37 great products on amazon you had no idea you'd use so often

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Sometimes you purchase a product that turns out to be just okay. It's useful — but you wind up using it less and less over time and you wonder if it was even worth the money. But these 37 great products on Amazon you had no idea you'd use so often fall into an entirely different category altogether. These are the products that you assumed would be cool, but never imagined would wind up becoming such game-changers.

There are probably many times when you find yourself rooting around your backpack for a specific book or tube of lipstick, only to come up empty-handed. The backpack insert organizer on this list has zippered and traditional pockets where you can stash what you need to take with you — and find those items without hassle.

Other amazing products you'll use on a daily basis include a two-in-one coffee press and cup that lets you brew an individual cup of coffee and take it on-the-go. Back at home, genius products like collapsible storage bins with airtight lids, shoe deodorizers that fit inside shoes and neutralize odors, and the most comfortable sleep headphones for all sleep positions are about to make everyday living more convenient and enjoyable.

Investing in one or more of these fantastic products also means feeling confident that you'll use them so often they'll prove worthy of every penny (and then some).

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