This just-discovered detail makes the 'Game of Thrones' Starbucks scene even weirder

Helen Sloan/HBO
ByRachel Simon

Eight seasons in, fans of HBO's Game of Thrones have come to expect many things, from epic and bloody fights to romances that are questionable at best, cringeworthy at worst. One thing no viewer saw coming, though, was that apparently, the world of Westeros includes a Starbucks. As eagle-eyed fans noticed during Sunday's episode, there was a coffee cup left in Game of Thrones' latest installment; it was sitting right on the table in front of Daenerys during the post-battle celebrations.

Although you might've missed the cup while watching the episode live, it's easy to spot when you rewind and slow the scene down. It happens right around the 17:40 mark; as Dany sits at the banquet table alongside Jon, Sansa, and the rest, she drinks from her goblet of wine and takes in the loud, raucous scene around her. Yet right in front of her, there's a decidedly non-Thrones-like prop: a disposable cup with a cardboard sleeve around it, reminiscent of any container you'd find at your local coffee shop but looking most like one from a little chain called Starbucks.

Naturally, the moment fans realized that Dany is apparently a frequent Starbucks-goer, the internet had some fun.

The number one question fans have after seeing this slip is: how the hell did this happen? Game of Thrones is a massively popular, critically acclaimed show with a budget and team the size of Westeros itself — how did something so obviously out of place as a coffee cup slip by everyone's eyes and make it into an episode? The showrunners have yet to comment on the error, but their silence hasn't stopped fans from coming up on their own with theories about why the cup was there, including this pretty genius one:

Of course, this theory doesn't quite add up as all of Season 8's Thrones episodes were shot and finalized long before last week's installment aired and got criticism for its (lack of) lighting. It's likely that during filming, a cast or crew member simply placed their coffee cup down on the table and forgot to remove it when the cameras started rolling, and with so much focus on the characters' interactions and the scene's bigger set pieces, the editors didn't notice it when they were putting final touches on the episode.

What makes the fiasco even funnier, though (and cringey for the Thrones team) is that the series' showrunners, David Benioff and D. B. Weiss, were actually in the scene with the coffee cup, as pointed out by BuzzFeed reporter Elle Hall. They were feet away from the offending item — and yet presumably didn't notice a thing.

Now that so many fans have pointed out the error, you can bet that the Thrones team will take care to edit the cup out from the scene in the episode's DVD edition. Nothing takes attention away from a carefully-crafted fantasy world like a very-2019 set piece, and while fans might enjoy making memes of the moment, the people behind Thrones would likely much rather we be talking about the episode's surprising deaths and much-hyped romances.

But hey, if the series is going to show the Queen of Dragons exercising her Starbucks Rewards Card after a tiring White Walker battle, then you can't blame fans for having as much fun with the flub as we can.