37 great products on amazon you had no idea you'd use so often

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Sometimes you purchase a product that turns out to be just okay. It's useful — but you wind up using it less and less over time and you wonder if it was even worth the money. But these 37 great products on Amazon you had no idea you'd use so often fall into an entirely different category altogether. These are the products that you assumed would be cool, but never imagined would wind up becoming such game-changers.

There are probably many times when you find yourself rooting around your backpack for a specific book or tube of lipstick, only to come up empty-handed. The backpack insert organizer on this list has zippered and traditional pockets where you can stash what you need to take with you — and find those items without hassle.

Other amazing products you'll use on a daily basis include a two-in-one coffee press and cup that lets you brew an individual cup of coffee and take it on-the-go. Back at home, genius products like collapsible storage bins with airtight lids, shoe deodorizers that fit inside shoes and neutralize odors, and the most comfortable sleep headphones for all sleep positions are about to make everyday living more convenient and enjoyable.

Investing in one or more of these fantastic products also means feeling confident that you'll use them so often they'll prove worthy of every penny (and then some).

1. A flexible tablet or phone mount for watching movies and reading

Make scrolling, reading, and viewing movies and TV shows a hundred times more comfortable than balancing your device on your lap with this gooseneck tablet holder. The holder has a flexible arm that can positioned to suit a variety of angles. Its sturdy clamp holds tablets and smartphones in place and it is compatible with a wide variety of decides.

2. These charcoal shoe deodorizers that neutralize bad odors fast

Eliminate unwanted odors in your shoes and gym bags without adding distracting and noticeable perfumes to the mix. These shoe deodorizers come two in a pack and are designed with odor-neutralizing ingredients that are non-toxic and can last up to six months before needing to be replaced. The cherry on top: their shape couldn't be more perfect for the insides of shoes.

3. The high-tech chiller that instantly cools down hot beverages

Not in the mood for hot coffee, but also not in the mood to spend money? Transfer coffee — and any other hot liquid — into this HyperChiller cooler glass that chills drinks in just 60 seconds, without gels or chemicals. The cooler is perfect for wine, cocktails, and other drinks that you don’t want to dilute with ice.

4. A screen-cleaner kit that removes fingerprints and smudges

Keep computer, phone, tablet, and television screens crystal-clear without dousing them with potentially damaging chemical or water-based cleaners. This screen cleaning kit includes a safe, odorless cleaning spray that lasts for 1,572 sprays and a large microfiber cloth that buffs away marks without scratching surfaces.

5. The ironing assistant that gets shirts and pants sharp in no time

You’ve got your ironing board and your iron and you’re ready to make your clothing look polished and sharp. The only problem is that half of your blouse falls off when you’re ironing the other half, and then vice versa, and the task ends up taking forever. This ironing assistant tool can help — it comes with a magnetic holder that keeps your shirt sleeve or pant leg in place while you’re ironing. You’ll get those perfect creases you thought were only possible at the dry cleaner.

6. An organized and compact way to charge devices

It’s perfectly portable, compact, and allows you to charge devices and then take it on-the-go in an instant. This Apple-certified retractable lightning to USB cable is a double-sided cable that expands to 2 feet and then retracts back into a tool that fits in your pocket or purse.

7. This Bluetooth remote control you can operate when using gloves

No need to fumble with a small touchscreen when you're wearing gloves — this wearable Bluetooth music remote has large buttons that make it easy to select and change your playlist. You can wear it on your arm or attach it to your back — it is resistant to water, boasts an all-seasons battery, and was basically designed with outdoor activities in mind.

8. An amazing mug that won't fall over when you bump into it

Go ahead and give this mug your best push — it is designed with unbreakable Tritan plastic and will never, ever fall over (really!), which means never, ever having to worry about drinking from it when you're around your computer or phone. The double-walled, sweat-proof mug keeps beverages insulated, fits inside of car cup holders, and comes in teal or purple.

9. These nootropic supplements that make you a better gamer

Combat the negative side effects of too much time spent in front of a computer screen with these nootropic supplements, which are vitamins specifically designed to boost eye health. These supplements contain B vitamins, lutein, caffeine, and other ingredients that help you focus and concentrate (and can maybe even make you a better gamer). As with all supplements, check with your doctor before taking them.

10. A travel-friendly foam roller to soothe aching muscles

This high-density foam roller is small enough to pack in your gym bag or luggage, but that doesn't make it any less effective at rolling out aching muscles and soothing pains. Use the 4-inch pillow anywhere — from the back of your neck to the backs of your knees.

