You can save so much money every month with any of these genius things getting super popular on Amazon

These clever things are big money savers.

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Yes — this list is about saving money, but I promise it’s not full of complicated budgeting tips. Instead, it has a bunch of useful everyday products, from home goods to beauty to travel must-haves, so you can still have a little shopping moment while helping out your budget. I mean, there’s a reason I say that you can actually save so much money every month with any of these genius, popular things on Amazon.

Sometimes we all just want to splurge but don’t have the money to go all-out, but these fun and clever buys will actually help you out in the long-run. Don’t believe me? Just scroll.


These tube squeezers that work on toothpaste & skincare products

Reach for one of these four colorful squeezers every time you buy toothpaste or a new tube of your go-to makeup primer. They fit onto any tube, and the sliding design makes sure you get all of the product out — no awkward rolling required. When you get the last bit of makeup primer, simply take off this reusable tool and pop it on the new tube.


A 24-pack of cable savers that still are flexible

Each one of these vibrant cable savers is made of bendy silicone that’s super easy to twist around your frayed chargers (or when you want to prevent fraying), thus extending their life. They still allow your electronics to be moved around anywhere, but if you really want to cover that charger, you can double up on these coils for extra protection.


These produce savers that fit in your fruit & veggie drawer

These produce savers will definitely fit in the produce drawer of your fridge because they’re the same size and shape as an apple. Simply tuck one of the fruit and veggie-saving packets inside, and the BPA-free devices will absorb ethylene gas, which makes your groceries last longer. Each apple is good for three months.


These wool dryer balls that will fluff up your favorite pieces

These wool dryer balls are a reusable alternative to dryer sheets, and when all six are thrown in with a load, they can even help fluff up your clothes and reduce dryer time. Unlike single-use dryer sheets, these balls are completely unscented, so they’re perfect for laundry day if you have sensitive skin. If you love scented laundry, don’t worry — it’s super easy to add essential oils to them.


This door draft stopper with a durable waterproof backing

This trimmable door draft stopper will help out with your energy bill and can even save you from buying a bunch of pest traps. It covers up that bottom part of the door that lets all kinds of chilly air, bugs, light, and noise in. There’s plenty of durable 3M adhesive on the back, and it even has a waterproof backing, so it’ll stick right on your door.


This meal planner that won’t slide around on the fridge

You’ll actually remember to plan out your week before shopping at the grocery store with this meal planner, because it goes right on your fridge. This strong magnetic pad won’t slide around every time you grab something from the fridge, and you can write that you need more milk the second you pour the last drop, because it comes with a tear-off shopping list with spots to check things off.


These reusable makeup removers with a handy laundry bag

These makeup remover pads are made of a soft cotton and bamboo fabric, and you can even flip them over if one side gets covered in foundation. They come with a compact box that’s easy to tuck between skincare bottles and that looks quite chic on your vanity. After your routine, toss these reusable pads in the included cotton mesh laundry bag.


A battery organizer that helps you avoid over-buying batteries

With this battery organizer, you won’t waste money buying batteries when there are already some hiding out in a messy drawer. It also saves a ton of time when replacing batteries because it comes with an easy tester to check the ones you grab. You can mount this organizer on the wall or add it to a drawer, so you’ll always know where to look for batteries.


A portable lunch container with room for snacks & sauces

It’s actually easy to take your lunch with this two-level lunch container. It comes with a sectioned tray on top for a bunch of different snacks, and there’s even a sauce container with a lid. On the bottom, there’s a container that’s roomy enough for leftovers or a big salad. Plus, this leak-resistant, BPA-free container is topped off with a spork.


This digital piggy bank to catch change in your entryway

It’s worth tucking this piggy bank somewhere in your entryway, so you can drop all of your spare change in it right when you get home and literally save money. There’s a digital lid on top that keeps a record of how much you’ve saved, and it’s completely shatter-proof if it gets knocked off the entryway table.


These super stretchy & reusable lids with a storage bag

Swap out that annoyingly sticky, ineffective plastic wrap for these reusable silicone lids that will fit over all of your containers. They’re super stretchy, melt-resistant, and even warp-resistant when you pull them off of a pan or bowl. This set comes with seven different lids, which can cover pans, jars, cans, and bowls from 2.5 to 12 inches wide.


These deep cleaning washing machine tablets to eliminate laundry odors

You won’t have to re-wash your clothes (and spend a ton on water and electricity) if you clean out your washing machine with these concentrated tablets. The formula takes care of odors if your laundry has smelled a bit strange lately. You also won’t have to scrub your washing machine because you simply run a normal cycle with one of these tablets inside.


A gel polish kit that is cheaper than 1 day at the salon

This at-home manicure kit comes with a six popular shades of of gel polish, a base coat, top coat, nail oil, super precise tools, an LED UV light, and more to create nails that can last for over 21 days. Even with all of these gel manicure essentials, this kit won’t take up a lot of space in your bathroom cabinet, and it costs about what one salon gel manicure does.


