Geoffrey Taylor

Change is good, and sounds like the name of a friend, rather than a D.C. thinktanque. Bye, Upvotes; we'll use FB. Except I won't. Geoffrey Taylor is my new name, from a dream a few years back, and it was good to stumble onto policymic as i stumbled into the journeywork of writing. Author of two books on tools, two national awards for writing in a field of which my ignorance is seamless (gardening), lifetime student, proud Oregonian, humble Terran, another stranger on the bus, friend of animals -- this old Khao Manee is a pal o' mine -- fan of saints, one human among 7 billion souls, Scarecrow diploma from Mensa, Sagittarian, Aspie, and glad to be here. Hometown: Sioux City, IA, the very bellybutton of beloved Gaia. Became a Pundit here with 100 Mics on Election Eve (before the accidental LSD reference was bowdlerized to Upvote.) Augurs well for the future. Writing articles for Policymic is like getting to go to Harvard on Goddess' dime. UPDATE: my second book, on garden tools, has recently been reconsecrated on YouTube, with Gregorian chants by Philosophy of Living: Tools of the Earth