'The Crown' reminded everyone how much they hate Prince Charles

© Netflix/Des Willie

The latest season of The Crown spans the 1980s, when the future king of England met and wed Princess Diana. And since the show dramatizes their courtship (and the love triangle that ended their union) there’s been a whole lot of renewed interest in the Charles and Diana drama. Unfortunately for the prince, who eventually married his mistress, all the revived attention on his love life is being amplified by social media — where Princess Diana stans are trolling Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, on Instagram and TikTok.

The Royal Family has emphasized it didn’t sign off on Netflix’s portrayal of the monarchy and reminded folks that The Crown is historical fiction. But one thing’s undeniably true about the series centered on Britain’s 20th century royals: the fourth season is a super bad look for Prince Charles.

This installment introduced viewers to a young Diana Spencer, played by Emma Corrin. While the dramatized romance between prince and princess has its cute moments, it’s all overshadowed by Charles’s enduring affair with Camilla. The Crown leaves the viewer with the distinct sense that the prince didn’t deserve Diana — and that Camilla was always his match.

The show also depicts Charles as whiny and attention-starved, jealous of Diana for being beloved by the public. Real talk: if The Crown were Succession, Diana would absolutely oust Charles as CEO-in-waiting. But alas, monarchies aren’t corporations and fate had other plans.

Anyhow, since the public has been so recently reminded that they don’t like Prince Charles very much, they’re airing their grievances on social media. One TikTok user lamented that powerful men who look like the future king are allowed to critique women like Diana for their appearance.

“Some men really ain’t shit,” snarked another who was pissed Charles would choose Camilla over a “bad bitch” like Diana. Over on Instagram, people have been flooding the Royal Family’s comments with love for Diana and disses towards the Duchess of Cornwall.

As noted by BuzzFeed News, however, not everyone is trolling the future king of England. Some folks are also voicing support for Prince Charles and his second wife. “The fact is, Camilla does a great job, the boys are cool with it, Charles was forced into that marriage (as you get your education from Netflix, you should know that) and Diana was not a lamb herself. So calm down and get over it," a defender of the Royal Family commented on Instagram.