A best-selling fabric shaver that comes with replacement blades

You won’t have to splurge on new sweaters if you keep this fabric shaver around, because it takes care of fuzz and pilling. It comes with two extra stainless steel blades, so it’s always ready to tackle lint-covered sweaters or pilled furniture. It also has a clear handle to see when you need to empty all of the fuzz it catches.


A drain cleaning kit with 2 clog-removing options

Tuck this drain clog remover tool in your cleaning closet to avoid spending money on a plumber or single-use products. It comes with a stainless steel cleaner with an adjustable claw on the end to grab onto whatever’s clogging the drain. Plus, this set comes with five plastic cleaners that can further bend and grab hair and other debris affecting your drains.


A chic milk frother that also warms up your coffee

This milk frother has three different foam settings and a simple warm milk setting, and it will create the perfect latte topping (or cappucino base) while your coffee brews. You can even pour your coffee or tea in it and turn on the warming setting if your drink gets too cold. it works in seconds with the simple press of a button, and this plug-in device will look so chic in your kitchen, to boot.


A smart power strip that also works with voice control

This power strip has six smart outlets, so you have complete control over all of the devices you plug into it. You can control each device individually with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or the app, so it’s perfect for turning on a lamp with voice control (and saving on your electric bill). It also lets you set different schedules, and it even gives you three extra USB ports for convenient phone charging.


These dry-cleaning cloths to refresh your favorite pieces

These little laundry cloths save you from going to the dry cleaner because they remove wrinkles (and even smells) from the delicate fabrics in your closet. You won’t have to drive anywhere because you simply stick these cleaning cloths in your dryer with your clothes. You also get a few stain remover wipes to reach for before you start the dryer to eliminate tougher stains.


A glass herb keeper with an easy-to-open lid

It’s actually worth grabbing herbs at the grocery store if you have this herb keeper because it will keep them fresh for about two to three weeks, which is way longer than keeping them in the plastic bag they came in. Parsley, cilantro, dill, and even asparagus can hang out in the BPA-free glass container with some water to keep them hydrated. Plus, the breathable lid makes it so easy to pull them out when you’re cooking.


A budget-friendly mask that seriously nourishes brittle hair

This keratin hair mask saves you from trying a ton of pricey hair products or splurging at a salon for a treatment that may or may not work. There’s a bunch of coconut oil, collagen, argan oil, and more to deeply condition your locks, reduce frizz, and strengthen your strands. Despite all of these powerhouse ingredients, this mask is still pretty lightweight.


This fruit infuser bottle that’s completely mess-free

If you always buy a fun drink when you’re out running errands, take this BPA-free fruit infuser water bottle with you instead. The infuser holds onto whatever fruit or herbs you feel like that day, while the leakproof lid makes it mess-free during your errands. It even has a grippy non-slip detail on the side, so it’s easy to hold onto while you grocery shop.


These reusable dishcloths that are helpful all over the house

These reusable cloths might be called dishcloths, but they’re also super handy for cleaning all over your house — even your mirrors. Whatever you’re scrubbing with these cellulose and cotton cloths — they’re safe to use on all surfaces — they hold up to 20 times their weight in liquids, so you don’t have to worry about using all 10 of this pack at once.


A gentle, quiet nail grinder that lets you take care of your pup’s nails yourself

You can avoid constant grooming appointments for your dog (or cat) with this easy-to-use and rechargeable nail grinder. It also has a gentle design that’s adaptable to dogs of different sizes, so you won’t have to worry about cracking or bleeding. And if your pet is afraid of the groomer, the extra-quiet nail grinder is less likely to freak them out.


This outlet timer for the appliances you tend to forget about

Stick these simple timers into an outlet and plug in whatever lamp you always forget to turn off. There are easy-to-use buttons on the front, so your appliances always go off exactly when you want them to. You can even plug them in right on top of each other because they’re small enough to only take up one outlet.


This cheap heated blanket with extra cozy & reversible fabric

You definitely won’t have to turn your heat up if you keep this heated blanket around, because it has five levels of heat to keep you extra-warm year round. It’s safe to use, even at night, because it automatically turns off after four hours. Plus, it’s made with an extra cozy faux-fur fabric, and the other side is covered in sherpa, so you get to choose your cozy fabric every time you reach for this machine-washable blanket.


This high-pressure shower head that helps you clean the tub

Save your shower cleaner, because this high-pressure shower head has anti-clog nozzles that won’t get all grimy. These nozzles also give you a ton of hair-washing settings, like soft mist, rain shower, and more, all with a steady stream that will save on your water bill. To save money, this shower head also has a pause setting, so you can stop the flow of water while your conditioner soaks in.


