You're making your home look outdated if you aren't doing any of these things

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Everyone has different tastes when it comes to their home decor. But there are some things that can just make your home look outdated or messy no matter how you style it, like having a mess of cords in the corner or having a dingy light fixture from the ‘70s. Luckily, Amazon has tons of products that can easily help spruce up different corners of your home.

If you want a clean and organized fridge, use these clear bins that can be used to hold eggs, beverages, and condiments. Bring your home into the 21st century with these smart plugs that can connect to Alexa and Google Home for voice-activated use.

Whether you want to change something as small as cabinet knobs or as big as wall paint, this list is full of tips and tricks for keeping your home looking fresh.


Mistake: Not changing out your pillowcases

Solution: Using these pillowcases that won’t wrinkle

You don’t want wrinkles on your clothes, but you don’t want them on your bedding, either. This microfiber pillowcase is soft, comfortable, and best of all, it’s resistant to wrinkles so you can keep your bed looking crisp. The material is also moisture-wicking, so it’ll keep you cool even in the hot weather.


Mistake: Letting your rugs curl

Solution: This tape that keeps your rug flat

A curled rug not only looks messy, but it can also make you prone to tripping. This strong double-sided tape helps your rugs lay flat and prevents them from curling. The tape is made from a thick mesh and can work on almost any floor surface. It’s also easy to remove and won’t leave a mark.


Mistake: Not using your fridge space efficiently

Solution: This set of organizer bins that keeps your fridge tidy

Keeping your fridge neat and tidy can be daunting, but this set of plastic organizer bins makes it easy. This set comes with an egg container, a drink holder, and four multi-use bins of various sizes. Use them to store your canned beverages, condiments, produce, and any other food in your fridge.


Mistake: Using a bar set you got in college

Solution: A cocktail set with eight pieces

If you’re still making cocktails with a shaker you got in college, it might be time for an upgrade. This cocktail shaker set comes with eight pieces, including a bottle opener, a muddler, a mixing spoon, and an elegant bamboo stand to hold it in. It even comes with some cocktail recipe cards to get you started.


Mistake: Not replacing your tea kettle after decades of use

Solution: A transparent teapot with a built-in infuser

Upgrade your tea game with this transparent teapot that has a built-in diffuser for holding loose-leaf tea. The kettle is made from heat-resistant glass with an infuser made from stainless steel mesh. Just fill the infuser with your favorite tea and let it soak in hot water while you can see your tea brew in real time.


Mistake: Not providing a place for your cats to snooze

Solution: This wool cat cave that comes in 15 colors

When cats don’t have their own items, they might end up destroying yours. Give your feline friend the cozy resting spot they deserve with this wool cat cave. It has an opening wide enough for your cat to easily fit through, but small enough to create a dark and cozy den for your cat. Plus it comes in 15 colors so it can match your decor (or, your cat’s fur).


Mistake: Not separating out off-season clothes in your closet

Solution: These vacuum-sealed bags that save tons of space

If your closet is stuffed to the brim, create more space with these vacuum-seal bags that compress your clothing and bedding, reducing the volume by 80%. The bags have a valve that can be paired with any vacuum nozzle, which will suck out excess air. (And, bonus — it’s pretty entertaining to watch.)


Mistake: Using old knives passed down from your parents

Solution: This paring knife set that comes with a sharpener

A good, sharp knife is crucial for any home cook — and if you stole a set from home ten years ago, there’s a chance that yours may not be as good and sharp as you think. This paring knife is made from stainless steel and has an ergonomic handle. It comes with a guard to protect it from getting dull and a sharpener to keep it ready for cutting. It’s the ideal size for cutting small vegetables or herbs.


Mistake: Having a mattress covered in stains or spills

Solution: This mattress protector that keeps your bed safe

Mattresses are expensive and not easy to replace, so you’ll want to protect yours from spills and stains with this mattress protector. The zippered encasement is hypoallergenic and protects from liquid, bugs, and dust mites. The cover is soft and breathable, so it won’t make your bed any less comfortable.


