38 cheap but extremely effective products on Amazon that have a massive fan base


A product's price tag doesn't always serve as reliable proof of how useful it can be. So when you find an item that doesn't break the bank and does an amazing job — like these 39 cheap but extremely effective products on Amazon that have a massive fan base — it becomes a keeper.

That's why these straight-up genius products score solid reviews, stars, and scores of fans. A good number of them cost less than $20, and some are single-digit cheap. But their prices give zero indication of how often you'll find yourself relying on them and how many times you'll come back to reorder these practical products, which are destined to become new favorites.

Reviewers can't stop talking about products like a portable teeth whitening pen that you can use to brighten your smile on-the-go (and after a glass of wine). They're raving about a cube tracker that helps you find your lost wallet, keys, and phone. They're making midnight bathroom trips guided by a color-changing LED toilet night light. And they're preventing headaches and eye strain by wearing blue light-blocking eyeglasses when they use laptops and other devices.

And those are just a few items you'll find on this list of cheap, super effective products that you'll love.


This flexible phone tripod with a wireless remote shutter

Position your phone on this flexible tripod, where it stays stable and can be set up to take perfect hands-free photos and selfies. The tripod comes with a wireless remote shutter so that you (and your photo subjects) can get into your poses before clicking a button and snapping a great pic. The lightweight tripod has octopus legs and is also compatible with traditional cameras and sports equipment.


A moldable glue for DIY fixes that turns into silicone rubber

Fix sneaker soles that have come undone, broken pot handles, and other disasters that require DIY repairs with this moldable glue. It dries within 24 hours into a hardened silicone rubber that is then resistant to water, heat, cold, and is electrically insulating. The glue comes in a number of colors and bonds materials as diverse as glass, ceramic, wood, and plastic.


These wireless Bluetooth headphones that stay in your ears during workouts

Listen to music and podcasts and take phone calls at any time — even during a workout — with these wireless Bluetooth headphones, which stay perfectly in place in your ears. The ear buds have adjustable ear hooks that stay in place over your ears and are completely comfortable. And this convenient accessory connects with devices that are located as far as 30 feet away.


An odor-resistant sponge that scrubs without scratching surfaces

Remove caked-on food debris and grease from surfaces like pots and pans without scratching surfaces. This Shark Tank-approved sponge scrubs and cleans every surface under the sun, from cast iron to leather and stainless steel. It’s also resistant to mold and mildew, which means it can fight off odors. Use the eye holes to secure your grip, and the smile as an easy way to clean utensils thoroughly.


The flexible drain clog remover that scoops up hair and gunk

Dig deep into drains and unclog every trapped strand of hair and bit of debris before any of it has a chance to clog your pipes. This flexible drain snake measures 18 inches and is thin enough to get into the most narrow pipes. It has an easy-to-grip handle and 360-degree rotation that gets nasty gunk out within seconds.


A hydrating argan oil hair mask that repairs dry, damaged strands

Repair dry, damaged hair and keep strands conditioned and glossy with the help of this incredible argan oil hair mask. The deeply moisturizing mask is infused with vitamins and minerals and is free of sulfates and parabens, which makes it perfect for all hair types — including colored and processed hair. One reviewer wrote: "My hair was very thin and brittle to the point that running a brush through my hair was causing it to break...After using Arvazallia the first time I noticed that it had already started helping. After about five treatments my hair was silky smooth, thick, hydrated, and had volume."


This snap-on strainer that fits bowls and pots and saves space

Why take up valuable cabinet space with a full-sized colander when this snap-on strainer fits most pots, pans, and bowls —and can be used at a moment's notice to drain liquid from foods (while conveniently keeping food in the pot)? The silicone strainer comes in three colors and is dishwasher-safe.


The ear buds covers that ensure they never fall out of your ears

No matter how much you move, run, or workout hard, these ear bud covers keep AirPods and EarPods perfectly in place in your ears with secure hooks. Designed from comfortable silicone, the covers come three in a pack in one of four colors: clear, black, pink, or blue.


These acne-healing patches made from natural ingredients

Made from natural, anti-inflammatory hydrocolloid, these wearable acne patches dry up pus and help heal and shrink pimples while you sleep. You'll get 72 round patches in two different sizes that will fit over any breakout. Wear one before bed or on days when you're hanging around the house (or, hey, wear them out — everyone gets zits) and they will start working immediately to heal acne.


A water-resistant Bluetooth portable speaker with a really long range

Go on and place your phone up to 100 feet away from this amazing Bluetooth speaker — it can handle the distance. This waterproof speaker boasts a microphone and crystal-clear load sound with an interesting and unique triangular design. The lightweight speaker is compatible with a variety of devices and can play up to 14 hours of continuous music or podcasts before requiring a charge (a micro USB charging cable is included). It even comes in seven fun colors and prints.


