Andrew Lubin

I'm an author and foreign policy-defense analyst who writes on current military operations, international relations, and serves as an advisor to the Truman National Security Project. My work appears regularly in such professional magazines as “Leatherneck”, “The Gazette,” “Jane’s Defense Weekly," and the Huffington Post. I served as the military consultant to Stephens Media Group for their “Valor Series” and wrote for PS's “Regarding War” and U.S. Naval Institute’s “Proceedings.” I'm a member of the Marine Corps Combat Camera Association, and have 14 embeds with USMC in Afghanistan, Haiti, Iraq, Guantanamo Bay, Asia, and Beirut. I'm producing "Bootsteps," a documentary re: Marine ops in Afghanistan, for PBS. My first book, “Charlie Battery; A Marine Artillery Battery in Iraq” won the 2007 Gold Medal for best Military Non-Fiction from the Military Writers Society of America, as well as Best Memoir from the University of Virginia’s “Festival of Books.” I'm a co-author of “Saluting American Valor” along with “Uncle John Salutes the Armed Forces”, which was nominated in 2009 for “Best Anthology” by the Military Writers Society of America. My latest book, “Keep Moving or Die; Task Force Tarawa at An-Nasiriyah” is due out next year. I've appeared on ABC, CNN, CBS, FOX, and Patriot Media, and is a regular guest on VFW’s “The National Defense,” In November 2004 I was the Military Analyst for WPVI (ABC) Philadelphia during Fallujah-2. I've spoken at Princeton's Woodrow Wilson School, the Clinton School, the Thunderbird School of Global Managment, Villanova University, and other universities in the US and Canada. I'm a graduate of Allegheny College, and the Thunderbird School.