Mistake: A garbage disposal that leaves icky odors behind

Solution: These tablets that deodorize and remove clogs

It’s not often that you think about cleaning your garbage disposal, so I’m here to remind you that it is 100% necessary. Thankfully these handy tablets will clean your garbage disposal in no time, eliminating any left-behind odors from dinners past and simultaneously preventing clogging from any remaining food buildup. Your pack of nine tablets is guaranteed to last you nine months.


Mistake: An outdated sprinkler system in your garden

Solution: This hose attachment that makes it easy to water your plants

Instead of using a sprinkler, water your plants with this hose attachment that extends up to 48 inches and has a spray nozzle that can be adjusted to get just the right angle. It also has seven water patterns to choose from, including power wash, bucket filler, and mist. Gardening with a wand makes it slightly more fun, so it’s worth thinking about if you’ve got a ton of flower beds.


Mistake: Having a clutter of cords around the house

Solution: This box that keeps your cables hidden

Don’t make your home resemble your college dorm room. Hide your mess of cables with this box that keeps them hidden from view. The black box has a bamboo lid for a sleek look. The cables fit in the box while slits on the sides allow them to be pulled through. Use it to hide TV cables, phone chargers, and other cords.


Mistake: Having old fashioned house numbers

Solution: These numbers with a modern look

Replace your outdated home address numbers with these sleek, modern numbers. They’re made from stainless steel and are coated in a weather-resistant black color, so they won’t rust or become weathered. They come with all the hardware necessary for mounting.


Mistake: Not utilizing smart gadgets

Solution: These smart plugs that use voice controls

It’s easier and more affordable than you think to add smart gadgets to your home. These smart plugs fit in most three-prong outlets and can connect to Alexa or Google Home, so you can control your lights and appliances with voice controls. The outlets can also connect to an app on your phone, so you can set a timer or schedule.


Mistake: Having a poorly lit walkway

Solution: These outdoor lights that are solar-powered

It’s important to have lighting on the walkway leading up to your house so you (and your visitors) can see where you’re going. These solar-powered lights become fully charged after 4-6 hours of exposure to the sun. The lights have a sharp stake at the bottom so you can easily shove them into your grass or dirt with no other tools necessary. They come in a pack of six.


Mistake: Having bare walls in your home

Solution: This set of 10 picture frames in various sizes

If the walls in your home are feeling a little bare, try decorating with some photos of family and friends. This pack of 10 picture frames have three different size options, so you can create a staggered photo wall or spread them out around the house. The frames have an easel back for standing them upright but also have the hardware for hanging on the wall.


Mistake: Broken blinds

Solution: These pleated shades that you can adjust to your window size

New window shades don’t have to be expensive or difficult to install. These pleated shades have an adhesive strip that makes them easy to install, and can also be cut to the exact size you want. They also come with clips so you can raise the shades when you want to let more light in.


Mistake: Too many charging cables cluttering your space

Solution: This slender wireless charger

The biggest benefit of wireless chargers is that they reduce the number of messy cords on your counter. This wireless charger has a slender profile, making it easy to throw in your bag while traveling. It works with most smart phones, including the Samsung Galaxy and the iPhone 8 and up. As a bonus, it comes in 14 colors.


Mistake: Not enough lights in the kitchen

Solution: These lights activated by a motion sensor

These motion sensor lights are rechargeable and easy to install with adhesive strips, so you can attach them under your cabinets to add more light to your kitchen. They also work in other small spaces like a closet, bookshelf, or staircase. The light has a switch so you can leave it on continuously, or turn on the motion sensor feature.


Mistake: Having overhead lights instead of lamps

Solution: This floor lamp with three color temperatures

Overhead lighting can be harsh, but these floor lamps let you choose the type of light you want. The lamp comes with an LED bulb that has three color temperatures: white, warm white, and warm. The lamp has a heavy base that helps it stay stable without tipping over. The lampshade is made from linen and has a rounded shape.


