Karim Abouelnaga

Karim is a speaker, student, and social entrepreneur. He is the founder of Practice Makes Perfect, Inc., a nonprofit that works to narrow the achievement gap by providing low-income students with mentorship and resources that are beyond the reach of their inner-city public schools. With the support and guidance from mentors, Karim has won over $300,000 in scholarships and awards to make his studies at Cornell University possible. In addition to being immersed in student life, he is a Cornell Presidential Research Scholar and focuses his time examining the implications of financial incentives on academic performance. As a speaker for the LIFE foundation, Karim continues to speak to thousands of life insurance executives and financial advisers all across the US motivating them to expand their reach. Karim has held internships on political campaigns and in financial services. In his spare time, Karim enjoys mentoring, playing sports, and engaging in political discussions.


After School Programs Will Narrow the Achievement Gap for Low-Income Students