11. The pillow that can get rid of migraines and stress headaches

Rest your neck on this massage block and experience relief from headaches, migraines, and shoulder or back pain. The pillow is hard (don't expect a plush place to rest), but that's the beauty of it: it hits trigger points that release tension and provide comfort. One reviewer writes: "Great for temporary relief of migraine pain that originates in the neck and radiated to the back of the head and to the top of the head."

12. An all-in-one coffee maker and travel cup

Brew coffee and enjoy it in one travel coffee press, which has a simple-to-use plunger and can make up to 10 ounces of coffee. The double-walled insulated maker and mug maintains the temperature of hot coffee for hours — and your brew stays free of grit and sludge. It comes in eight colors.

13. This mesh shoe travel bag that holds up to three pairs

Keep shoes and sneakers separate from clothing (because can you imagine how many germs are lurking on the soles of shoes?) when you store up to three pairs in this shoe travel bag. The bag features three compartments, sturdy two-way zippers, a breathable mesh fabric that's resistant to water, and a top handle for carrying. It comes in eight colors.

14. An inverted umbrella that won't fail you the second a strong wind hits

A quality umbrella should be able to withstand not just rain, but strong storm winds as well — and this is the inverted umbrella that can handle any weather challenge. The umbrella is designed with a strong double layer and a reverse opening that ensures it stays dry (and keeps your carpets and furniture dry) when you close it. The C-shaped handle can hang on your wrist and it comes in 45 colors and fun prints.

15. These microwave covers that prevents splatters and come in different sizes

This set of five colorful microwave covers come in different sizes to suit a variety of pans and bowls. They create an airtight seal and will keep food from splattering and making a royal mess in your microwave — and they're also safe in the fridge, oven, freezer, and dishwasher.

16. The battery-operated hand warmer you can slip into your pocket

Warm up those cold hands instantly with this battery-operated and rechargeable hand warmer, which features three temperature levels that range from 95 to 131 degrees Fahrenheit. Slip the warmer into your pocket or glove and use it as a power bank for phones and other devices when your hands are warm and toasty enough to no longer need it.

17. A trio of containers for carry-on items like pills and snacks

This trio of containers is TSA-approved for your carry-on luggage and serve as the perfect place where you can stash small items you need to take with you, like pills, vitamins, snacks, or change. The containers can be opened with one hand — simply squeeze the sides to release the lid. They are food safe and free of harmful BPA's and phthalates.

18. An orthopedic knee pillow that aligns your spine

Get better spinal posture, even when you're sleeping or resting, with this orthopedic wedge pillow, which can be placed between your knees, against your lower back, under calves, or wherever else you need to experience pain relief. The pillow is made from supportive memory foam and comes with a breathable, removable, and washable pillow cover.

19. These moisture-wicking natural cork shoe insoles that support feet

If your feet could use a little more support in those shoes, these are the natural cork insoles that absorb shock, provide protection from hard surfaces, and wick away moisture so that your feet feel dry and cool. The insoles come in four sizes and can be trimmed to fit shoes.

20. The softest pair of sleep headphones so you can fall asleep to music

Drift off to sleep wearing these soft, comfortable sleep headphones, which are ideal for all sleep positions. The mask blocks out all light and features built-in adjustable speakers with Bluetooth 5.0 technology. Its 3-D ergonomic technology is a fancy way of saying: this mask will not pinch your eyes or skin.

21. This rotary grater that handles hard foods like cheese and chocolate like a champ

Insert hard cheese, chocolate, or nuts into this rotary cheese grater, give the handle a few good turns, and fine gratings emerge that are perfect for garnishing food and including in numerous recipes. The tool has handle switches that are compatible with lefties and righties and it's dishwasher-safe.

22. These applicators that apply masks with ease

Don't waste a single drop of that facial mask — these mask applicator brushes pick up product and help spread it evenly across your skin. They each have a soft, silicone applicator that's simple to wash and dry. These also help prevent cross-contamination, too.

23. The pasta lovers' ultimate weeknight cookbook

Love pasta and homemade meals, but have approximately no free hours to cook? This pasta cookbook gives you the gift of 75 pasta recipes that are so simple to make that you can whip them up on any random weeknight and still have time to live your life. According to reviewers, the book contains recipes as diverse as Frutti di Mare, squid ink pasta, and cacio e pepe.