Mistake: Having musty bedding that hasn’t been switched out for years

Solution: This duvet and sham set will provide an easy refresh to your bedspread

If your bedding has seen better days (or is still from your childhood bedroom), switch it out for this sleek duvet set that comes in 12 of the most sophisticated colors, including burgundy, navy, and dusty blue. Made with double-brushed microfiber, this duvet set is ultra soft yet still lightweight enough that you’ll feel cool while you sleep. Grab it in either a queen or king size.


Mistake: Letting old shoes clutter up your entryway

Solution: These under-the-bed storage bags that clean up your space

If your shoe collection is as extensive as mine, chances are your pairs are crowding up the entryway and making it look like you haven’t cleaned it out in ages. These under-the-bed storage bags can each hold and organize up to 12 pairs of shoes each, allowing your entryway or closet floor to breathe and keeping each left foot with its corresponding right foot for easy access when you’re getting ready. They even have exterior handles for easy grabbing.


Mistake: Dirty grout that makes your bathroom look old

Solution: A grout coloring pen that makes it look new

I have an older bathroom and the grout won’t get clean no matter how hard I scrub. This grout pen can instantly make any bathroom look new again. The white marker has an angled tip that allows you to color in over aged grout, instantly giving it a fresh new look. Multiple reviewers report that one pen is enough to cover their whole bathroom.


Mistake: Candles that are melted down & misshapen

Solution: These sleek pillar candles made with quality wax

Toss out your old candles that are melted down and misshapen and replace them with these classy-looking pillar candles. Each in this set of three is made with high quality wax that doesn’t drip or melt away too quickly, helping them retain their perfect shape. Plus, they are unscented, so those who struggle with headaches from overpowering candle aromas can feel good keeping these around the house.


Mistake: Having crusted, old hand sanitizer bottles on your counter

Solution: This modern sanitizer dispenser that mounts on the wall

If you have an old bottle of Purell with crusted hand sanitizer hanging on the pump, it’s time to replace it with this aesthetically-pleasing hand sanitizer dispenser. Not only will this dispenser surely match the vibe of any room, but it easily mounts to the wall to create easy access, and holds up to 24 ounces of sanitizer — you’ll rarely have to refill it!


Mistake: Not having any greenery

Solution: Adding live plants to freshen your air

Having plants in your home not only helps make it look bright and inviting, but it might boost your health. Plants release oxygen and freshen the air, making them a welcoming addition. This ZZ plant is a great addition to any home as it can grow in natural or artificial light, and they’re relatively easy to take care of. Take it from me — I have one that I hardly touch, and it’s still thriving.


Mistake: Your towel rack is rusted

Solution: This towel bar is modern and sophisticated

Whether you choose matte black, brushed gold or nickel, or polished silver, this towel bar is sure to make your bathroom look as sleek as ever. This bar will actually last (even after many a hot shower) thanks to its corrosion-resistant design that won’t rust, chip, or flake and even the largest, 24-inch size is suitable for smaller spaces.

  • Available sizes: 9 inches — 24 inches


Mistake: Having an outdated coffee machine that barely functions

Solution: This luxe espresso maker

If you still have an old, barely-functioning Mr. Coffee machine on your countertop, it’s time to replace it with this luxe, yet still cheap, espresso maker. This stainless steel coffee maker heats up on your stovetop in just a few minutes, producing up to six espresso-sized cups (that’s 12 total ounces of coffee). It’s also incredibly durable, so you won’t have to deal with cheap metal flaking off into your cup.


Mistake: Not refreshing your bath mats

Solution: This set of two plush mats

When was the last time you replaced your bath mats? If you can’t remember, it might be time to consider a replacement. New bath mats will enhance your showering experience and can easily add something extra to your decor. These mats are thick, absorbent, and slip-resistant, meaning you don’t have to worry about taking a tumble after your shower. Well over 27,000 people on Amazon swear by them.


Mistake: Too many holes in the wall

Solution: This repair putty that’ll repair your drywall

If you’re like me, then you almost never hang a picture right on the first try. That means you probably have excess holes all over the wall. Fill them in with this Erase-A-Hole repair putty. The putty works best on small holes and cracks. After it dries, you can paint over it as if there was never a hole in the first place.


