Jake Brereton

Jake has had a longstanding interest in and passion for politics that began during his early days of writing for his high school newspaper, of which he was the editor his senior year. He is particularly fascinated by all topics related to domestic policy and economics, but follows foreign policy issues closely as well. Jake is a cum laude graduate of DePauw University, where he studied Anthropology and Philosophy. While in college he authored a regular political column for the student newspaper and wrote his senior seminar paper on students' perception of political engagement on campus. Since his graduation Jake has been active in the world of entrepreneurship, having played an integral role in the founding and national growth of Green Town Toys, a company that designs and manufactures eco-friendly play structures for children. Jake currently lives and works in Durham, NC, where he heads the marketing department for Shoeboxed.com. When he is not working, Jake enjoys running, flying, reading, and spending time on his family farm in Ohio where he grew up. Jake's drink of choice is a Hendricks gimlet, served on the rocks with a fresh lime. He highly recommends you try one at 5pm this evening.


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