Lil Wayne's Trump endorsement made him a single man

Jeff Schear/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Although we may very well be a recount and messy months of litigation away from closing the book on the 2020 election, it’s early enough to fire off some takeaways. For instance: Trumpism, the race-baiting cultural juggernaut that’s placed an irreconcilable wedge between families, friendships, romantic partnerships, isn’t going anywhere. Either a narrow win or narrow defeat for President Trump, paired with the GOP retaining its Senate majority, are far from the broad referendum Democrats were hoping for. This could prove to be a continued challenge for people like Lil Wayne, who’s experiencing some messy personal costs of his own after shilling out for President Trump last week.

Wayne reportedly split up with his girlfriend, model Denise Bidot, following the rapper’s recent get-together with Trump. The pair appear to have unfollowed each other on Instagram, with Bidot posting “sometimes love just isn’t enough…” and deactivating her account soon thereafter. Per Vulture, the gossip blogger Love B. Scott confirms that Wayne’s Trump hijinks weren’t the sole deciding factor, but definitely played a major role. “She broke up with Wayne. It wasn’t just his Trump support, but that was a big part,” one friend told the blog.

Lil Wayne hasn’t tweeted anything since the Trump photo besides “GO PACK GO!!!!” over the weekend, but obliquely addressed the break-up rumors on Wednesday morning. “I live the way I love and love the way I live. I’m a lover not a lighter bekuz they burn out,” he wrote. “I am an eternal fire and burning love, either leave with a tan, a 3rd degree burn, or stay and die in love.” Okay then!

It’s hard to imagine what conversations go on behind closed doors in a case like this, but an increasing number of people are evidently willing to turn their back on their loved ones to honor a president who deliberately wants to steal the election. Can’t say you love to see it!