42 common mistakes that you don't realize are costing you money every day

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When it comes to making money mistakes, most of us have heard all about buying too many lattes or too much avocado toast, and are familiar with big-picture issues like student loans or credit card debt. What doesn’t make as many headlines, however, are the everyday mistakes you don’t realize are costing money that many of us are guilty of making (myself included). These are the little things like burning extra energy in our homes, overlooking opportunities for reusable instead of single-use products, or not always extending the life of our products when possible.

It turns out, there are a number of things that many of us can fix around our home and small changes we can make around our regular, everyday routines that add up and save money in the long-term. Some of these you’ve heard of before — bringing versus buying your lunch or filling a water bottle before you leave the house, for example — but included on this list are products that will actually make them easy to do, as opposed to just thinking about it. And the best part? Not only are many of these ideas budget-friendly, but they'll help you cut down on waste, too.

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