A fast-acting breakfast sandwich maker that fits all of your go-to ingredients

This unique breakfast sandwich maker means breakfast is actually possible in the morning (without stopping at McDonalds for an Egg McMuffin). It looks like a waffle maker on your countertop, but it actually has a multi-level design to cook eggs, toast English muffins, and more. When it’s done cooking, the sandwich comes out fully assembled. Plus, the non-stick sections can go in the dishwasher.


A smart thermostat that lets Amazon Alexa save you money

This smart thermostat looks so sleek on any wall, and it helps you save on your energy. You can use the Amazon Alexa app to adjust it, even if you’re out running errands. Plus, Alexa will even adjust the thermostat to your preferences (and to save you money) if you forget.


The product-saving spatula that also works as a makeup applicator

Keep this reusable beauty spatula next to all of your skincare or your favorite foundation, because the genius triangle shape lets you scoop out every last bit of the product. If you’re not at the bottom of your foundation bottle, you can still use this silicone spatula has a super precise and non-absorbent applicator. Not putting oily fingers in your product can also help extends its shelf life.


These airtight pantry containers to avoid wasted snacks & dry goods

These airtight containers make it easier to make your favorite ingredients last a bit longer. They come with a chalkboard marker and reusable labels, so you can even write the date that you bought dry goods or your favorite snacks, while keeping things super organized. They’re also leak-proof to avoid a spilled quinoa mess in your pantry.


These laundry pods to save money with cold water cycles

If you tend to just wing it when you pour in your detergent on laundry day, grab these popular laundry pods that require zero measuring. Not only will you save some detergent, but these pods also let you use a cold water cycle to save even more energy — and money.


This insulated water bottle that keeps your drinks cold or hot all day long

This insulated bottle will be your new water bottle and coffee tumbler, because it comes with a straw lid, a classic coffee lid, and a twist-off lid that’s perfect if you have a trendy ice maker and you want to use your fun ice. It’s also leak-proof if you tend to toss your morning coffee in your bag, but also triple insulated so your drinks stay cool for 24 hours and warm for 12.


A sturdy metal dish rack to prevent broken glassware

This dish drying rack has spots for all of your dishes and breakable mugs, so you won’t shatter any after washing dishes — and you can skip a dry cycle on your dishwasher to save some dough. This rust-resistant metal rack has two levels with plenty of shelf space for plates and mixing bowls. There’s also a handy utensil cup, glassware hangers, and, of course, a tray that drains right into your sink.


A thin tracker for when you misplace your wallet

This Bluetooth tracker makes it way less terrifying if you ever misplace your wallet. It has a thin design that slides right into a card slot, and it’s even water-resistant if you drop your wallet in the rain. If your misplaced item is within Bluetooth range, it’ll ring. If you left your wallet at the bar, the Bluetooth tracker will show its current location. Plus, if you have your wallet but lost your phone, this tracker has a button to call your phone and make it ring — even on silent mode.


This laundry soap station that won’t waste detergent

Not only does this angled soap station make it easier to pour laundry detergent, but it also makes sure that you use the entire container. Your favorite detergent bottle goes right on top, and there’s an adjustable strap to keep it in place in your laundry room. It also has a drip-free design, so you won’t lose any of your detergent between washes.


These washable, reusable baking mats to save on foil & cooking spray

With these nonstick baking mats, you won’t have to buy foil, cooking spray, or even waste cookie ingredients if your recipes tend to stick. They’re made of completely reusable silicone that slides right on top of your baking sheets, which makes these great for prolonging the life of your bakeware. After removing your cookies, roasted veggies, or whatever else (that, of course, didn’t stick at all), these mats can go right in the dishwasher.


These reusable pet food covers that fit a bunch of can sizes

These silicone covers have three little rings on the inside, so you can stretch them to fit your pet’s unique food cans. Each one is completely odorless and saves you from wasting a plastic bag for leftover pet food — and keeps pricey wet food from drying out or stinking up the fridge. They’re also dishwasher-safe, so it’s super easy to clean these BPA-free discs when your pet finishes a can of food.


This versatile cooking spatula to save money on condiments

Not only can you cook with this unique silicone spatula, but it also saves you money on condiments because it’s the perfect size for scooping every last bit out of jars. If you are cooking with this BPA-free spatula, it’s heat-resistant up to 600 degrees, gentle on all of your cookware, and perfect for stirring all kinds of sauces.


An oversized lunch box that’s comfy to carry

This waterproof lunch box is oversized enough to fit all of your leftover containers, and it’s insulated enough to keep your stuff cold. There are even mesh pockets and a front pocket for extra snack storage. You also won’t mind carrying it around, because the long handle makes it just as comfy as any of your tote bags.


A sharpening kit to save dull kitchen knives

Instead of searching for a new (and pricey) kitchen knife, keep this knife sharpener around. It has three sharpening steps, and it even fixes damaged kitchen knives that you’d usually think about tossing. It comes with a cut-resistant glove, and it’s compact enough to store in your utensil drawer.