Poncie Rutsch

My name is Poncie and I was born and raised in Washington, D.C. before attending Stanford University. I spent much time of my childhood living in a tent at a camp in Maine, sailing with my family on the Chesapeake, or rowing on the Potomac. My favorite place to be is outside, and as a result, my political interests revolve around conserving the great outdoors. This year I will complete a B.S. in biology with a focus in ecology and evolution. I also love people: not medicine, but their interactions and behaviors and how they both separate and unify us with other animals. After spending a summer collecting insects in the Costa Rican forests and coffee fields, I realized I might like learning and writing about science as much if not more than performing the research myself. I look forward to writing about environmental issues, behavioral studies, and the funding of scientific research and education. Fun fact: I was born on Friday the 13th.