You probably don't realize you're making these expensive mistakes around your home

Luckily, these problems have easy, cheap fixes.

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No matter how closely you stick to your monthly budget, small mistakes around the house can quickly add up into one giant expense. For example, forgetting to turn your lights off may not seem like a big deal — until your electricity bill is double what it was the month before. Luckily, I’ve put together this list of expensive mistakes you could be making around your home without even realizing it.

From misplacing your bills to using wasteful disposable food baggies, even the smallest of mistakes have an easy remedy. For example, you can easily keep track of those bills with the help of some magnetic fridge clips. I’ve also made sure to include a variety of reusable alternatives to disposable items — and food bags are just one of the clever picks you’ll find below.

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Mistake: Storing leftovers in open containers

Fix: These food containers with airtight lids

With airtight lids that help keep food fresh, these containers are a smart buy at less than $45. They’re made from tough borosilicate glass, making them safe to put into the oven and freezer. And unlike some containers, these shouldn’t absorb stains or unwanted odors.


Mistake: Not keeping track of where your bills are

Fix: Using these clips to post them on the fridge

Having trouble keeping track of bills? Use these clips to post them on your fridge for easy reference. Each one is so strong that it can hold up to 60 sheets of paper — and they’ll also work great when hanging photos of friends and family. They’re also scratch-free, as well as made from rust-resistant stainless steel.


Mistake: Letting food go stale in open bags

Fix: Transferring them into these upright containers

Cereal, flour, crackers — these containers are perfect for nearly any type of dry food or ingredient. The lids are designed so that you can easily stack the containers on top of each other, helping save space in cramped cabinets. They’re also airtight as well as leakproof.


Mistake: Wasting money on bottled water

Fix: Sipping drinks from these stylish mason jar mugs

The cost of buying bottled water quickly adds up, so why not save some money and sip from these mason jar jugs instead? They’re just as perfect for parties as they are for everyday use, as the cute design is sure to have guests asking where you got them. Plus, the tight lids even help prevent spills.


Mistake: Wiping up messes with paper towels

Fix: Switching over to these reusable Swedish dishcloths

Not only are these Swedish dishcloths a cost-saving alternative to paper towels, but they’re also incredibly absorbent, making them great for drying dishes, wiping up spills, and more. They have a slight grit to them so that it’s easier to wash dirty pans, yet they’re still soft enough that you won’t have to worry about scratching non-stick cookware. Choose from 10 colors.


Mistake: Throwing away jars you can’t open

Fix: Using this jar opener to tackle stubborn lids

Mount this jar opener underneath a cabinet, and it’ll always be ready to go whenever you encounter a particularly stubborn lid. It’s designed to work with lids of nearly any size — whether you’re struggling with nail polish or peanut butter. Plus, each order includes double-sided adhesive as well as a set of screws, giving you options for installation.


Mistake: Accidentally letting your oil bottles leak all over

Fix: These sleek dispensers that help prevent spills

With screw-on lids that are unlikely to leak, these dispensers are a sleek upgrade to the clunky plastic bottles your cooking oils probably came packaged in. The stainless steel parts of the lid are also smudge-free, and the glass used to make these ones is completely lead-free.


Mistake: Forgetting to turn the lights off

Fix: These night lights with built-in motion sensors

Leaving the lights on is an easy way to run up your electricity bill, so why not let these night lights guide your way through the dark? Each one features a built-in motion sensor that allows them to automatically turn off when no one is around, so there’s no need to remember to turn them off. Choose from six colors: warm white, cool white, red, pink, green, or purple.


Mistake: Losing track of what’s in your pantry or cabinets

Fix: Getting organized with these storage bins

Cleaning supplies, food boxes, soda cans — these storage bins are so versatile that you can use them to hold nearly anything inside your pantry. The clear walls make it easy to see what’s inside without having to unpack anything, while handles in the front and back give you somewhere to grip when pulling them out. Grab them in packs of two, four, six, or eight.


Mistake: Running the dishwasher when it’s already clean

Fix: Keeping track of clean dishes with help from this magnet

Not sure if the dishwasher is clean or dirty? Add this magnet to the front of your machine to help yourself keep track. Each order includes a metal pad with adhesive backing — just in case your dishwasher doesn’t have a magnetic front — and many reviewers wrote about how it “works great.”


Mistake: Placing your razors in a puddle of water

Fix: Hanging them up on this shower mirror

Instead of letting your shaving razor sit in a puddle of water, hang it up on this shower mirror. The ledge on the bottom is perfect for holding razors or scrubbers, and the glass won’t fog up while you’re bathing. Installation is also a total breeze, as the suction cup on the back easily sticks to tiles.


