38 genius products on Amazon that will pay for themselves after just one use


The only thing better than discovering a great product is learning that this amazing item will also save you money in the long run. These 38 genius products on Amazon that pay for themselves after just one combine functionality, practicality, and frugalness — how could one possibly go wrong?

These genius products are convenient no matter what — but add in the fact that they help you cut down on other expenses and you are officially the proud owner of one of the most practical products you can find. From portable coffee and espresso makers that discourage you from shelling out money at coffee shops — even when you're traveling — to digital luggage scales that weigh your bags before you reach the airport (and discover you're over the weight limit and will have to pay extra), these are some of the most convenient items worth your investment.

You'll find a wine saver that creates an air-tight seal on opened bottles, a bag that makes pantry goods last forever, a filter for your shower that actually conditions your hair and skin, wool dryer balls that last for more than 1,000 loads of laundry, and so many more amazing products.

And the best part is: you won't feel guilty about these purchases — because they'll pay for themselves after one use.

1. This portable coffee and espresso maker that can be used anywhere

Going camping, fishing, or hiking and need to ensure you’ll always have that coffee boost you need in the morning? This portable espresso maker, which also makes regular coffee, is your insurance. The genius gadget has a semi-automatic piston that requires a few pushes to extract a rich cup of espresso. The hand-operated maker comes with a carrying case and has a lid that doubles as a miniature cup.

2. A suction cup lifter that can remove dents from cars

Before you spend major money to get your car fixed, consider whether you can DIY the problem for much, much less. This suction cup dent lifter can actually pull up minor dents in cars — and it's wide enough to cover more surface area at one time. It may seem like magic (and too good to be true), but reviewers agree it's the real deal. One wrote: "My car was hit last year in the passenger door and I went to a body shop to get it looked at. They wanted to charge me $1300 to get it out. I bought this for the hell of it and I can honestly say I’m really happy with the outcome."

3. An acupressure mat and pillow set that relieve pain

Suffering from back and neck pain is no joke — and there are few options out there that truly help. Getting professional acupuncture treatments is always an option, but before you shell out money, try this acupressure mat and pillow, which reviewers say targets trigger points and can really help provide the comfort you need. The set features more than 6,000 acupressure "needles," and it comes with its own carrying case for travel.

4. The moldable glue that transforms into rubber for easy DIY fixes

Things break. And when they break it's tempting to just replace them, but you can save a ton of money and time by using this moldable glue to fix everything from the soles of shoes to pot handles. The glue is easy to manipulate and then settles and transforms into silicone rubber overnight. It's resistant to water, heat, and cold, is compatible with glass, ceramic, wood, metal, and other surfaces — and it comes in a number of colors.

5. This universal socket that adjust to any size screw, nut, or bolt

This money-saving universal socket can be adjusted to grasp nuts, bolts, hexes, and more of various sizes and shapes. You can quickly get any DIY job done without having to change sockets — or buy a ton of things you don't have in your kit. One reviewer wrote: "Great and easy to use. Used it the first day on building a shed. I could not find my other drill parts for the bolts. Put this bad boy on and did not have to look for the missing parts."

6. The balm that patches up leather furniture in mere seconds

When your leather couch or chair starts to look worn out and tattered, apply a small amount of this leather re-coloring balm to areas that need it and prepare to be amazed: it renews and restores leather, making your pieces look brand new. The balm comes in 18 colors and works on all absorbent leather. One reviewer wrote: "This product is amazing!! I've tried different leather cleaners and conditioners to try to restore my faded and cracked leather loveseat chair, but nothing worked...I'm so glad I found this re-coloring balm!"

7. A red wine and stain remover that can get rid of anything

Some stains are more stubborn than others. And if you really want to put a stain remover like this one to the test, you put it up against red wine, blood, and ink. This one passes with flying colors, according to reviewers who say it lifts up even embedded stains from carpets, clothing, and upholstery — and leaves a fresh citrus scent behind.

8. This nifty little gadget that helps you find your lost phone

If you've ever misplaced your smartphone (one or one million times), this is the little tile pro that will help you find it. Just give the tile a double press and will make your phone ring, no matter where your phone is located — and even if it has been placed on silent mode. It works for one year solid after it has been activated. It's also good for your wallet or luggage, too — and some reviewers even put it on their pets.

9. A belt that trains your back to have better posture

Don't wait until your back is in total pain to do something to correct the problem. Wear this lower back support belt and it automatically begins working to give you straighter posture, which will help eliminate back pain — and save you the expense of an eventual chiropractor. The trainer teaches your body how to sit upright in a chair without slouching and — to give it even more cred — it was a winning product on Shark Tank.

10. The magic wand that filters wine and prevents hangovers

Love wine, but hate the feeling it gives you the next day — including headaches and nausea? You can actually filter out sulfites and histamines that cause those nasty feelings by waving this wine wand into your glass of wine for a few seconds. The disposable wand, which comes in a pack of eight, works on all types of wine — from red to rosé.

