You're putting too much wear & tear on your body if you aren't trying any of these clever things

They’re game-changers.

ByChristina Wood
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It isn’t always a bad event — bike accident, ice-skating mishap, football tackle gone wrong — that damages your body the most. Often, it’s small things you do every day, all day, that take a toll: typing, sitting, wearing uncomfortable shoes, or looking at a screen. You can’t spend every day in the spa pampering yourself and doing self-care, though. You want to work, cook, garden, and enjoy a walk in the park — without coming out the other end with bad wrists, an aching back, or blisters. Fortunately, a little prevention is all it takes to do what you like without pain. But you’re putting too much wear and tear on your body if you aren’t trying any of these clever things that prevent damage.


An anti-fatigue mat for your tired legs

When you stand on a hard floor — either in the kitchen or at your desk or workshop — it’s hard on your feet, legs, and back. This anti-fatigue mat makes that floor a bit softer and feels terrific. Just set it in front of your workspace and feel better instantly. It’s super easy to clean and comes in 15 colors and five sizes to fit your space perfectly.


This laptop stand so you don’t hurt your neck

If you are working on a laptop that is sitting on a desk, your neck is probably in an uncomfortable position. The solution is to raise the screen up so you aren’t hunched over. Set your machine on this lightweight and sturdy laptop stand and straighten up. It snaps apart so you can take it with you and has anti-slip feet and a lip to hold your machine in place. It comes in nine colors.


A gentle foam roller for necessary self-care

If you are working out — or working hard — without taking recovery time to relieve tension, promote circulation, and do a bit of self-care, your muscles are likely stiff and inflamed. This foam roller is step one for getting that under control. The lightly textured surface makes it easy and comfortable to use and the 18-inch length is perfect for treating every muscle — and doing some yoga and exercises. It comes in six colors.


This pad that makes bath time easy on your joints

You do not need to suffer to supervise a child in the bathtub. This bath kneeler makes it comfortable to sit bath side while you shampoo, chat, and play with a child who is getting clean in the bubbles. “Super cozy and comfy,” said one reviewer. “Really helps the bath time experience. And I can also use it as a seat to watch my kids swim around in the tub or show me some new trick they thought up. It makes bath time a lot more comfortable and easy on my joints.”


A kneeler & stool so gardening doesn’t take a toll

Bending over to pull weeds in the garden is a fast way to get back pain. Kneeling in the dirt is no fun, either. This garden kneeler and stool lets you sit or kneel without getting covered in dirt and bugs. It also keeps your tools handy and gives you a hand when you go from kneeling to standing. “This is awesome,” said one reviewer. “I can sit to do yard work as needed and if I get down on my knees the padding protects my knees and I’m able to use the legs as handles to get back up.”


A long-handled deep tissue massager

You don’t need to wait for an appointment with a massage therapist to tackle your tight shoulders or back pain. This deep tissue back and body massager uses a powerful percussion pulse to get deep into those tight muscles and give instant relief. It comes with six massage heads and, since it’s rechargeable, you don’t have to hover near an outlet. “I was having upper back and mid-back pain, and I am now able to massage my own back myself no problem,” said one reviewer.


These blue-light-blocking glasses that protect eyes from the screen

The blue light emitted by the screen you are looking at right now — and every other screen in your life — can cause eye strain, headaches, and sleep loss. Don this pair of blue-light-blocking glasses to protect your eyes and your circadian rhythms from that blue spectrum of light. They are stylish and will give you a hot nerd vibe that’s sure to be good for your social life, too.


A handy step-stool so you don’t fall

If you have to climb onto the counter or scale the bookcase to reach things that are up high, this folding step stool will make your life easier and prevent a potentially painful fall. It folds up so easily — just pick it up by the handle — and stashes so flat that you can tuck it into a cupboard or shelf so it’s always ready. It comes in five colors.


This memory foam seat cushion for healthier seating

Sitting in a chair does not have to hurt. Set this memory foam seat cushion on a hard seat before you plunk yourself into it. It takes the pressure off your coccyx, supports good posture, and softens the hard surface with slow rebound memory foam that contours to the shape of your body.


The flosser that uses water instead of string

Flossing is necessary but it can be a bit hard on your gums. This rechargeable aqua flosser uses water jets to blast away plaque and debris so you don’t hurt yourself in the process. It’s actually fun to use, which means you are more likely to do it, too. It has three modes and comes with four jet tips so you can share it and a travel bag so you can take it with you.


A wrist rest for keyboard & mouse

If you work at a computer all day, the pressure on your wrists from a hard surface can cause painful touchpoints and calluses. Give your hands a soft place to land with this set of memory foam cushions for your mouse and keyboard. The wrist rest comes with a mouse pad and both pads elevate your hands to encourage healthy wrist alignment.


An adjustable foot rest for your desk

Sometimes all you need to correct your desk posture problems is a cushion to elevate your feet. Lifting your legs up helps you sit up straight while eliminating swelling in your legs. This memory foam under desk cushion is perfect for this. It has two heights and the slightly squishy memory foam feels great under your feet. The cover removes so you can wash it.