An electric sandwich maker with separate compartments for fresh ingredients

Whip up delicious breakfast (or anytime of day) sandwiches with this electric sandwich maker, which features separate compartments for bread, eggs, and meat or veggies. The convenient machine cooks ingredients within five minutes and makes it a snap to assemble everything. All of the parts are removable and dishwasher-safe.


These strong gear ties that can hold up against outside elements

Flimsy ties fall apart at the mere mention of water, wind, or strong direct sunlight. But these reusable rubber ties are in a class all their own — they're strong, sturdy, and capable of holding cables and gear together for the long haul. The ties are resistant to water and UV rays — so feel free to use them outdoors and indoors.


The toilet spray that neutralizes bad odors instead of masking them

Neutralize bad odors before they have a chance to permeate the air in your bathroom (or worse, the bathroom at someone else's house). This natural toilet spray is made from natural compounds like essential oils that attack smells instead of masking them with heavy, obvious perfumes. It comes in a portable spray package and is safe to use in all septic systems.


An all-day eyeliner with a smudge-free formula

This waterproof liquid eyeliner is so versatile — use it to create a thin line of color on your lid or a bolder cat's eye. The highly pigmented liner has a fine marker point tip and won't smudge, even after a long day at work. It comes in nine colors like alloy, indigo, and dark brown. Reviewers love it for its sharp point and its ability to last through workouts and sweat.


This pain-relieving spray for sore muscles with cooling menthol

The moment your body shows signs of muscle aches and joint pains, apply a light layer of this pain-relieving spray to benefit from immediate relief. The cooling formula is made with menthol and is free of NSAIDs, parabens, and dyes. One reviewer explains how it works: "The spray goes on evenly and within a minute the targeted begins to feel ice cold — so much so, it feels hot! About 10 minutes later, the cold heat passes, as does most of the menthol smell, giving way for the blessed numbness and relief deep deep down in the targeted joint or muscle."


A smart plug that lets you set up lighting and appliance schedules

This smart plug syncs with voice commands and is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. Use the Kasa app to set up helpful lighting and appliance schedules from anywhere you roam that will ensure you never waste an extra penny on your electric bill.


The color-changing night light for your toilet bowl

If there's one place in your home that could use a night light, it's your toilet bowl — think of how many stubbed toes could be avoided on midnight bathroom breaks. This LED toilet night light is simple to install on bowls and features eight color-changing lights for fun and ambiance. It has a motion sensor that stays on for two minutes after last detecting motion.


This detangling brush that glides through wet hair

Detangle knots and save major amounts of time after your shower with the help of this wet brush, which has gentle bristles that glide effortlessly through wet hair without pulling it and causing breakage and split ends. The brush comes in 13 colors and is safe for all hair types — and even wigs and hair extensions.


An emergency radio that gives weather updates & has a flashlight

You'll feel a lot more at ease during an emergency when you have this emergency radio in your tool kit. The radio provides weather updates and has a built-in LED flashlight and power bank for your smartphone. You can keep it charged in one of three convenient ways: using a micro USB charging cable, solar charging, or with its manual hand crank, just in case the power goes out.


The indoor security camera with 2-way audio and night vision

You don't have to spend a fortune to rig up your home with security cameras that keep it safe. This indoor security camera won't break the bank and comes with a number of incredible features like night vision, two-way audio so that you can speak to family, roommates, and pets, and even person detection. It's easy to install and is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant.


These blue light-blocking glasses to prevent eye strain

Staring at computer screens all day takes a toll on you — and can lead to eye strain and headaches or migraines. Prevent that from happening and do it in style with these blue light-blocking eyeglasses. The glasses are designed with blue light filter lenses that work when using your devices. They have square plastic frames and come in 11 shades and prints like leopard, green, and pink.


The pain-relieving insoles that offer major foot support

If you suffer from plantar fasciitis or one of many other painful foot conditions, these simple insoles provide arch support and cushioned relief to make walking and standing all day a million times more comfortable. The shock-absorbent insoles slip right into shoes and sneakers and come in three colors. Each pair can last up to two years and they're easy to clean with warm water.


A trio of sports bras that hold up during high-intensity workouts

Some sports bras are great for yoga and low-intensity exercise, but simply fall flat when it comes time to really rev up your workouts. But this sports bra, which comes in a pack of three, supports and holds you in place regardless of your workout of choice. The racerback bra has a pull-over design with removable pads and cooling moisture-wicking fabrics.

  • Available sizes: S-XXXL


This tub drain protector that you insert inside of your drain

There’s nothing worse than soaking in a relaxing tub only to find your tub drain protector has come undone and is now floating in your bath water. This drain protector is designed so that you insert it into drains, where it stays in place and collects hair strands and debris before any gunk has a chance of passing through and messing with pipes. The catcher comes in six colors and works in tubs, showers, and sinks.


