37 smart products on Amazon that reviewers swear save you at least $50

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Spend a little now, save a whole lot later — that's the genius idea behind these 37 smart products on Amazon that reviewers swear save you at least $50 (and, in many cases, a whole lot more than that).

At first glance, an innovative product on this list may seem like something you can live without — after all, you've been doing just fine without a champagne bottle stopper, right? But, on second thought: imagine not having to waste a single drop of that (expensive) bubbly beverage and being able to preserve its freshness for days and days — your wallet and bank account will feel the difference.

And the same applies to all of the practical products on this list. From a seltzer maker that allows you to whip up your favorite carbonated beverage whenever you want and saves you a trip to the grocery store to a vacuum sealer machine that can preserve meat in your freezer for an entire year, these items help you stick to a budget.

You'll find a fabulous split end repair hair serum that extends the length of time between salon appointments, a Shark Tank-approved spatula that gets out every drop of peanut butter, a smart plug that lets you run your appliances on a schedule, and so many other money-saving goodies.

So don't be afraid to spend a little — these products will pay themselves back in no time flat.

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