so you can save space. It has six slots for larger knives, and eight slots for steak knives. It even has a larger slot for holding a knife sharpener.


Having a sound machine for background ambiance

Using a white noise machine can make it easier to fall asleep. The good thing about this portable white noise machine is that it’s small enough to take with you while you travel. The machine has 18 different sounds to choose from, including ocean, white noise, and a fireplace. It runs on three AA batteries, which are not included.


Adding extra lights to your staircase to brighten it up

My laundry is in the basement and the staircase that leads down there is quite dark, so I rely on LED lights I’ve stuck to the wall to see where I’m going. These LED motion sensor lights are ideal for dark stairwells, an unlit closet, or a dim kitchen. The lights can be mounted with adhesive tape or screws.


Stocking your home bar with moscow mule mugs

Moscow mules are typically served in copper mugs, but you might not know it’s because it helps keep the drink at its ideal icy cold temperature. Of course, you can also use them to serve any of your other favorite cocktails. These mugs come in a set of four and are made out of stainless steel with copper plating.


Upgrading bathroom accessories to stainless steel

It’s hard to make your toilet brush look good, but this stainless steel brush and holder has a bronze finish that makes it look nicer than the average plastic toilet brush. And unlike some other toilet brushes, this one completely conceals the brush itself, so you don’t have to look at it when not in use.


Replacing plastic bottles for these sleek glass bottle dispensers

Replace those store-bought plastic bottles with a set of two glass oil and vinegar dispensers. These glass dispenser bottles have a sleek ergonomic design that makes measuring and pouring oil and vinegar as easy and spill-free as possible. Included in the set along with the bottles are four leakproof pouring spouts, a stainless steel funnel, and a set of labels.


Adding more shelves to display personal items

I have tons of small items I want to display in my home, like souvenirs and art, but I’m not sure where to put them. These wall-mounted floating shelves are a great way to display your favorite decor. They come in a pack of two and come with all the hardware necessary for mounting.


Using pots and pans to decorate the kitchen

Installing this wall-mounted rail allows you to store your kitchen tools more efficiently while saving space. This pot and pain rail holds, as the name implies, holds pots and pans, but you can also use it to hang spoons and spatulas or a colander. It can hold up to 22 pounds, so unless you’re storing a ton of cast iron skillets, it should be up to the challenge.


Propping up beds for space and comfort

If you’ve ever had a bed frame or coffee table that you wish were just a little bit taller, then these furniture risers might be the solution. The risers are adjustable and can be extended to add up to three inches of height. Plus they have rounded edges so you won’t hurt yourself bumping into corners.


Investing in a brand new door mat before a party or event

Wiping your feet off when you walk in the front door is important to avoid tracking dirt through the home. This door mat is made from moisture-resistant fiber that helps remove dirt from the bottom of your shoes and has a non-slip coating on the bottom so the rug won’t move around while you’re doing so.


Tackling pet odors before they become problematic

When your pet has an accident in the house, you obviously want to get rid of the stain on the carpet or furniture, but you also want to make sure you get rid of the odor. This carpet cleaner works on pet stains from dogs, cats, rabbits, and other animals. It works on carpets, but can also be used on a couch, bed, or tile floor.


Replacing sheets with a more luxurious set

When was the last time you replaced your bedsheets with a fresh set? This bedsheet set includes a fitted sheet with deep pockets as well as a top sheet and two pillowcases, preventing the bottom sheet from slipping off easily. It comes in a quatrefoil pattern that’s available in seven bright colors.


Keeping shoes organized and in one place

Unless you have a Carrie Bradshaw-sized closet, you probably don’t have enough room for your shoes. This shoe organizer hangs over the back of your closet door so you can store your shoes without creating a mess. It has 24 mesh pockets and three metal hooks that hang on the door.


Having a first aid kit ready to go in your home

If you have kids over a lot, or simply like to host parties, a first aid kit is mandatory in order to be prepared. This first aid kit is small enough to keep in the trunk or glove compartment of your car, but you can also store it in a bathroom drawer for easy access. It includes all the essentials, like bandages, antiseptic wipes, and tweezers.


Making sure all of your hangers are uniform

Plastic hangers can sometimes snap under the weight of a heavy coat or garment, but these wooden hangers are hefty enough to stand up to even the heaviest clothes. They come in a pack of 20 and have a metal hook that rotates 360 degrees. They also have a notch to keep your clothes from sliding off.


Putting an Alexa unit in popular living spaces

Speakers can be bulky, but this Amazon Echo Dot smart speaker is small enough to fit in a tight space on your counter or desk. It responds to voice commands so you can ask it to play music, set a timer, or tell you the weather. If you have a smart lightbulb or light switch, you can also use it to turn lights on and off.


Installing smart plugs in every room

Adding smart plugs to your home is a quick and easy way to upgrade it. This set of two smart plugs are only $20, but they turn any lamp or appliance you plug in into a smart device that connects to your phone or your smart speaker. Turn the lights off or turn on your coffee machine with an easy voice command.


Switching out bulbs for smart lightbulbs

As a kid, I thought that colored lightbulbs was the coolest addition to any home. I can’t say my opinion has changed much as an adult. These smart lightbulbs allow you to choose between hundreds of colors, so you can add some pink or yellow mood lighting. Plus, since they’re smart bulbs, they can connect to your phone and smart speaker. Any room can instantly become more magical.


Removing pet hair from your furniture

No matter how much you love your pets, you probably don’t love the fur they leave around the house. This pet hair remover collects fur from your dog and cats with a rolling mechanism. The roller can be used on your rug, couch, or car. It has a compartment that collects the hair which you can easily empty into the trashcan.