This memory foam pillow for easier sleep

If you are tossing and turning and having trouble sleeping, this memory foam pillow might help. It cradles and supports your head, eliminating pressure points, odd angles, and spine bends that can cause headaches and snoring.


This travel pillow so you can rest on the road

Whether you are traveling by car, plane, or train, this memory foam travel pillow makes catching a nap so much easier. A pliable spine is covered by soft memory foam so you can shape it to fit your sleeping options. Twist it up and rest against the window and wrap it around your neck so you don’t wake up every time your head drops. It’s also designed to easily attach to your luggage.


The silicone earplugs that are gentle & washable

Loud environments, airplane talkers, and snoring partners will no longer rob you of sleep if you own this set of soft, silicone earplugs. They snug gently into your ears to block out sound and can be washed and used again indefinitely. This is three sets, each pair in its own storage case. They come with a waterproof bag.


This sonic toothbrush that’s such a deal

Take the plunge into sonic toothbrushing and you will never go back. This AquaSonic Vibe gets your teeth super clean with 40,000 vibrations per minute while a two-minute timer — with 30-second alerts to prompt you to move to another mouth quadrant — helps you brush thoroughly. It’s a great value, too. It comes with eight brush heads, a wireless charging base, and a travel case.


An easy way to apply moist heat to tired eyes

Dry eyes, tired eyes, blepharitis, and many other uncomfortable eye conditions respond well to an application of moist heat. This heated eye mask makes it easy to apply that treatment. Pop it in the microwave, lie down, and enjoy a spa-like rest that will leave your irritated eyes feeling so much better. It comes with a storage bag and the cover is washable so you can keep it clean of allergens and irritants.


A botanical body butter for easy skincare

Keep this coconut oil lotion handy so you can pump a dollop of body butter on your hands, body, and face for a rich drink of moisturizer after washing your hands, showering, or a long day out in the elements. Coconut oil is a rich emollient that’s full of antioxidants so it heals your skin as it moisturizes. This lotion is also loaded with aloe to improve skin elasticity and phytic acid to brighten skin.


A floor cushion so meditating doesn’t hurt

Create success in your meditation practice by giving your body a comfortable place to sit so you aren’t distracted by numb feet or legs or ankle pressure. This traditional, square, velvet floor cushion — or Zabuton — is both beautiful and comfortable. The cover removes so you can wash it and comes in seven muted and calming colors.


This set of mouth guards you can customize to your mouth

Grinding your teeth while you sleep can do damage to your teeth and jaw. This set of four mouth guards is soft enough for you to mold them to custom-fit your mouth so they protect your teeth and discourage grinding. “The level of protection provided by this mouth guard is outstanding,” said one reviewer. “It effectively absorbs and disperses impact, reducing the risk of dental injuries, jaw fractures, and concussions. [...] I can wear it for extended periods without any discomfort or irritation.”


A shoulder pad so your bag doesn’t make you weep

If your messenger bag, guitar, backpack, or luggage hurt your shoulder, add this shoulder pad cushion to your rig to provide relief. It wraps around the strap and secures with velcro so it stays put and adds over 2 inches of soft, memory foam protection between that strap and your shoulder.


This weird neck light that keeps the pages turning after lights out

When your bed partner wants the lights out but you are deep into a thriller you can’t put down, wear your LED neck reading light and keep turning those pages. You can adjust the brightness and color of each of the two beams and point the light right where you want it. “It illuminates both pages entirely with no shadow,” said one reviewer. “I can easily read in bed without disrupting my wife as she sleeps.”


A polarized sun vizor so you don’t get blinded by the sun

Driving is so much safer when you can see where you are going. And this sun visor extender makes that easier to do when you are driving into a setting sun or any other bright light. The polarized light filter attaches to your current visor and snaps down when you need it, cutting out the glare that could potentially blind you at a crucial moment.


This UV-blocking window film that lets in the view & nothing else

You don’t have to block the view to block the harmful UV rays coming in through your windows. Stick this UV-blocking window film directly to your windows and you can see right through it from the inside but it will stop 90% of UV light and 50% of heat from coming through the glass. From the outside, it looks like a mirror so no one can see in.


This Pomodoro timer so you remember to take breaks

If you take regular breaks while you work, you will feel better and, very likely, get more done. Breaks help you avoid those mind-wandering trips down rabbit holes that happen when you try to focus for too long. This Pomodoro timer is the perfect assistant to help you adopt this work method. Just flip it to the break, or work, the duration you are starting in on and it will remind you to stop and take a break at the appropriate time. Then flip it again for the next segment.


A mattress pad for a softer night’s sleep

A bed that is too hard can cause you to toss and turn all night. It can also cause hip, shoulder, and back pain. And that means your days will be foggy and painful. Add this 2-inch, plush, gel-filled memory foam mattress topper to that hard mattress for a layer of softness that will help you sleep and give your joints a much-needed cushion. It comes in 10 sizes to fit whatever bed you have.


These orthotic insoles to support your arches

Upgrade all your favorite shoes to wearable, comfortable ones simply by replacing their feeble insoles with these arch support orthotics. The high-density foam, excellent arch support, and shock absorption will make walking in your shoes so much better for your feet. More than 37,000 people give these five stars.


