People can't seem to get enough of these 46 cheap, cool things on Amazon

ByChloe Obach

Sure, shopping IRL is fun (who doesn't like to get out of the house?), but shopping on Amazon has its perks. When you think about it, you have hundreds and thousands of cool products at your fingertips, all of which you can buy with a few clicks. There's also a good chance that these cool products are fairly affordable and backed by countless amounts of customers. This list has 47 items like that — and TBH, people can't seem to get enough of them.

I'll give you a few examples, starting with these lights. They're made to stick underneath your bed frame and turn on when they sense motion, giving you some extra brightness when you need it at night. (Not to mention, they have over 2,500 positive ratings.) There's also this refreshing cooling blanket that's meant to keep you chilly and cozy simultaneously, and it has over 12,800 positive ratings. I also can't forget this popular turntable that's made with sleek, yet durable bamboo; it also has over 2,300 customers backing it.

See? There are tons of cheap, cool things on Amazon that customers can't get enough of — and you can find many of them right here.

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.

1. This set of super soft & comfortable bath mats

Update your bathroom instantly with this set of comfortable bath mats. Each one features a soft microfiber top with cushioning for support; rubber backing with PVC dots keeps the mats from slipping or sliding around. They're highly absorbent, conveniently machine-washable, and come in 19 different colors.

2. This portable air compressor so you're never stuck with a flat

You'll be glad to have this portable air compressor on hand when you get a flat tire on your car or bike. It'll inflate standard tires in about eight minutes and features a built-in dial gauge. And it works great to inflate sports balls or pool floats or rafts.

3. This lavender-scented memory foam mattress topper

Upgrade your bed with this 2-inch memory foam mattress topper, and you'll soon be sleeping more comfortably. It's an affordable investment that'll help bring new life to an older mattress, and it's even infused with lavender for a relaxing nighttime fragrance. This one is a consistent fan favorite with over 27,000 five-star ratings.

4. A faux leather ottoman that's also a clever spot for storage

With a tufted faux leather top and built-in handles on the sides, this ottoman can be toted around to use in any room. It makes a great footrest or stool, and you can store blankets, magazines, or other items inside. It comes in two sizes and six colors, including brown, gray, and white.

5. This whitening kit for a brighter smile in a week

This tooth whitening kit has everything you need — trays, a whitening light, gel applicators, and a tray case — to brighten your smile in just a week. The formula whitens teeth two to eights shades in seven days, and the vegan formula also removes stains from coffee, wine, tea, or smoking.

6. This magnetic dry erase board for easy-to-see reminders on the fridge

Keep this magnetic dry erase board on the fridge, and you'll always have a highly visible spot for important reminders or grocery lists. The 8-by-12-inch board, which is also available in two larger sizes, comes with four fine-tip dry erase markers and an eraser. Dozens of reviewers liked this board over similar ones because it cleans easily and doesn't hold stains.

7. A grooming kit for taking better care of your beard

This kit has six products and tools — in a nifty metal tin — to help maintain a beard. The beard oil nourishes and hydrates with jojoba oil and the light citrus-scented balm softens and conditions. Use the boars’ hair brush and double-sided comb to style your beard as you wish, and the scissors to trim. An e-book about beard maintenances is also included.

8. These breathable bamboo gloves for gardening in any season

These lightweight gloves are comfortable to wear for gardening thanks to their breathable bamboo construction. You'll appreciate that they're touchscreen-friendly, so you can answer a quick text and then get back to weeding or pruning. This pair is a consistent favorite with over 9,000 five-star ratings.

9. An easy-to-install bidet attachment

Once you attach this bidet to your toilet seat, you'll only wish you'd done so sooner. The slim design is easy to install and the control dial allows for adjusting the temperature or pressure of the water. One reviewer commented, "I'm not gonna lie, this thing has changed my life."

10. A bamboo lazy Susan for storing or serving food

Store your spices and oils neatly on this accessible lazy Susan or use it as a platter for serving food. Either way, the 13-inch bamboo board is an attractive surface and holds up to 25 pounds.

11. This set of floating shelves

Fill that empty wall with this set of three floating shelves. Installation is easy and the shelves come with the necessary hardware. Shoppers love them and have given them over 10,000 five-star ratings. Choose from nine finishes, including walnut, espresso, and natural.

12. The extendable duster that cleans ceiling fans

If finding a way to clean your ceiling fan has you stumped, let me introduce you to this extendable duster. The adjustable handle expands from 27 to 47 inches, and the duster head is outfitted with thousands of fluffy fibers that trap dust like magnets. When you're done, you can detach the dusting head and wash it before reusing.

13. The battery organizer with a built-in tester

There's almost nothing more aggravating than searching through a packed junk drawer for AA batteries when your TV remote kicks the bucket, which is why this battery organizer is a legitimately worthy investment. It orders your battery by size and voltage, and even has a built-in tester, so you don't have to mess with replacing batteries only to find they don't work.