Mistake: Letting your vinyl records get dirty

Fix: Using this kit to get them clean as new

With thousands of four- and five-star reviews, it’s clear that this kit does an exceptional job at getting your vinyl records looking clean as new. Each order includes a bottle of cleanser, as well as a variety of brushes and scrubbers that deliver a thorough clean without leaving behind scratches. “This brush does a great job of getting down into the grooves and lifting out dust rather than packing it in,” wrote one reviewer. They continued, “It breaks the static and sweeps it right out.”


Mistake: Not cleaning your grill grates between barbeques

Fix: Giving it a thorough clean with help from this scraper

This scraper is made without any bristles whatsoever, instead using four different grooves to help you scrub your grill grates clean. It’s safe to use on porcelain and Teflon-coated grates, and the compact size means you shouldn’t have any problem stashing it in a kitchen drawer.


Mistake: Leaving stains because you can’t get them out

Fix: This potent stain remover that can handle red wine

Not only is this stain remover so effective that you can use it on red wine, but it’s also gentle enough for use on clothing, furniture, and more. The nontoxic formula is made without any peroxide or chlorine, and reviewers even wrote about how it works “like magic.”


Mistake: Throwing away warm beer

Fix: Drinking from this insulated mug

With its insulated walls that help keep drinks cold, this mug is perfect for helping keep your beer (or coffee) colder for longer. It’s made from high-quality stainless steel that’s resistant to rust — and each order even includes a convenient airtight lid to help prevent spills.


Mistake: Always buying plastic straws

Fix: These reusable silicone straws that are easy to clean

Instead of wasting money on plastic straws, why not upgrade to these reusable ones? They’re made from 100% food-grade silicone that’s completely BPA-free — and the bent tips allow for easier sipping. Plus, each order includes a pipette scrubber to help you clean them from the inside out.


Mistake: Misplacing the lids that go with your containers

Fix: These silicone lids that stretch to fit containers

It’s easy to misplace at least a few plasticware lids, making these silicone ones a smart investment. They stretch to fit containers, and can even be used to save open cans or halved fruits for later. Each one is also BPA-free, as well as safe to put into the microwave.


Mistake: Spending money on disposable plastic bags

Fix: Upgrading to these reusable ones made from silicone

Not only can these reusable food bags replace more than 5,000 disposable plastic ones, but the flat bottoms also let you stand them upright, making them easier to fill with leftovers, marinades, and more. Their zip-lock tops help prevent leaks and spills. Plus, reviewers raved about how they’re “easy to clean” when dirty.


Mistake: Your AC is leaking out your doors

Fix: These draft stoppers that help insulate your home

An unexpectedly high energy bill can ruin your monthly budget, making this draft stopper a solid pick for anyone looking for ways to save money. It won’t make it harder to open doors, as it’s designed to easily glide across nearly any type of floor — and you can even trim it to fit smaller doors as needed.


Mistake: Tossing disposable dryer sheets in with your laundry

Fix: Making the switch to these reusable dryer balls

Not only are these dryer balls a cost-saving alternative to dryer sheets, but they can also help aerate your clothes as they tumble, allowing them to dry faster using less energy. The result? You may notice your utility bill is lower than usual — and since they’re made without any synthetic additives, they’re also suitable for people with sensitive skin.


Mistake: Ruining delicate clothes in the dryer

Solution: Laying them out on this over-the-door drying rack instead

Whereas some drying racks can take up a ton of space, this one is designed to hang over any standard-sized door. Three tiers give you ample room for everything from delicates to blouses, while the breathable polyester mesh helps keep air circulating through. Once your clothes are dry, simply fold it down flat for easy storage.


Mistake: Throwing out half-eaten avocados

Fix: Helping them stay green by storing them in this container

This airtight container is specifically designed to fit and store avocados, as the silicone walls contour to their unique shape to help slow down the oxidation process. And if you don’t eat avocados? There are also options available for lemons, onions, and tomatoes.


Mistake: Produce keeps going bad before you can eat it

Fix: Using the BluApple produce saver to help keep greens fresh

Letting your greens go bad before you have a chance to eat them is an easy way to waste money, so why not grab these BluApple produce savers? They absorb ethylene gas to help keep everything from cilantro to onions fresher for longer periods of time — and each one lasts for up to three months before you need to replace the packet inside.


Mistake: Using wasteful plastic wrap to store food

Fix: Switching over to these eco-friendly food wraps

Unlike wasteful plastic wrap, these food wraps are made from certified organic cotton that’s been coated with responsibly sourced beeswax, making them an eco-friendly alternative that you can wash and reuse over and over. Each order comes with three sizes of wraps: one small, medium, and large wrap.