11. This multi-functional pen that has a number of functions

This is no ordinary pen. It's a multi-functional pen tool that serves seven distinctive functions: it's a ruler, stylus, bottle opener, two screw drivers, a phone stand, and, yep, a ballpoint pen. Keep this compact pen tool on hand, or in your purse or bag, and you'll get yourself out of quite a few jams.

12. An all-natural plant-based stain remover for tough spots

You won't find questionable chemicals or toxins in this natural stain remover. Instead, the spray works fast using plant-based enzymes that break through grease, blood, wine, and other tough stains, lifting them up and saving your fabric, car seats, linens, and other washable fabrics. The spray is safe for the environment and is not tested on animals.

13. An avocado keeper that prevents the fruit from turning brown

There aren't too many downsides to avocados, but preserving them is definitely no picnic. It feels as if the second after you cut into an avocado, it begins to brown. Keep the fruit fresher for longer by storing sliced avocado face down in this avocado keeper, which has a snap-on clear lid and is dishwasher-safe.

14. These wood-colored markers to quickly repair furniture scratches

When you've got nicks and scratches in your expensive wood furniture, your last resort should be replacing everything you own. Use these furniture repair wood markers to fill in scratches and make pieces look brand new. The 13-piece set comes with six markers in various natural shades, six paper-wrapped wax sticks, and one wax stick sharpener.

15. A buffer solution for scratched-up cars

If your car exterior has seen better days, try buffing it with this car buffing polish, a powerful formula that restores painted surfaces and coats to a brilliant shine. The set also comes with a buffer pad and reviewers say it really and truly works on light scratches. One reviewer that had three visible scratches on their car wrote: "As I was drying off the product I literally couldn’t even tell where the scratches were. Would totally recommend trying this first before anything else."

16. This dense foam stretcher for lower back pain

Relieve lower back pain and save money on doctors and chiropractors by stretching out across this lumbar support stretcher. The dense EVA foam support has a spiky arch and a contoured design that massages trigger points and brings you fast relief from pain and discomfort. It can support a little over 300 pounds and is incredibly durable, too.

17. These fridge liners that prolong the life of produce

Keep fruits and vegetables from spoiling so fast with the help of these unique fridge liners, which provide for the flow of air to keep moisture out and prolong the life of produce. The set of four liners can be trimmed to fit your fridge shelves and drawers — and will keep you from wasting money on groceries.

18. These waterproof shoe covers for when the rain comes down

Protect sneakers, boots, and even heels from rain and snow with these genius shoe covers. The waterproof shoe covers keep shoes dry and clean so that you don't have to make any quick changes when you arrive at your final destination and they keep you from slipping on the ground. They come in four sizes to fit most shoe sizes — and they're a must-have if you've ruined even one pair of suede shoes in a rainstorm.

19. The portable bag sealer that keeps food fresh

Re-seal any bag of food after it has been opened and keep it fresh for much longer with this heated bag sealer. The portable device seals bags so that they are airtight saves you money on food and bag clips. The sealer takes about 60 seconds to heat up, comes in three colors, and includes a plastic bag for storage.

20. A clip that helps you cut your bangs and hair like a pro

Unless you’re a hair pro, it’s close to impossible to cut your own bangs or trim your hair at home without it resulting in a crooked cut and an expensive trip to the salon. This simple, Shark Tank-approved hair cutting tool is all you need to get things straight. Clip it into your hair, slide it, and trim your strands with ease. It features a rotating level so there's no question about how even something is — you'll know before you snip.

21. An electronic foot file that softens feet and removes calluses

Even if your feet are rough, tough, and hardened by calluses, there is hope for them: this electronic foot file is the solution that more than 10,000 reviewers say really works. The battery-operated file buffs away thick and dead skin cells, using a special diamond crystal head that rotates 360-degrees, leaving you with baby-smooth feet and allowing you to go longer between pedicure appointments.

22. These wool dryer balls that last so much longer than dryer sheets

Whether you're on the fence about potential chemicals found in some dryer sheets, not a fan of the mark they can leave on the environment, or simply looking for ways to cut costs, these wool dryer balls are an excellent alternative. These eco-friendly, organic wool balls cut your drying time by 25 percent and reduce lint and wrinkles. And, the cherry on top: they'll last for more than 1,000 loads of laundry.

23. The drain clog removing tools that get rid of everything

Save your pipes from a clogged fate (and save yourself money on plumbers) by using these uniquely designed drain clog-removing tools, which are long, flexible, and feature spiked hooks that lift up strands of hair and debris better than similar tools. The clog removers come three in a pack and are simply inserted into bothersome drains, where they get to work fast clearing out messes.

24. An all-in-one salad container with a dressing dispenser

If fancy salads are a large expense for you, there's an easy way to make them at an enormous cost in savings to you. This salad container fits 4 cups of salad and includes a convenient dressing dispenser and ice pack that keeps veggies crisp and fresh. Made from BPA-free plastic, the container can be reused and is safe in the dishwasher, microwave, and freezer.

