These 42 random cheap things on Amazon consistently get amazing ratings

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You never know what's going to become a best-selling product on Amazon — but chances are, it's an item that is affordable and unique in the way it makes your life just a bit easier. These random cheap things on Amazon consistently get amazing ratings and their reviews and star ratings might just sway you to consider adding them to your must-have product list, regardless of whether you've thought twice about them in the past.

For less than $20, you can own a set of seven stretchy silicone lids that fit practically every bowl, cup, or container you own. Or you may have heard of a smart plug that comes with an app that lets you schedule lights and appliances while saving a ton of money on energy bills — and that is anything but complex to operate.

This list is full of wildly inventive products that are winning over customers — like a mess-free beard bib featured on Shark Tank and a collapsible silicone water bottle that can be worn around your wrist during hikes or runs. Other products like natural shoe deodorizers, eco-friendly bags, and a safe DIY earwax kit share nothing in common — except for outstanding ratings.

Check out these highly-rated products and discover why they are quickly becoming the most sought-after items on Amazon.

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