14. A 50-pack of disposable masks

With this 50-pack of disposable face masks, you'll always have protection on hand when hanging out indoors or with groups. The three-ply surgical masks are protective, lightweight, and breathable, with comfortable elastic ear loops and nose clips for a snug fit. Available in multiple colors, they've earned more than 16,000 five-star reviews.

15. This all-in-one cleaning kit for eyeglasses & digital screens

This lens and screen cleaning kit can be used on your eyeglasses as well as your phone, computer, and tablet screens, which guarantees you'll get a clear view of things, no matter what you're looking at. The kit comes with cleaning cloths, to-go wipes, and three bottles of cleaning fluid — one of which is conveniently sized for travel. The formula is hypoallergenic, ammonia- and alcohol-free, and won't leave streaks behind.

16. An anti-fog spray to keep your lenses clear

Speaking of eyeglasses, you can keep yours clear for hours with this anti-fog spray that comes especially handy in cold weather or if you're wearing a mask. The all-natural formula can also be used on binoculars, goggles, and mirrors — or any other surface you want to keep fog-free.

17. The portable fan you can wear around your neck

Get some on-the-go cooling power with this clever around-the-neck fan that's perfect for sporting events, camping, fishing, or anywhere else your outdoor adventures take you. The quiet bladeless fan operates on three speeds for adjustable cooling, and the silicone and plastic material is soft on skin.

18. The flexible rulers that measure around curves & corners

With the help of these shape-adjustable gauges, you can measure irregular items like ducts, pipes, circular frames, and ceiling molding. The flexible sides of each ruler contour around curves and corners, allowing you to take measurements of any item, no matter the shape. The set comes with a 5-inch ruler, a 10-inch ruler, a carpenter’s pencil, and carrying bag.

19. These wedges that stabilize wobbly tables

At restaurants, you might fix a wobbly table with a sugar packet or folded up cocktail napkin, but at home you can use these furniture shims to stabilize any uneven legs. Each pack comes with eight shims made from durable rubber, and since they're clear, you won't even notice they're there.

20. This dryer vent cleaning kit that works with your vacuum

No matter how religiously you clean your dryer lint filter, some is bound to sneak farther down the vent. This dryer vent cleaning kit can grab all that lint, which is a great way to cut down on fire hazards while increasing your dryer's efficiency (which will help reduce your energy bills). Just attach the long, flexible hose to your vacuum, then switch on to suction up the hidden fuzz.

21. The universal socket tool that works with all kinds of hardware

Any handy person will appreciate this universal socket tool that fits into your power drill and automatically adjusts to fit hardware from 7 to 19 millimeters. The socket tool is compatible with hex nuts, hooks, eye and lag screws, bolt heads, and more, so you can grab this and get to drilling, instead of having to search through your toolbox.

22. The memory foam pillow that aligns your knees & hips

If your lower back aches when get up in the morning, it's worth investing in this knee pillow. Made from soft and supportive memory foam, the contoured pillow aligns your knees and hips when you sleep on your side, which can help alleviate strain, so you wake up feeling rested... not sore.

23. A cordless jump rope you can use practically anywhere

Looking to reap the cardio benefits of jumping rope, but don’t have the right space (or too low of ceilings) to swing a standard rope? You can use this cordless jump rope pretty much anywhere. Attached to each cushioned handle is an EVA ball weighing about 0.5 pound to mimic the experience of swinging a full rope.

24. A pack of grippers to keep area rugs in place

Area rugs that slip around or curl in the corners can be such an annoyance, not to mention a tripping hazard. Snag a pack of these easy-to-use rug grippers, and attach one to each corner of your rug to keep it in place on hard floors.

25. This draft stopper for under the door

If there's a big crack under your door, you might notice annoying drafts — or your precious air-conditioned air escaping. This silicone door draft blocker is designed to cover gaps as large as 1 inch, and it has a strip of adhesive on the back, so that it's easy to set up. It can block out unwanted light and noise, too.

26. A set of noise-reducing & waterproof earplugs

Whether you're looking to reduce the noise around you or block out moisture while swimming, give these reusable silicone earplugs a try. They have a 32-decibel Noise Reduction Rating, and they're waterproof. Each pack comes with six pairs of earplugs and boxes to store them in.

27. An iPhone charging cable with an innovative design

This iPhone charger might look ordinary at first glance, but it actually has a nifty L-shaped connector to prevent the cable from fraying with use. The cord measures 10 feet and is housed in braided nylon for extra durability. It supports fast charging, too.

28. This pair of portable tactical flashlights

It’s a good idea to keep a flashlight on hand for emergencies, and these tactical LED flashlights surely fit the bill. They feature three brightnesses and two flashing options, and they can each last up to nine hours on just three AAA batteries, which are simple to replace.

29. These stretchy straps to hold fitted sheets in place

You don’t have to worry about your fitted sheet sliding loose with these bed sheet straps, which pull the corners of the sheet taut and keep them secured around your mattress. Not only are the straps made of elastic, but they’re also adjustable, so you’re sure to get the perfect fit.

