Tahsin Chowdhury

Tahsin Chowdhury is a rising senior in the City College of New York studying International Studies Concentrating on International Relations. He has been a long affiliate of the Roosevelt Institute Campus Network as a Director for Defense and Diplomacy in the City College Chapter, and the Northeast Regional Policy Coordinator on a national level. His policy proposal: "Engaging in Grassroots Diplomacy Through Globalized Education" has been featured in the Roosevelt Institute 10 Ideas Journal for Defense and Diplomacy and has been regarded as the top in that subject area nation wide for 2012. Tahsin has been involved in his college's Model UN program for around three years, taking on both student and staff/leadership roles. He has done some work with the United Nations representing the NGO peace action where he advocated their peace agenda while networking with other NGOs and UN officials there. One of Tahsin's key experiences is working for the U.S. State Department in the summer of 2012. He was working for the South and Central Asian Affairs Bureau focusing on investment climates and public diplomacy issues throughout the region. Tahsin has presented sessions within the state department on public diplomacy and engaging south asian international education. He aspires to be a Foreign Service Office in the future.