Gareth Collins

I've spent half of my life living in Hong Kong and China, and the other half living in the Midwest. I got hooked on "The West Wing" at an early age, which stoked in me an interest in progressive politics. Working in the first small group of college interns for President Obama's campaign in early 2007 further cemented my dream of being a public servant. I graduated from the University of Michigan's Ford School of Public Policy with a focus area in developing world economics, so I have a strong interest in a range of policy issues. At the moment, my strongest area of interest is energy and infrastructure policymaking. I'm currently based in China's Yunnan province, entering the second year of my Princeton in Asia Fellowship. In addition to teaching middle school English for a China-based non-profit, Teach for China, I've been assisting the New Yorker's Beijing correspondent, Evan Osnos, as a research intern part-time. My time in China so far has been very enjoyable, with plenty of opportunities to travel and develop personally. Check out my blog if you're interested in reading about my experience:


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