The cast of 'Veep' is reuniting to help elect former veep Joe Biden

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

For Joe Biden to win the presidency, he’s got to carry important swing states like Wisconsin, with its 10 electoral votes that went to Trump in 2016. To that end, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin is pulling out all the stops and calling in favors from Hollywood — including a Veep cast reunion to help elect former veep Biden to the White House. Julia Louis-Dreyfus announced the virtual fundraiser on Twitter and it’s slated for this Sunday, October 4.

“The future of democracy is on the line, people,” Louis-Dreyfus said in her announcement video. “All roads to the White House go through the great state of Wisconsin. Trump can’t win re-election if he doesn’t win Wisconsin. So, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin has built an unprecedented voter mobilization operation, and they need resources in these final days to deliver Wisconsin to Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Harris.”

In addition to Louis-Dreyfus, Veep cast members like Anna Chlumsky, Tony Hale, Matt Walsh, Reid Scott, Clea Duvall, Tim Simons, Sam Richardson, and others will attend — plus some surprise guests. The Veep reunion isn’t the Wisconsin Democrats’ first rodeo. Previously, the party hosted a table read of The Princess Bride that raised more than $4 million. The cast of Parks And Recreation organized a similar reunion/fundraiser in mid-September. Audience members can gain access to the virtual event by donating any amount of money to the party.

In a humorous twist, it sounds like Republican Senator Ted Cruz is pretty unhappy that Dems are leveraging his favorite diversions to defeat Trump. He quotes The Princess Bride regularly and has become somewhat infamous for impersonating its actors. When Wisconsin Democrats announced the for-profit table read, Cruz bemoaned a “perfect movie” being ruined by “Hollywood politics.” No word on whether he’s a fan of Veep, however.