Fred Phillips

I am a small business owner who works in the employment screening field. Did the economic collapse in 2008 hurt my business? Damn straight it did! My business suffered and my brokerage account plummetted. I was one of the lucky owners of Lehman Brothers You can bet that people are lining up to receive stock advice from me!! I am also a writer, or I pretend to be. You can decide. I currently write for a few clients - SEO, articles, web content. I also recently completed a novel that may someday be published! Hey I was happy to complete it after 20 years of talking about it. ! My wife liked it, but that's a long way from getting a contract from a publishing house. I am a husband of 19 years and a father of two teenagers (aaaahhhh!!). I have always enjoyed political debate and discourse and feel that I sit more on the left side of the aisle, though some of my friends just say I'm far out in left field. I'm happy to have found this site; perhaps there is something worthwhile on the Internet besides porn and the ability to watch blacked-out football games.


The $10,000 Reason Mitt Romney Won't Be President