Bio's are Hard.. How do you sum up who you are and where you've come from in a few short sentences after over half a century of exploring God's green earth? It seems to me that if I could sum it all up concisely in a short brief that I am probably either full of myself or have managed to waste an extraordinary amount of time without learning much. That being said, I grew up in Northeastern Ohio during the 1960's and 70's and after graduating High School I joined the Navy. A four year stint turned into career with most of it based out of Tidewater Virginia with a little time in Mayport Florida and Philadelphia Pennsylvania mixed in for fun. I retired in 2001 and switched career fields from aviation to the power industry where I am now employed in North Carolina. My education level is some college but no degree, however between my hunger for knowledge and being blessed with traveling to many places in the world and meeting people from all over and all walks of life both in the U.S. and out has given me an education and a wealth of experience that you simply cannot buy or gain elsewhere. There's a lot more to me than I would ever post in an online bio, so you are reading this and would like to know more just ask.