Soren Dayton

Soren Dayton works at Prism Public Affairs, public affairs shop in Washington, DC. Previously, Soren workedon John McCain‘s presidential campaign, where he worked on the delegate team, in addition to pinch-hitting on a number of communication functions. Prior to the McCain campaign, Soren worked as a political and strategy consultant for a variety of domestic and international clients. He has also worked on Capitol Hill, campaigns, and for a software company that he helped start. Soren graduated with a BA in Anthropology and Math from the University of Chicago. Soren is active in a number of young professional political organizations. He serves as the Executive Director of the Young Republican National Federation and a Board Member of the International Young Democrat Union. He writes regularly at and other sites. His writings have appeared in Roll Call, Politico, and other outlets. And he has appeared on CNN, BBC, RT, Al Jazeera, and among others. Soren is also an active lay leader in his church, Calvary Baptist in Washington, DC. Currently he serves as the Church Moderator, the leading lay position in the church, and has previously served as the Chairman of the Missions Board. A number of issues drive Soren’s interest in politics. At the top of the list are spreading economic and political freedom, starting with fighting corruption — a big deal having grown up in Chicago! — and encouraging commerce, trade, the positive impacts of globalization, etc. Soren believes deeply in the power of capitalism to help people raise their standard of living and fulfill their dreams. Soren lives in Northern Virginia with his wife Amanda Butler and their cat August.