38 genius products on Amazon that will pay for themselves after just one use

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The only thing better than discovering a great product is learning that this amazing item will also save you money in the long run. These 38 genius products on Amazon that pay for themselves after just one combine functionality, practicality, and frugalness — how could one possibly go wrong?

These genius products are convenient no matter what — but add in the fact that they help you cut down on other expenses and you are officially the proud owner of one of the most practical products you can find. From portable coffee and espresso makers that discourage you from shelling out money at coffee shops — even when you're traveling — to digital luggage scales that weigh your bags before you reach the airport (and discover you're over the weight limit and will have to pay extra), these are some of the most convenient items worth your investment.

You'll find a wine saver that creates an air-tight seal on opened bottles, a bag that makes pantry goods last forever, a filter for your shower that actually conditions your hair and skin, wool dryer balls that last for more than 1,000 loads of laundry, and so many more amazing products.

And the best part is: you won't feel guilty about these purchases — because they'll pay for themselves after one use.

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