Retired from 23 year career in bank security, U.S. Navy VietNam Vet (just discovered "Together We Served" for veterans! There is a site for Navy, Army, Marine,and Air Force veterans! Check them out!) , Father of two sons & one daughter, grandfather to three grandsons, still working part time. Thanks to politicians who have sold out to the corporate bosses who own this country, will probably work until I drop. Enjoy woodworking as a hobby and part time income.Believer in real equality, not the phony, self-serving B.S. typical of hypocritical zealots and "activists" on the left and on the right. Believer in free speech and freedom of expression, the real thing, not the two-faced crap endorsed by political parties, religious and political "true believers" whose concept of free speech usually means "shut up and listen to me!" Pro-choice because it's just wrong for perfect strangers to meddle in the personal lives of girls and women struggling to cope with a crisis pregnancy. Atheist because being raised in the Christian church, reading the bible, listening to preachers and religious pundits, decades of witnessing religious charlatans in tents, on the radio, and on TV fleecing the gullible, and 67 years of living have not revealed a single iota of satisfactory proof that invisible deities exist.