A court ordered Kendall Jenner to return $90,000 of the money she was paid to promote Fyre Festival

Jackson Lee/GC Images/Getty Images

Fyre Festival, the failed luxury festival that feels like it occurred in a different dimension, continues to yield significant legal consequences more than three years later. In 2018, a pair of attendees were awarded $5 million in damages for their troubles in the Bahamas. Organizer Billy MacFarland is currently serving a six-year sentence on wire fraud charges, and has sought early release to home confinement during the pandemic.

According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, Kendall Jenner has agreed to pay back a third of the $275,000 she was paid to promote the festival on Instagram. In the leadup to the festival, which has now been chronicled by a pair of documentaries, dozens of reported pieces, and thousands of social media posts, Fyre organizers paid models and influencers exorbitant sums of money to promote the event on their feeds. It was one of the great communal internet disasters of the past decade, largely unfolding in real time, as attendees arrived to FEMA-style tents and the infamous open-faced bread and cheese sandwiches.

Jenner has reportedly agreed to pay the $90,000 back in an out-of-court settlement. Gregory Messer, the trustee responsible for recovering money paid out to performers, influencers, and talent agencies involved in the marketing and bungled weekend of Fyre Festival, alleged in the suit last August that Jenner fueled the promise of a festival “filled with famous models on an 'exotic private island with first-class culinary experiences and a luxury atmosphere.” Messer also alleged that she misled followers into believing Kanye West would be headlining, despite her original post only identifying West’s “G.O.O.D. Music Family” as headliners.

Messer filed a number of lawsuits in bankruptcy court last year. In addition to seeking $275,000 from Jenner, he sought the return of $500,000 paid to Blink-182 for headlining the event, and the $300,000 paid to Emily Ratajkowski for an Instagram post. Jenner’s settlement is likely far from the last legal domino to fall in the Fyre saga.