Philip Tizzani

Philip is pursuing a Master in Public Policy (MPP) at the Harvard Kennedy School. His policy interests include juvenile justice, law enforcement, child welfare, and US local government. This summer Philip will work with the District of Columbia Department of Youth Rehabilitative Services (DYRS) to develop and implement a risk reassessment tool for juvenile offenders. DC DYRS is at the forefront of a national movement to secure positive, community-based services and placements for juveniles. During the summer he will also analyze and support programs at the Tampa Police Department. Philip previously worked in New Orleans education reform from 2008-2012. He first taught at an alternative school for expelled and previously incarcerated youth and received an honor from the superintendent for student achievement gap closure. In 2011, Philip led his students at a KIPP charter school to register the highest upper-quartile achievement levels in the New Orleans Recovery School District. The following school year, he managed a teaching team at a charter that earned Top Gains School designation by the Louisiana Department of Education. Philip has also developed and coached novice teachers with Teach for America.