Mistake: Losing your nuts & bolts when tackling DIY projects

Fix: This magnetic wristband that holds onto stuff for you

With 10 strong magnets on the inside, this wristband will hold onto all your nuts, bolts, drill bits, and more, keeping them conveniently within reach whenever you’re tackling DIY projects. The best part? One size is made to fit all, as the Velcro clasp can easily be adjusted to fit nearly any wrist.


Mistake: Spending money on dozens of tools

Fix: This universal socket that covers all the bases

There’s no need to invest in a sprawling tool collection when you’ve got this universal socket. Hardened steel pins on the inside adjust to fit nearly any hex nut, hook, or bolt head, allowing you to use it across a variety of DIY projects. Plus, each order also comes with an adapter that lets you turn your handheld drill into a power socket driver.


Mistake: Overcooking meals until they’re inedible

Fix: This digital timer with an easy-to-read LCD screen

Not only can this stainless steel kitchen timer help prevent overcooked meals, but it also features an easy-to-read LCD screen that can be seen from across the kitchen. It’s also backlit — just in case you need it when grilling outside at night. Plus, the fact that you can prop it up like a frame means it’ll be simple to keep an eye on while cooking.


Mistake: Clogging up your sink with beard trimmings

Fix: This bib that catches all those falling hairs

A clogged sink can take money to fix, so why not save your pipes from beard trimmings by using this bib? Two suction cups let you attach it to your mirror, keeping it held up so that any falling hairs fall right into the bib — not down your drain. One size is made One size is made to fit all.


Mistake: Letting your sponges get grimy in dish water

Fix: A caddy that helps sponges dry quickly

Is your dish sponge getting a little too grimy for comfort? Try storing it inside of this caddy. Aeration holes throughout help your sponge dry quickly, while a tough suction cup on the back keeps it firmly mounted to your sink walls. You can also unhook the caddy from the suction cup, allowing you to use it to store larger items on your countertop.


Mistake: Throwing away toothpaste while there’s still some inside

Fix: Using these squeezers to get every last drop

Pop your toothpaste tube into one of these squeezers, then give the handle on the side a few twists. The squeezer will slowly start working its way down the tube, forcing out any bits of toothpaste that regular squeezing by hand can’t retrieve. The best part? You can also use them with nearly any type of tube, whether it’s filled with paint or skin care product.


Mistake: Letting harsh sun rays warm up your home

Fix: These blackout curtains that help insulate windows

Add these blackout curtains to your windows, and they’ll help insulate your home against the sun’s warming rays. They’re also great for sleeping in on the weekends, as they can block up to 99% of outside light — all while remaining wrinkle-free. Choose from more than 35 colors, as well as 16 different sizes.


Mistake: Relying on charging cables that easily fray

Fix: This charging platform that bypasses charging cables

Regular charging cables can start to fray over time, so why not upgrade to this wireless option? It’s compatible with any Qi-enabled smartphone and doesn’t require you to take your phone case off in order for it to work (as long as your case is 5 millimeters thick or less). You can also use it to power up AirPods Pro, AirPods 2, Pixel buds, as well as Galaxy Buds.


Mistake: Tossing shampoo bottles when there’s still stuff inside

Fix: This cap that helps you balance bottles upside down

Screw this cap onto any shampoo or condiment bottles that still have a little left inside. It’ll let you balance them upside down so that any leftover bits gradually make their way down, making it easy to squeeze them out. It’s designed to fit most bottles, and you can also use it to transfer liquids from one bottle to another with minimal to no spillage.


Mistake: You’re always replacing your television remote

Fix: This caddy that you can mount to your television or couch

Put your remotes back inside this caddy when you’re finished watching television, and you won’t have to keep replacing them since they’ll no longer go missing. The best part? Each order comes with a double-sided adhesive so that you can attach it to the back of your television.


Mistake: Spilling food on your clean couch

Fix: Eating off this tray table that attaches to armrests

Instead of balancing your plate while eating on the couch, you can easily keep your food on this handy tray table. The spring-loaded arms automatically adjust to fit nearly any armrest, helping hold it in place without tipping to either side. Choose from four finishes: natural, black, bamboo, or dark black.


Mistake: Wasting money on disposable lighters

Fix: This electronic lighter that’s easily rechargeable

Unlike traditional flame-based lighters, this electronic one produces a plasma arc that you can also use to light candles, yet won’t go out in damp conditions or the wind. It’s rechargeable via USB and can be used up to 600 times before you need to plug it in again. Choose from six colors: rose gold, blue, purple, and more.


Mistake: Cleaning your teeth using disposable floss

Fix: This water flosser that’s easily refillable

Fill this water flosser up in your bathroom sink, and it can provide up to 50 seconds of continuous water flow to help you get your teeth feeling oh-so clean. It can also remove up to 99.9% of dental plaque, and each order includes a tongue scraper tip to help you get your mouth tasting (and feeling) fresh.

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