30. A pack of drain snakes to dislodge clogs

A drain snake is an easy way to clear clogged drains of hair and other debris — and this pack comes with three of them, so you’ll always have one on hand in a pinch. The flexible, barbed design can reach into the P-trap and grab ahold of whatever’s blocking the drain. One reviewer summarized: “What a great little invention! Simple yet effective. Every household should have these!”

31. An air-freshener that’s made for smoke odors

Lingering smoke smells are notoriously hard to get rid of, but this odor-eliminating spray is up to the task. Its special formula is specifically made for odors left behind by smoke everywhere from your home to your car. One shopper attested, “We used this to eliminate the smoke smell after burning a fire in our wood burning fireplace. I will buy this again!!”

32. An eye mask that warms up when you open it

If your eyes could use a break, pop open the packaging of this soothing lavender-scented eye mask and you'll feel it immediately begin to heat up. Shoppers confirm that it gets warm but not too hot and that it doesn’t apply uncomfortable pressure like some other masks. The one-use mask is a great way to do some self-care while traveling, too.

33. These nifty little apples that make produce last longer

One easy way to extend the life of your fruits and veggies is to tuck these produce saver balls in your fridge or fruit bowl. Each of the two Bluapple balls can last for up to three months at a time — after that, just refill them with a new ethylene-absorbing packet, which you can buy separately.

34. These dryer vent cleaners with sturdy wooden handles

These dryer vent cleaners make it easier than ever to reach lint that's stuck inside your appliance. This pack comes with three of them, all of which have sturdy wooden handles and flexible stainless steel wires that keep the bristles in place while you clean.

35. This putty that helps fill tiny holes in the wall

If you're trying to fill a tiny hole in the wall, this putty can certainly help. It comes in a handheld container that's easy to navigate without the use of extra tools, and the putty that's dispensed can be sanded and painted over quickly. Many reviewers even wrote that it's "easy to apply."

36. The deceiving lockbox that's shaped like a dictionary

This isn't your average dictionary; in fact, it's not a dictionary at all. This "book" is actually a metal lockbox in disguise, despite its leather cover. It opens up to a hollowed out storage unit where you can store small essentials, and it can be secured with the included keys.

37. These motion-activated bed lights that leave a subtle glow

These under-bed lights are designed to turn on when they sense movement, which means you'll have some extra brightness when you wake up at night. Once they turn on, they can stay on from 30 seconds to 10 minutes (you decide) — and they can be set into place with the adhesive backing.

38. The battery-operated candles that flicker like real flames

Not only are these flameless candles battery-operated (batteries aren't included), but they also flicker like the real thing. They also come with two remotes that let you control them from afar, whether you're trying to set a timer or adjust the brightness. They're even made with wax, making them more realistic than ever.

39. These leakproof silicone storage bags made with silicone

This set of food storage bags covers all the bases: They're made with BPA-free silicone that's freezer safe, and they're even leakproof (thanks to the upgraded zippers). One pack comes with bags of different sizes, including sandwich bags, gallon bags, and snack bags.

40. The acupressure mat set lined with soft, breathable cotton

Looking for some extra relaxation at the end of the day? Try lying on this acupressure mat set for 10 to 30 minutes. Both the mat and the pillow are lined with soft, breathable cotton, but they're each covered in tiny spikes that help soothe various pressure points throughout your body. They're for sale in various colors, and some even have matching spikes.

41. A compact air purifier that doubles as a night light

This portable air purifier uses a HEPA filter to remove over 99% of allergens from the air, ranging from pollen to dust. It also works quietly and doubles as a soothing night light (which can be turned on and off), making it perfect for various parts of your house.

42. A natural pillow spray that's meant to help you relax

This natural pillow spray is formulated specifically to help you fall asleep easier at night. It has three main scents — lavender, vetivert, and camomile — all of which work together to create a soothing environment. All you have to do is spritz some onto your pillow before lying down.

43. This quick-heating clothing steamer with a 9-foot cord

This clothing steamer has a lot going for it. Not only does it heat up within two minutes, but it also has a 9-foot cord that makes it easy to move from one outfit to the next. It also has overheating protection and runs for 15 minutes straight.

44. This double-sided cooling blanket that'll help keep you chilly

This double-sided cooling blanket is great for all seasons: The top is lined with a cooling fabric that helps absorb and release your body heat during the warmer months, and the bottom is lined with cotton to help keep you cozy during the colder ones. It's available in different colors and sizes to match your space, too.

45. These reusable kitchen cloths that are seriously absorbent

These reusable cleaning cloths are made from absorbent cellulose that can hold up to 20 times their weight in water, making them perfect for spills in the kitchen or bathroom. Once they're ready to be cleaned, you can refresh them in the wash and use them over and over again.

46. This pet hair remover that doesn't require sticky sheets

This pet hair remover doesn't require sticky sheets; instead, it boasts a roller covered in soft bristles that are meant to be rolled back and forth across a fabric surface until stray hair is collected inside the attached barrel. Then, it can be emptied out and reused whenever needed.