Adding artificial plants to your bathroom

Not everyone has a green thumb, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy the aesthetics of having plants. This small artificial plant is perfect for putting in smaller spaces, like on a bathroom counter. The pot is made from a paper mache pot that gives it a rustic and vintage vibe.


Replacing outdated light fixtures

If your light fixtures are outdated, it can make the whole room look outdated. These caged light fixtures have an industrial vibe that adds a modern touch to your home. It works with any type of lightbulb, but an Edison bulb is suggested to add to the vintage and industrial vibe.


Storing wine in a creative way

Elegantly display your wine collection with this bamboo wine rack that holds up to eight bottles of wine. At only 7 inches tall, it’s an ideal height for keeping on your countertop or table. The rack is easy to assemble and only requires a couple screws to install.


Pressure washing the outside of your home on a semi-regular basis

If you’ve ever fallen down the TikTok hole of watching pressure washing videos, then you know how satisfying it is. This pressure washing nozzle turns your regular hose into a pressure washer that makes it easy to clean caked on dirt from your deck, driveway, or other outdoor space.


Updating your house numbers with something fancier

Upgrade the numbers on your house with this personalized sign made from weatherproof metal that won’t rust. The numbers have a traditional font with a spiral design. It can be attached to the side of the house using screws, but it’s light enough that it won’t damage the wall if you have to remove it.


Putting glass soap dispensers in your bathrooms

Buying disposable soap pumps is wasteful since you have to throw them out every time it runs out. These reusable soap dispensers have a simple, modern design, and all match. Plus, they can be refilled with bulk liquid soap, which will save you both money and be better for the environment.


Making your shower curtain a focal point in the bathroom

A shower curtain is a great opportunity to add some colors or patterns to your bathroom, and this shower curtain is decorated with large tropical leaves that make your bathroom feel like a rainforest. The curtain comes with 12 hooks, so you can easily hang it on your shower rod.


Putting rug pads under area rugs to keep them in place

If your rug keeps slipping around, it can become a hazard — plus, a crinkled rug doesn’t leave the best impression in general. This non-slip rug pad is made from PVC material that grips both the rug and your floor without having to use any adhesive. It comes in eight sizes but can also be cut to fit your specific rug.


Adding peel and stick tiles for a new-looking floor

If you’ve ever considered redoing the tile floor in your bathroom or kitchen, but resisted because of the price, then these peel-and-stick tiles are an affordable solution. They’re designed to look just like real tiles, but they’re so much cheaper and easier to install. Just remove the backing to reveal the adhesive and apply it to a clean, dry floor.


Having a well organized pantry that doesn’t take all day to forage through

There’s nothing that screams “expensive home” than an organized pantry. But looks aside, these storage containers can be a complete gamechanger. This 14-piece food storage set has an airtight seal, keeping food fresh. The transparent containers are perfect for storing rice, pasta, cereal, or other pantry items. They’re also stackable.


Having set bins for produce that should be separated

They always say you should store your potatoes in a cool dark place, but how many dark places do you have in your kitchen that aren’t filled with dishware? This produce storage set comes with three labeled containers for storing your potatoes, onions, and garlic. They have handles that make them easy to carry and ventilation holes to keep the produce fresh. (Plus, it’s more visibly appealing than a sack of potatoes just lying around.)


Saving space in the fridge with better organization

Canned food can be tricky to store, because you can’t really stack the cans too high. Luckily this can organizer is designed to stack cans on their side without rolling over, and with an opening so you can easily grab them. Putting it in the fridge is a great way to start organizing all of the food that happens to live there.


Investing in hanging planters

Plants are just as good of a piece of decor as a framed painting, and now you can hang it on the wall too with this planter vase that comes in a metal frame. The vase has a pyramid shape, with a metal frame adding additional support. It’s ideal for smaller plants and comes in five color combinations.


Using a personal pour over coffee maker instead of a regular drip coffee maker

Save the money you’d normally spend at a coffee shop by making your own with this pour over coffee maker that has over 25,000 five-star reviews. “It's too dang easy and delicious. Prep? A breeze. Clean up? Stupid simple. Taste? Remarkable,” raved one reviewer. It’s made from a thick glass that retains heat and comes with a stainless steel filter.


Using faux leather decorative pillow cases

Upgrade your worn out throw pillows with these faux leather pillow covers that will make your couch look more sophisticated. The covers are made from a durable vegan leather and are easy to clean with just a damp cloth. They have a zipper closure that blends into the bottom seam, and come in nine different pillow sizes.


Using aromatherapy candles around your home

Aromatherapy candles are great to keep in the home for plenty of reasons. This Bath & Body Works 3-wick candle smells like eucalyptus spearmint and can be a great addition to your personal chill-out ritual. The scent can also help set the vibe of whatever room you light it in.


Having plenty of blankets handy to warm up a room

Keep this shaggy throw blanket on your bed or by the couch and you’ll always have something cozy nearby. This soft blanket is made from a plush sherpa material on one side and a soft shag material on the other. As a bonus, they come in over 40 colors, so you can match them with your decor — or, buy one for every room.


Putting sunrise alarm clocks in the bedroom

The blaring sound of an alarm can be jarring in the morning, but waking up doesn’t have to be so harsh. This sunrise alarm clock gets gradually brighter over a designated period of time, mimicking the feel of a sunrise. You can choose between seven colors of lights. It also has a built-in FM radio.


Getting a plant stand to properly display greenry

This tiered plant stand can hold up to three plants, with staggered shelves at three different heights. Plants can make any home look fresh and inviting, which can help it look slightly more expensive. This particular stand comes in three different colors and is very easy to assemble.