30 problems around your home that used to be expensive to fix but now have genius, cheap solutions

Don’t stress.

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Even the newest, most expensive homes can have their problems. Some are easy to fix — like changing out a light bulb when it dies. But when it comes to repairing that leaky shower or insulating some drafty windows? Those are the problems that can cost a pretty penny.

Luckily, Amazon has tons of genius, cheap solutions to all the expensive problems you might run into. But if you want to see more, you’ll just have to keep scrolling.


Problem: Your kitchen-counter area is too dark

Solution: These under-cabinet lights that are easy to install

Kitchen a little too dark for your liking? These LED light bars are incredibly easy to install, as each order comes with a double-sided adhesive that lets you stick them underneath your cabinets. Plus, they only need three AA batteries (which are not included) in order to provide up to 72 hours of illumination.


Problem: Your doorbell stopped working

Solution: A wireless doorbell with a range of up to 1,000 feet

Not a fan of the doorbell that came with your home? This wireless one has a range of up to 1,000 feet, making it easy to hear throughout the first floor of your home. It also comes pre-loaded with 52 different chimes, so you’re sure to have options when you want to switch things up. Everything you need to install it is included, even the A23 battery that’s set to last for about three years before needing to be replaced.


Problem: Drafty windows are running up your energy bills

Solution: This kit that helps you insulate your windows

Drafty windows can lead to higher energy bills, making this insulation kit a smart buy. Not only can it help prevent air from leaking through, but it also works to reduce condensation as well as prevent frost buildup. And if you aren’t confident in your DIY skills? Zero tools are needed for installation — just peel off the adhesive backing and press the insulation strips right into place.


Problem: You don’t have enough counter space for a drying rack

Solution: This over-the-sink version that helps save space

Consider this over-the-sink dish rack a must-have if your kitchen is low on counter space. It’s made from tough stainless steel, with nonslip silicone ends that help keep it firmly in place. And since it’s also heat-resistant up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, you can even use it as a trivet for hot cookware in a pinch.


Problem: Your counters are looking a little worse for wear

Solution: Use this contact paper to give them a much-needed makeover

Whether your counters are scratched or just plain outdated, this contact paper might be able to help. It’s made from water-resistant vinyl, making it tough enough to use around sinks and other wet areas — and the adhesive backing allows you to press it into place the same way you would with a sticker. The best part? If you ever decide to change things up, you can easily peel it away without ruining the surface underneath.


Problem: Door knobs keep punching holes in your walls

Solution: These bumpers that help prevent damage

Stick one of these bumpers behind your door where the knob hits the wall, and they’ll help prevent damage to your drywall when the door swings wide. They’re completely transparent, giving them a subtle look — though they’re also available in white if you prefer.


Problem: You keep leaving your lights on

Solution: These smart bulbs that you can control remotely

Swap out your incandescent bulbs with these smart ones, and you’ll be able to turn them on/off, put them on schedules, and more — all from your smartphone. They also have a lifetime of up to 20,000 hours, so it’s highly unlikely that you’ll have to purchase replacements anytime soon.


Problem: Your cabinets look outdated

Solution: These cabinet pulls that are stylish & modern

Sometimes the smallest details can make the biggest impact — such as these cabinet pulls. Not only do they give your cabinets and drawers a modern look, but they’re also made from rust-resistant stainless steel. Choose from three finishes: black, brass, or satin nickel.


Problem: You’re always misplacing your batteries

Solution: This organizer that keeps them all in one place

Every home has that one drawer filled with loose batteries, so why not take stock of your collection with this organizer? It’s large enough to hold up to 180 batteries, ranging from slim AAAs to chunky Ds — and each order even includes a tester so that you can throw out any batteries that have lost power.


Problem: The sink in your kitchen doesn’t have a sprayer

Solution: Swapping it out with this modern upgrade

If your kitchen faucet is a little outdated, consider upgrading to this sleek faucet with a pull-down sprayer. The brushed exterior makes it resistant to fingerprints, while two spray modes help you get your dishes spotless. Plus, the drip-free ceramic disc valve on the inside delivers a leak-free spraying experience that lasts for up to five million uses.


Problem: There’s a large hole in your drywall

Solution: This repair kit that’s perfect for DIY beginners

While drywall holes may seem daunting at first, even the most inexperienced DIYers can fix them using this repair kit. It’s designed to work with holes up to 3 inches in diameter — and the included spackling compound is even resistant to shrinking, cracking, or sagging.


Problem: There are water marks on your table

Solution: Rubbing them away with this cloth

Whether those marks are from water or heat, this cloth can help wipe them away so that your table is left looking good as new. And if you’re diligent when it comes to using coasters? You can also use it to get rid of latex paint, permanent marker, and other minor blemishes, as the gentle formula won’t strip away the wood finish.


Problem: Your open bottles of wine keep spoiling in the fridge

Solution: These stoppers that help them stay fresh

You don’t have to finish that bottle of wine in one sitting — just use this stopper to keep it fresh for later. Simply press the button on the top a few times, and it’ll suck all the air out of the bottle so that your reds and whites stay fresh for up to a full week. Plus, the rubber seal around the top creates an airtight fit to help prevent leaks and spills.


Problem: Someone spilled red wine on your carpet

Solution: A stain remover that’s so, *so* potent

Red wine, chocolate, blood — this popular stain remover is so potent that it can tackle all sorts of tough set-in stains. The best part? It’s suitable for use on nearly any material, as the formula is biodegradable, as well as made without any peroxide, chlorine, or sulfates. Two bottles will arrive per order, ensuring you’ll have some on hand exactly when you need it.