24. These reusable silicone bags for leftovers and snacks

Leave less waste on the planet when you make the switch to these sturdy silicone food storage bags that can be washed (even in the dishwasher) and reused countless times. The six pack of bags comes with two large and four medium bags that are perfect for storing leftovers, lunches, and snacks. They are resistant to heat and cold, so feel free to throw them in the freezer, microwave, or boiling water (if you have a sous vide machine).

25. An organizer for your backpack that helps you find everything you need

No more rooting around in your backpack to find your phone, pens, and that one small notebook you really need right this minute. This backpack organizer slides right into your backpack and features a number of zippered and open pockets that are the perfect storage spots for electronics, books, makeup, and more. The large insert comes in gray or beige.

26. A multi-purpose scrubber sponge to tackle so many cleaning jobs

This double-sided silicone sponge and scrubber features the perfect blend of non-abrasive bristles and scrubbers on one side and a hand strap on the other so you can maintain a tight grip on the sponge. It is resistant to mold, mildew, and odors — and is perfect for cleaning everything from bathroom surfaces to pots and pans to makeup brushes.

27. An acetone-free nail polish remover infused with vitamins

Remove nail polish without stripping your nails of moisture with this soy-based nail polish remover, which is completely free of acetone. The vegan remover, which is also animal cruelty-free, is infused with hydrating and nourishing lavender oil and vitamins A, C, and E.

28. The comfortable keyboard rest that takes pressure off of your wrist when you're working

Take pressure off of your hands and wrists when you're working on your keyboard for long periods of time with this helpful and comfortable keyboard wrist rest. The memory foam rests have a rubbery grip beneath them to keep them firmly in place on surfaces — and each set comes with both keyboard and mouse rests.

29. This supportive seat cushion with a handle that you can take with you

If you sit for long periods of time or suffer from sciatica nerve or lower back pain, this supportive seat cushion is about to bring you major relief. The cushion has an anti-slip bottom that stays put on chairs and a convenient carrying handle so you can take it on the go. Its breathable zippered mesh cover can be removed and washed.

30. These eraser sponges that magically remove the toughest spots and stains

If there's a mysterious spot on your wall or baseboard that you don't have a clue how to tackle, there's a good chance these melamine eraser sponges are the solution. The thick sponges require just a few drops of water to activate their cleaning powers — and they won't scratch surfaces.

31. A stress-relieving fidget cube for adults and children

This fidget toy has 12 sides that boast a number of textures and functions that keep your hands busy, like gears, stress balls, and switches. Spend some time playing with the toy as soon as you feel stress and anxiety come on and it might just prove to be the gadget that calms you down and helps you focus.

32. An electronics cleaning pen that can get in between keyboard keys

This double-sided electronics cleaner has soft bristles on one side and a narrow silicone wiper on the other. It's the perfect non-abrasive tool for cleaning phones, screens, and all of those tight spots in between keyboard keys where crumbs get stuck. The bristles retract for easier storage.

33. The mini griddle for whipping up amazing individual breakfasts

Treat yourself to a restaurant-style breakfast in the comfort of your own kitchen with this mini griddle, which makes individual portions of eggs, pancakes, waffles, and even stir-fry recipes. The tool plugs in, heats up in minutes, and weighs just 1-pound, so you can take it with you when you go camping, back to the dorm, or on vacation. It comes in six colors.

34. This lint remover that saves you from purchasing a brand new wardrobe

Before you spend more on a brand new winter wardrobe, make those sweaters and coats look better than ever with this lint remover, a battery-operated tool that also removes the fuzz and pills that are making your clothing look worn out. The gadget can contain a large amount of lint before it needs to be emptied, It works fast and is safe on a number of fabrics and surfaces that include wool, drapery, and upholstery.

35. These space-saving containers for food, toys, and supplies

Fill these long-lasting storage containers with any and everything — from food to toys. The microwave- and freezer-safe containers come in a four pack in various sizes with airtight lids. And the best part: they collapse flat so you can store them with ease when you're not using them.

36. The phone sanitizer and universal charger that eliminates germs and keeps you powered up

Your smartphone is harboring some pretty nasty germs that it accumulates every time you set it on another strange surface. But you can feel good about placing your phone directly on your skin when you give it a thorough cleaning in this UV phone sanitizer, which eliminates 99.9% of germs and bacteria. Featured on Shark Tank, the sanitizer works fast, comes in 10 colors, and doubles as a universal charger.

37. A convenient socket shelf that lets you charge eight devices at once

Plug in this practical socket shelf and use it to power up to eight devices or appliances at one time. The mega outlet also features two USB ports and a convenient shelf where you can store items like your phone. Mic may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently of Mic's editorial and sales departments.