Don't make sexy coronavirus costumes a thing this Halloween

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Celebrations are bound to be different this Halloween. But even during a pandemic somethings never change — like unnecessarily sexy pop culture costumes. For better or for worse 2020 has been full of inspiration and retailers are taking advantage. Yandy, the costume company, which is known for controversial costumes like its 2018 take on The Handmaid’s Tale, just unveiled a sexy spin on one of the pandemic’s hottest items — hand sanitizer. “Did you disinfect from head to toe cause you’re glowing with that germ-free vibe! Just a pump is all it takes to put bacteria at bay,” writes Yandy in its description for the look. The women’s costume consists of a tight leotard printed with a fake hand sanitizer logo and a clear vinyl dress.

It’s no surprise that Yandy would jump on pandemic-inspired costumes, but we're likely to see other costumers look to the pandemic for ideas. Earlier this month, China-base company YTFU made headlines for selling demonic COVID masks, shaped like the microscopic appearance of the virus with razor sharp teeth and haunting eyes. But there’s plenty of other distasteful options available on Amazon. There's the tunic that looks like a big Corona beer, but is actually emblazoned with "Covid-19" branding and the words "no known cure." For a less offensive look, there are the giant toilet paper roll costumes. Still, despite Yandy’s tawdry reputation, even it’s refusing to profit off of a "sexy COVID" virus costume.

Pilar Quintana-Williams, Yandy's vice president of merchandising told Business Insider, "I don't think there's anything sexy about it."

We agree. Maybe opt for the sexy mail-in-ballot instead.