An adhesive bath mat with strong suction power and mold-resistant drain holes

This strong antibacterial bath mat won’t slip and slide in your tub or shower, nor will you lift it to find a ring of mold and mildew left behind. It stays in place with 324 suction cups and features drain holes that allow for air flow to prevent mold and mildew (and odors). The latex-free mat comes in 19 colors and is safe to clean in your washing machine.


The natural shoe deodorizer made with essential oils

It’s 100 percent possible to keep unpleasant foot odors at bay without filling your shoes and home with toxic chemicals. This natural foot deodorizer is made with essential oils like organic tea tree, mint, and lemongrass oils. A spray or two in your shoes and feet is all you need to neutralize bacteria and smell amazing all day, every day.


A clarifying, deep pore cleaning clay treatment

You won’t find a single chemical or preservative — or anything other than loose bentonite clay — in this huge tub of deep pore cleansing clay for your face and body. The natural clay is perfect for whipping up DIY treatments and digs deep to unclog pores and remove excess sebum that causes pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads. Best of all: one jar will last months.


An odor-resistant scrubbing cloth for pots, dishes, and counters

If you’re going through sponges at a rate of one or two per week, it’s time to stop the madness and save money. This odor-resistant dish cloth is perfect for scrubbing pots, pans, dishes, and surfaces like counters without scratching them. It’s triple stitched to ensure durability and is resistant to mold and mildew, which means it won’t get that nasty smell that causes you to throw sponges out faster than you can replace them.


This alcohol-free toner with aloe that calms sensitive skin

Soothe sensitive skin, calm and neutralize redness, and prep your complexion for serums and moisturizers with this hydrating facial toner, which is free of drying alcohol and safe on all skin types. The toner, which is used after cleanser, is formulated with amazing ingredients like aloe vera, witch hazel, and rose petals.


The portable teeth whitening pen so you can brighten your smile after that cup of coffee

Brighten your smile fast — and naturally — no matter how far from your toothbrush you roam. This teeth whitening pen comes in a portable package that fits in your bag or purse and can be used anywhere. Jet into the nearest restroom after that glass of wine or coffee and brush up with this bleach-free formula that can whiten teeth by up to eight shades.


A miniature charger that's powerful enough to give your phone a full charge

Give your phone a full charge no matter where you are — without taking up a ton of space in your bag — with this miniature charger. The external battery features a 1A output and 1A input with a clip-inspired design that keeps the charger from rolling off your desk or table. It comes in three colors and has a quality lithium-ion battery that provides more than 500 battery charge cycles.


An intensely hydrating hyaluronic acid serum that locks in moisture

Few ingredients come close to hyaluronic acid when it comes to locking in moisture and keeping skin smooth and hydrated. And this affordable hyaluronic acid serum is the only product you need to achieve hydrated skin goodness. The non-greasy formula absorbs in seconds and is free of parabens, oils, dyes, and fragrances.


This tracking device that ensures you never lose another item again

Attach this smart tracker to items that you tend to lose — like keys or your handbag — and then simply use the CUBE tracker app to find that item. And if you’re worried about misplacing your phone, the tracker can still be used to locate your device, even without the app. The cherry on top? You can use the cube as a shutter button for your phone camera.


An aromatherapy essential oil diffuser and humidifier with color-changing lights

Set the perfect mood in any room and create a soothing atmosphere with this aromatherapy essential oil diffuser. The diffuser features seven color-changing LED lights and can be programmed to four timer settings so that it automatically shuts off after 60, 180, or 360 minutes. The generous tank fits 300 milliliters of water and boasts a high or low mist mode.


These compression foot sleeves that boost circulation and relieve foot pain

These supportive compression sleeves provide better arch support and boost circulation, helping to relieve pain if you suffer from a foot condition like plantar fasciitis. Made from antibacterial material that prevents odors, these comfortable sleeves come in four sizes and nine colors. Wear alone or under socks to make walking and even running more comfortable.


A wedge pillow that elevates your legs and improves spinal alignment

Improve your spinal alignment while you sleep — and help get rid of aches and pains in your legs and hips — with this wedge pillow. The pillow fits perfectly under knees and is made from supportive memory foam that springs back to life after pressure has been placed on it. The half-moon bolster pillow comes with a washable organic cotton cover.


The smooth spiral hair ties that blend in with brunette hair colors

No more knots and no more tangles — those are the promises delivered by these spiral hair ties, which are made from smooth plastic that glides right through hair. These cute spiral ties won’t leave obvious bumps and dents in your hair and they come in a number of brunette shades that range from light brown to nearly black and blend in with darker hair colors.


This wallet-size multi tool with 18 useful functions

To the naked eye, this looks like a credit card. But it’s actually so much more — this wallet-size multi-tool has 18 functions. Take it out at a moment’s notice and use it as a bottle opener, cellphone stand, can opener, hex wrench, or even a screwdriver to fix broken eyeglasses.

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