Mistake: Having a heavy curtain that collects dust

Solution: These lightweight linen curtains

If your curtains are too heavy, they can unnecessarily darken a room. Plus, they collect dust. These flax linen blend curtains are lightweight and perfect for the warmer months. They’re thin enough that they won’t collect dust. They also let in just the right amount of natural light while still offering privacy.


Mistake: Having plastic or dry-cleaner hangers in your closet

Solution: These velvet hangers look sleek & sophisticated

If you still have the same cheap, plastic hangers from college or keep all of your dry cleaner hangers, this is your sign to replace them with these stylish velvet hangers. These hangers come in the perfect 20 pack to hang all of the delicate items in your closet, providing even your silkiest and slipperiest clothes with a non-slip grip that keeps them upright. There’s even a 360-degree swivel hook on each so you can turn them every which way.

  • Available colors: 8


Mistake: Letting too many bugs inside

Solution: This mesh screen door

When the weather’s warm, it’s always nice to prop a door open to let the air in. But, that means you might end up letting bugs in too. This mesh screen door help keeps pests out while still letting air circulate. It easily installs with a velcro attachment, and the mesh screen closes with a strip of magnets. It’s great for people who like holding big outdoor events in the summertime.


Mistake: Dull looking banisters

Solution: This wood stain that adds rich color

Add some depth and color to your banister, or any other wood in your home, with this water-based wood stain. The stain comes in over 30 colors, from golden wheat to cognac. You can even mix multiple colors for a custom shade. It can be applied with just one coat and doesn’t require a conditioner.


Mistaking: Keeping light fixtures from the ‘70s

Solution: This ceiling light with modern touches

An old light fixture can make a room feel dated, especially if it hasn’t been changed since the ‘70s. Update your lighting with this modern fixture that has a brushed nickel finish. The light can be used in the kitchen, bedroom, or any other room with overhead lighting. It includes all hardware needed for mounting.


Mistake: Disheveled drawers in your bedroom

Solution: This 3-pack of drawer dividers

Not everyone is good enough at folding to have an immaculately organized dresser. Keep your drawers tidy with this pack of drawer dividers that have 24 sections each. Use them to store socks, underwear, or shirts in your dresser. The dividers are collapsable so you can easily store them when not in use.


Mistake: Having old, musty area rugs all over the house

Solution: This chic rug that looks great in any space

Rugs can be pricey, which is why upgrading our outdated ones can feel like a strenuous task. This area rug is cool, chic, and totally cheap, yet still is made from soft, quality polypropylene fibers that won’t shed and are easy to clean. Despite its pattern, this rug is sure to suit any room in your home, and comes in three colors and eight different sizes.


Mistake: Not having a good place to store your dish cleaning essentials

Solution: This 4-in-1 set comes with dispensers and holders galore

This dispenser set is the thing your kitchen needs to store all of your dish-cleaning and hand-washing essentials, making your sink area look neat and organized. This kit comes with two soap dispensers — one that dispenses dish soap right onto the sponge and doubles as a sponge holder and one that dispenses hand soap — as well as a silicone tray to hold them both.


Mistake: Not protecting your patio furniture over the years

Solution: These furniture covers that protect from the elements

If you’re not protecting your outdoor furniture from the elements, it won’t be long before it starts to look old, mildew-y, and worn down. These furniture covers are made from heavy duty and waterproof polyester to keep your patio chairs from getting ruined in the rain, and each comes with padded handles that make removing the covers easy. Plus, the beige color of these covers is actually ultra-stylish.

  • Available sizes: Standard (32-inch) — Large (40-inch)


Mistake: Not upgrading to a bidet

Solution: This bidet attachment that’s easy to install

No matter how fancy you bathroom is, you aren’t truly living in luxury until you have a bidet. This bidet attachment has a slim design, so it won’t stand out too much. It has adjustable water pressure and helps cut down on toilet paper use. It’s also easy to install and doesn’t require a plumber.

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