Cursed be the foot that wears this trash Cole Haan x Slack sneaker


Due to the coronavirus pandemic, offices across the country are closed for the foreseeable future, forcing employees to work remotely. Now, Cole Haan has figured out a way to further blur the lines between work and home. The footwear company has teamed up with Slack to release a limited-edition collection of shoes, so you can dress like a tech bro in the comfort of your own crib. As if the messaging app wasn't taking over our lives already, it's now coming for our closets with basic bright white sneakers that are emblazoned with the Slack logo.

In 2019, Slack reported that 12 million people actively used the app everyday, and that number has certainly grown as more people than ever work from home. While the transition to remote work is said to have inspired the new collaboration, sitting in front of a computer also means that most people haven’t seen their co-workers footwear in months.

The Zerøgrand running shoe was originally introduced in 2019 for "the active lives of young professionals — whether it's a 5-mile run or a 9-hour workday." But, Cole Haan states the colorful "Generation Zerøgrand" sneakers, which were not surprisingly designed over Slack, are its attempt to “#WriteNewRules for how the world works.”

The $120 branded shoe doesn’t exactly seem revolutionary, as we already struggle to separate ourselves from the workplace messaging app. And as coronavirus cases grow around the country, it doesn’t look like we will be stepping out of our home offices in the near future.

Quarantining in loungewear for months has already brought into question what the future of fashion will look like, we hope this isn't it.