It's going to be a long wait. Why not watch these live concert videos?

Lianne LaHavas performs an NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

We’d been warned repeatedly: tallying the votes from this election will take some time and Trump would likely declare himself the unfounded victor. What most of us didn’t expect was the dread and anxiety we’d experience waking up on November 4 with no clear winner in the presidential race. Getting through the next hours, days, weeks (we hope it’s not weeks) will require patience and active anxiety management.

Personally, I’m taking lots of walks in the sunshine. I’m also listening to music instead of playing the news in the background all day. To that point, some of the most vivacious and healing things I’ve heard so far today have been live performances. Gosh, there’s nothing like a concert to channel communal vibes of love and solidarity. Alas, we can’t really safely gather for shows yet — unless they’re outside and socially distanced. But in the spirit of grooving together on this uncertain day, I’ve amassed a huge list of bonafide great performances recorded and accessible on the internet, performed for legendary outlets like NPR Music’s Tiny Desk Concerts or from their own backyards.

We’ve got Buscabulla performing inside a van at the beach while waves lap in the background. There’s Raveena delivering a soothing set that one fan described as “what butterflies listen to after a long day.” Chloe x Halle serenade us with a cover of “Moon River.” Charles Bradley gives an impassioned concert for KEXP in Seattle. Then there’s Lizzo spreading positive vibes and reducing NPR staffers to giggling blobs of excitement.

Without further ado, here’s your post-election prescription for great live music. Pro tip: you can queue them all up on YouTube via this playlist link.