Inter/Act Youth

Founded with a grant from the Ms. Foundation, Inter/Act is the first and only intersex youth leadership and movement-building group in the country. In a remarkably short time, Inter/ Act has already begun to play an historically unprecedented role in catalyzing a moment for the rights and well being of intersex children and adults by adding their voice to the national discussion on intersex and DSD issues. Inter/Act allows young people with intersex conditions or DSD to overcome isolation and secrecy, come together, express themselves, and unite their individual stories to develop a voice for a new generation. It is time that their stories are heard. And they are being heard! Since its inception in late 2010, Inter/Act’s growing membership, ages 14-25 from across three continents, have made huge accomplishments. They collaborated on creating Inter/Act’s Blog which gets over 1,000 hits per month. Youth members composed AIC’s Summer 2012 Newsletter read by over 1,000 people. The brochure they authored, What We Wish Our Doctors Knew has been distributed to over 1,400 doctors. Inter/Act members also created the trailblazing Second Wave video series in which they gathered the stories of intersex elders and movement leaders. Young people have also been taking the lead themselves. On March 15th, 2013, AIC’s Youth Leadership Intern Jen ”Pidgeon” Pagonis gave expert testimony at the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, the first young intersex person to do so! Thanks to a generous grant from the Liberty Hill Foundation, Inter/Act is continuing to grow providing intersex youth an opportunity to break the barriers of shame and isolation, project intersex youth voices into the national and international discussion of treatment of intersex children and to inject meaningful intersex advocacy into the vocabulary of young queer activists. In 2014, Inter/Act youth are holding the first retreat ever for youth with intersex and DSD conditions. <br>


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