Bev-Freda Jackson

Dr. Bev-Freda Jackson holds a bachelor's degree in Political Science and English with a minor in African American studies from Gettysburg College. She is an alumnus of American University's Department of Government holding a Masters in Political Science and doctorate in Political Science from Howard University's Department of Political Science with concentrations in Black Politics, American Government and Public Administration. Dr. Jackson's dissertation work focused on issues of social justice and patterns of school desegregation in the post Brown era. Her dissertation examined the massive resistance movement as a strategy to defy and delay Brown v. Board of Education's implementation. She is currently on faculty in the School of Public Affairs Department of Justice, Law and Criminology where she teaches courses on Race Issues in Justice, Race and Justice in America as well as Justice and Public Policy. For AUx2, Dr. Jackson completed a video talk on the March on Washington, Emmett Till and Black Lives Matter. Dr. Jackson's expertise includes an examination of racial disparities, racial isolation, segregation in the public education system, outcomes for children of color, disproportionality and disparate treatment of persons of color across systems. Additionally, Dr. Jackson's areas of expertise include the school to prison pipeline and the dialogue on microaggressions serving on numerous panels, speaking engagements for federal government agencies on the topic. Dr. Jackson's research experience includes contribution to the publication Putting the Movement Back into Civil Rights Teaching: A Resource Guide for Classrooms and Communities, as well as work at the Brookings Institution on racial health disparities in communities of color in Baltimore City, Maryland. Additionally, Bev-Freda has partnered with the National Council of Negro Women (NCNW) and the NAACP Young Adult Committee in addressing issues of social justice and education reform. She is a Program Manager for District of Columbia Government's Child and Family Service's Agency in the Office of Planning, Policy and Program Support. Dr. Jackson also serves on Board of Counseling for the Commonwealth of Virginia, the Advisory Board for AUx and the Human Services Advisory Board for the City of Chesapeake, Virginia.


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