These 39 strange finds on Amazon are suddenly skyrocketing in sales

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In a sea of products, the strange ones stand out — and often times in the best ways possible. Strange can be great, and it can translate to some of the most useful products you can own. These 39 strange finds on Amazon are suddenly skyrocketing in sales — and their oddball charm only adds to their mystique.

An original, innovative product has to accomplish a few important tasks in order to achieve the superstar status these items are fast approaching. For starters, it needs to be a practical product — something you can picture using more than once and buying over and over again. Perfect examples you’ll find on this list range from natural acne patches made with hydrocolloid — or a Shark Tank-approved balm that keeps your eyeglasses from slipping off your face.

It also helps if a product solves a common problem. You can’t sleep without some sound and zero light, but wearing cumbersome headphones to bed isn’t exactly comfortable. That’s exactly why a Bluetooth sleeping eye mask is such a genius product: it blocks light and provides a way to fall asleep to your favorite music. And the same goes for a smart, reusable notebook that lets you blast notes to the Cloud, a color-changing toilet night, and a slew of other finds.

These strange but practical products solve problems left and right — and it’s no wonder they are quickly becoming best sellers.

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