Ahmad Soliman

I am is a senior at the University of Michigan, pursuing a dual-degree in Business Administration and Political Science. I am also the Senior Policy Fellow for Defense & Diplomacy for the Roosevelt Institute's Campus Network. I have interned at a law firm for three years, served as a research assistant on projects research of electoral violence & fraud and truth commissions. I have also interned with a nonprofit cancer center in Egypt, a commercial bank, and GM's public policy center on Capitol Hill. In addition to directing the UM Roosevelt Center for Human Rights, I also lead several cultural and community service organizations on campus. I'm very interested in economic development, U.S. foreign policy, social enterprises, and Base of the Pyramid solutions. At some point in the near future I also hope to attend Le Cordon Bleu culinary school in Paris.


No Time For Excessive Military Spending


War Gamification's Costs to Society