38 things skyrocketing in sales on Amazon that you've never heard of

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Ready to make a few good product discoveries that are guaranteed to change your life (or at least make your days a whole lot easier and more fun)? These 38 things skyrocketing in sales on Amazon that you've never heard of truly run the gamut and expand to include items in categories as diverse as beauty, household cleaning, and everything in between.

Don't let fear of the unfamiliar hold you back — even though they may be new to you, these genius products have already gained a cult-following because they have proven themselves to be affordable items that are so darn practical and useful.

Imagine waking up on a morning where you're itching for an iced coffee, but only have regular coffee (and really don't feel like dropping money for it). There's an innovative chiller cup on this list that literally transforms hot beverages into cold ones in the time it takes you to tie your shoelaces.

Similar pleasant surprises await when you discover a heated eyelash curler that gives you the lushest lashes of your life, a money-saving container that keeps berries from turning stale, and a digital luggage scale that weighs your carry-on for you before you show up at the airport and discover you'll have to pay extra for all those skincare bottles you stashed inside.

For almost every problem, there's a sweet solution on this list — grab what you need and consider yourself a product pioneer (before word officially gets out about them).

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