The acupressure mat that relieves stress & pain

Living with pain and grouchy moods is bad for you and for everyone else in your life. This acupressure mat and pillow might seem an unlikely way to cope with that but reviewers insist it works. Simply lie on it and relax on the spiky surface. Your muscles will heat up and release tension and your brain will shoot out those lovely endorphins. “Beware, the first few minutes really do feel like torture and then it's actually... comfortable? Totally loosens you up,” said one reviewer. “I'm feeling pretty good when I get up after 30 minutes.”


A strap with loops so you can get a deep stretch

Staying limber is an important part of taking care of your body. But when your muscles are already tight, it can be difficult to get into the full expression of a stretch. These stretching straps with loops will help you get closer to your goals. Slip a foot, arm, or hand into the loops to pull yourself closer to that forward fold or bow pose. The loops are numbered so you can track your progress.


The water bottle that tracks hydration & reminds you to sip

Water is necessary for life. But if staying hydrated is hard for you to achieve, maybe you need a little help from this smart water bottle. It connects to your phone and tracks your intake so you know when you are getting enough — and when you aren’t. The bottle itself also glows to remind you when it's time to sip. It comes in five colors.


These grip strengtheners for sore & weak hands

If your hands hurt from too much typing, tennis, carpal tunnel, or arthritis, boost your hand strength and prevent further injury with this set of hand grip strengtheners. The set is designed to work all the muscles of the hand and — as you move through them — increase your dexterity and strength. “I was having a problem with a thumb joint and wrist, unable to even pick anything up for a week or so,” said one reviewer. “This [gave] me an easy way to strengthen the area. I [...] have already regained most of the motion and strength.”


A cute pill organizer so you don’t mess up your meds

Skipping a pill — or taking too many — is bad for your health. So organize all your medications and supplements into the pocketable capsules in this weekly pill organizer. As the week unfolds, you only have to look into today’s container to see what you’ve taken and still need to take. The daily doses can sit in a handy display organizer on your dresser. Or flip the stand around and it converts to a case you can toss in a suitcase.


This weighted heating pad for stress relief

After a long, stressful day, you need to relax, right? Get comfortable with this heating pad for neck and shoulders. Choose the heat level you like best and let the warmth and weight relax your shoulders, ease your muscle aches, and feel amazing on all that bottled-up stress. “I have a lot of neck and shoulder tension,” said one reviewer. “I put it on every night before I go to sleep, love that it has the adjustable timer and temp so if I fall asleep I won’t burn myself.”


A multivitamin to fix you right up

If getting through the day is getting more difficult, your skin and nails seem lackluster, or your hair isn’t growing, you might be missing some essential vitamins. Cover all the bases by adding one of these multivitamin tablets to your morning routine. They bring immune, muscle, bone, energy, and metabolism-supporting vitamins and minerals to your diet with very little stress.


This balm that prevents chafing

Before you head out for a hike, a day in the surf, or a run in the heat, slather this anti-chafing stick balm on your thighs, neck, and anywhere else you are likely to chafe. It protects you from a wetsuit seam, shorts that rub, or an abrasive sandal strap. It’s slippery but lets your skin breathe and is plant-based and friendly for sensitive skin.


The fast & easy to way to correct posture

Standing up straight isn’t as easy as it sounds, which is why parents have been reminding children to do it for eons. This posture corrector is so much better than a barked reminder. It pulls your shoulders back gently, to straighten your spine and stop you from slouching. It’s easy to put on and take off and invisible under clothing.


The bandage that heals blisters

Before you walk another mile in shoes that are giving you blisters, cover your poor, abused heel with one of these blister cushions. They are infused with a hydrating gel that helps your skin recover and have a soft cushion to prevent further damage. “I had a blister and slapped one of these on,” reported one reviewer. “Showered the next morning, [and] spent all day walking around. [When I] took it off[,...] the blister was basically gone.”


These silky pillowcases for softer hair & skin

When you rest your head on most pillowcases, the fabric can be harsh on your skin and hair. This silk pillowcase is too smooth to do that to you. The soft and silky fibers slide right over hair strands. “I love this pillowcase!” said one reviewer. “I have super dry, frizzy curly hair and even though I put it up at night, it gets totally messed up with regular pillowcases. [With this one,] my skin even feels softer after sleeping.”


The gummy that helps you sleep

Staring into the dark when you wish you were sleeping is hard on the body, nerves, and soul. Instead of counting nonexistent sheep or getting wound up ticking off how many hours till you have to get up, chew a couple of these melatonin gummies. A delicious snack is always pleasant and these have 3 milligrams of sleep-inducing melatonin as well as L-Theanine, passionflower, and chamomile to calm your mind so you can slip back into those Zs.


A body hair trimmer that prevents nicks & cuts

If you come away from every bodyscaping project with nicks, cuts, and missed bits, this body hair trimmer with a light will help you see what you are doing down there. It’s also waterproof so you can bring it in the shower. And the guide comb makes it safe to take into sensitive territory without fear. “Love this trimmer,” said one reviewer. “It cuts very close to the skin but it has not made me bleed yet.”