25. This wine-saving tool that creates an air-tight seal

Just because you've opened up that bottle of wine doesn't mean you should feel obliged to drink it all in one day — or risk it turning stale and tasting bad. This wine saver set includes two vacuum stoppers and one wine saver vacuum pump that creates an air-tight seal on opened bottles of red or white wine.

26. A knife sharpener for straight and serrated knives

Prepping veggies, meat, and fish is about a million times easier when you have quality knives that are sharp and can cut through skins and peels. This knife sharpener features a two-stage sharpening system that works for both straight and serrated knives. The tool has a non-slip cushion on the bottom that keeps it in place on counters.

27. The stainless steel cast iron cleaner that won't scratch pots

Cast iron pots and pans are amazing for cooking up a variety of meals. But keeping them clean and free of food debris is another story altogether. This stainless steel cast iron cleaner frees up pans of grease and dirt, leaving them spotless and without scratches.

28. An oven liner that captures fallen food and keeps ovens clean

Lay down this non-stick oven liner on oven racks and you’ll never have to worry about food falling and burning (and causing a mess) in your oven. You’ll save yourself the trouble of having to constantly clean your oven, and the liners are heat-resistant up to 500 degrees — and a snap to wipe clean and reuse over and over again.

29. The miniature steamer for wrinkle-free clothing anywhere you go

Pack this miniature clothes steamer in your luggage or bag where it takes up barely any space — and it will quickly, effectively rid all of your clothing of wrinkles in a flash. Just fill the steamer with tap water and it heats up in 25 seconds, won’t spit out water all over the counters or floor, and is so much more convenient to use than an iron and ironing board. Use it on one work trip instead of doing a last minute dry clean of your suit — and you've paid for it in full.

30. A shower filter that instantly conditions your skin and hair

The quality of the water in your shower matters more than you might think. This shower filter removes sediments, balances PH levels, and infuses water with minerals that moisturize and condition your hair and skin. The filter is especially helpful if you have hard water, which can be particularly brutal on your hair and skin, and it’s simple to install — you won’t need a single tool to keep it in place. Use this and save money on all those skin and hair products you're using to combat dull hair or dry skin.

31. This smart battery charger with a helpful light indicator

Charge your rechargeable AA and AAA batteries in this battery charger — which has a cover to protect it and is especially ideal for travel. The charger has a USB port and two light indicators to make your life easier: red indicates that the batteries are charging and a green light pops up when charging is complete.

32. A powerful milk frother that saves you a trip to a coffee shop

Transform ordinary coffee drinks, matcha tea, and hot cocoa into frothy, fun concoctions with this powerful handheld milk frother. The battery-operated gadget has a stainless steel whisk and it works in just seconds. Bonus points for the fact that it’s an extraordinary multi-tasker capable of whipping up egg dishes and better smoothies and shakes.

33. These chemical-free makeup remover cloths that work with just water

You won’t need a drop of makeup remover or soap when you use these reusable makeup remover cloths to get rid of every stitch of makeup, including waterproof mascara and eyeliner. The chemical-free microfiber cloths are activated with a bit of water and are more gentle than ordinary towels and wash cloths. They come in three colors and can be tossed in the washing machine and reused again.

34. A colorful set of magnetic cord clips and organizers

Keep all of your cords neatly organized and tangle-free with these colorful cord organizers, which have two built-in magnets that keep them closed together. The silicone clips are lightweight and great for earphones and other wires.

35. An accelerating teeth whitening light for brighter teeth

Get a brighter smile at lightning speed with this teeth whitening light that has five powerful LED bulbs that enhance the efficacy of teeth whitening strips and gel. The lights works on batteries and features a built-in timer that beeps at 10 minute intervals. One reviewer who uses it in conjunction with their strips wrote: "paired with the Auraglow ...whitestrips has produced the fastest, most noticeable results."

36. The acupressure finger clip that relieves headache pain

Applying pressure to specific spots on our bodies can relieve tension and pain in totally unrelated areas — and that’s why reviewers say this acupressure clip, which is worn between your thumb and pointer finger, actually helps mitigate headache pain and head tension. One reviewer wrote: “I have no idea if it's the placebo effect or not, but works FANTASTIC on headaches and pretty good on anxiety and stress as well.”

37. These leak-proof silicone travel bottles for products

Not only do these colorful travel bottles pass airport security with flying colors, but they are also designed with three layers that make them a fantastic leak-proof option that relieve you of worrying about them making a mess in your luggage. The silicone bottles are squeezable, so you can get out every last drop of soap, shampoo, or conditioner. The set of four bottles come with a clear zippered travel bag.

38. A luggage scale that saves you from paying extra at the airport

The last thing you want is to arrive at the airport for your flight, only to discover your luggage is too heavy and you’ll have to pay extra to bring it on board. This helpful luggage scale can weigh up to 110 pounds worth of luggage with complete accuracy. It has a long-lasting battery, an easy-to-read LCD screen, and an automatic shut-off function. Mic may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently from Mic's editorial and sales departments.