Problem: You suspect a leak in your basement

Solution: An alarm that lets you know when water is present

Place this alarm wherever you suspect a leak, and it’ll let you know when moisture begins to develop. It’s sensitive enough to detect as little as 1/32 inches of water — and the alarm is loud enough to be heard throughout your home. Plus, the 6-foot wire makes it easy to extend into a sump pit, or even mount on a wall.


Problem: Your home is uncomfortably humid

Solution: A portable dehumidifier that’s perfect for small spaces

Got a few musty closets in your home? This portable dehumidifier is perfect for small spaces — but don’t be fooled by its compact size. It’s still powerful enough to cover up to 225 square feet and runs at an ultra-quiet level so that it won’t disturb you while you’re working.


Problem: Your home is being overrun by fruit flies

Solution: This indoor trap that’ll make you feel more in control

Stop worrying about fruit flies taking over your kitchen with this indoor trap from Katchy. While it’s small enough not to be a kitchen eyesore, it’s still quite powerful, with a big UV light that’ll attract not only fruit flies but also gnats and mosquitos that might have found their way inside. This easy-to-use trap works automatically, sensing when it’s dark enough to best catch flying pests.


Problem: Your walls are boring & plain

Solution: This removable wallpaper that’s renter-friendly

With dozens of colors to choose from, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding this removable wallpaper in a shade that suits your home. The adhesive backing makes it easy to install as well as remove — and since it’s made from waterproof vinyl, you can safely use it in your bathroom without having to worry about it peeling off.


Problem: The upholstery on your couch has rips & tears

Solution: This repair kit that doesn’t require any sewing

You don’t have to be good at sewing to fix your torn furniture upholstery — just grab this repair kit. It uses clear, strong glue to repair holes, and you can easily blend the colors to match your leather and fabric upholstery for a seamless, professional look. “This product is absolutely amazing and so easy to use,” wrote one reviewer. “I had four burn holes in my carpet and after using this product, you would absolutely never know they were there.”


Problem: Your flower pots are cracked

Solution: This moldable glue that’s shockingly versatile

Cracked flower pots can make even the nicest patios look crummy, so why not fix them with this silicone moldable glue? It’s so versatile that you can use it for practically any project, as it’s designed to adhere to everything from ceramic to wood.


Problem: It’s hard to do makeup inside your dark bathroom

Solution: These lights that transform mirrors into Hollywood vanities

Doing your makeup in poor lighting can easily lead to less-than-stellar results, so why not grab these vanity lights? Each one is backed with a sticky adhesive, allowing you to press them right onto your mirror — and the extra-long wires are sized to fit most mirrors.


Problem: Your appliances are *really* outdated

Solution: Giving them a makeover with this stainless steel contact paper

You don’t have to shell out for new appliances if you want your kitchen to look good — just give the ones you have a facelift with this stainless steel contact paper. It’s made from tough vinyl, making it durable enough to withstand spills, oil, and more. Plus, the adhesive backing makes it suitable for renters, as you can easily peel it off if you ever decide to move out.


Problem: Your socks are always disappearing

Solution: This dock that holds onto them in the wash

Clip your socks onto this dock before putting them in the wash, and it’ll hold onto them so that none of them go missing. There’s enough space on it for up to nine pairs of socks, regardless of shape or size — and the heavy-duty cord shouldn’t fade over time.


Problem: Your bedroom is too bright to sleep late

Solution: Hanging up these thick blackout curtains

Whether you want to sleep in late or you’re looking for ways to save money on your energy bills, these blackout curtains are a smart pick. They’re able to block up to 99% of light — and the triple-weave blackout fabric is even thick enough to help insulate your windows against the weather outside.


Problem: Your shower keeps leaking all over the floor

Solution: Replacing the seal on the bottom of the door

Not only can this new door seal help keep your bathroom floors dry, but it also clicks right into place with a little pressure — no need for any drilling or adhesive. The best part? It’s designed to work with nearly any shower door and can be trimmed to fit if needed.


Problem: Your closet is starting to look a little cramped

Solution: Moving seasonal items into these storage bags

Closet looking a little cluttered? Try putting all those seasonal garments into these storage bags to open up some space. They’re made from lightweight, breathable fabric, with a transparent top that makes it easy to see what’s inside without having to unpack everything. Plus, the reinforced handles make it easy to pull them out when you need something.


Problem: Food splatter is making your backsplash look greasy

Solution: This transparent sticker that’s easy to clean

Cover your backsplash with this transparent sticker, and it’ll make it much easier to wipe everything clean once you’ve finished cooking. It’s heat-resistant, waterproof, and oilproof, so there’s no need to worry about how it’ll fare behind your stove — and many reviewers raved about how it “worked perfectly.”


Problem: Your shower head is leaky

Solution: This rainfall shower head that won’t break the bank

If your shower head is on the older side, consider swapping it out with this rainfall one. High-pressure jets make it feel like you’re at a spa, while the chrome-plated exterior gives it a sleek look. Installation is also a total breeze — many reviewers were able to get the job done in less than 20 minutes.


Problem: That bathroom drain keeps backing up

Solution: Using these clog removers to open up the pipes

Insert one of these clog removers into your drain, and the sharp teeth running down the shaft will grab onto all the grimy things that are blocking your pipes. They can be washed and reused multiple times to save money — and each order includes a stainless steel grabbing tool for when you accidentally drop small valuables down the drain.


Problem: Scratches are making your wood furniture look crummy

Solution: Filling in the scratches with these markers

There’s no need to refinish your furniture when you have these markers. Each order comes with six in varying wood tones, ranging from classic black to light maple. And if the ink isn’t enough to hide the scratch? Try filling it in with one of the crayons instead — reviewers raved about how both “worked great” on everything from coffee tables to dining chairs.