35 gross problems you're accidentally neglecting around your home that'll cause trouble later

Never put off for tomorrow what you can do today (and cheaply, too).

ByRachel Bar-Gadda
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How many times have you passed an entryway full of shoes, smelled something suspicious, and decided you’ll deal with it later because life is so busy? And no one actually wants to increase the chance of house fires just because cleaning the dryer vents is a hassle. These are just a few choice examples of 35 gross, yet common problems you’re accidentally neglecting around your home that’ll cause trouble later.

Luckily, tons of solutions are listed below to stay on top of issues before they become budget-busting problems.


Problem: not dusting your ceiling fan

Solution: an extendable ceiling fan duster that’s washable & reusable

Even if you're an avid duster, reaching those high places like the tops of ceiling fan blades can be a stretch. In this case, feast your eyes on this ceiling fan duster that will help you to not let thick dust accumulate and cause all kinds of allergies. It features a microfiber head that can be removed, washed, and reused, as well as an extendable pole to make reaching those heights a snap.


Problem: your oven hasn’t been cleaned since the day you bought it

Solution: this oven cleaner that removes years of baked-on food & grease

If you haven’t bothered to clean out that accumulated, hardened grit in your oven’s interior, like, ever, all shall be forgiven when you use this oven cleaner. Simply spray it on the interior, wait 30 seconds, then wipe it away for a like-new result. On top of working quickly, it produces no fumes and doesn’t even require you to wear gloves. Use it on every part of your oven from the oven door to the broiler.


Problem: musty smells coming from your closet

Solution: a pack of cedar blocks that deodorize clothes

Don’t let musty clothes make you think twice about going out in the world. These cedar blocks are an easy way to keep clothing smelling fresh in addition to warding off destructive moths. Every pack comes with 30 cedar rings that conveniently hang over your hanger hooks in addition to 10 cedar balls that are perfect for use in drawers. Made of North American red cedar wood, the subtle scent will help to both protect clothing and make your closet and home smell so much fresher.


Problem: spoiled veggies & fruit leaving a mess in your fridge

Solution: these refrigerator liners that extend the life of produce

If you go to grab that precious pear only to find it’s transformed into a primordial version of itself, it’s time to make good use of these genius refrigerator liners. They’re made of foam that absorbs moisture and lets air circulate, thus preventing premature rotting and extending the life of that pricey produce. Trim them to size to fit your shelves and easily wash them in the sink to be used again and again.


Problem: failing to remove crud & food debris from your microwave

Solution: this microwave cleaner that steam cleans to a sparkle

That slightly burnt tomato sauce and hardened cheese from past reheating can add up to become a true nightmare to clean. What you need is a regular cleaning session courtesy of this microwave cleaner that uses powerful steam to soften that crud. It comes in the shape of an angry mother and just requires a mixture of water and vinegar to work its magic. Steam will emanate from her head with a sparkling result within 5 to 7 minutes.


Problem: not protecting drains from pipe-clogging hair & debris

Solution: an effective drain protector with 45,000 reviews

This popular drain protector has garnered tons of rewards and over 45,000 reviews for its ability to prevent clogged drains and costly plumbing bills. It features a unique design in the shape of a mushroom that allows water to drain quickly while catching every single hair around its cylinder. It fits most standard drains but also includes several adaptors just in case. Remove the gathered hair with one easy swipe.


Problem: not properly cleaning toilet bowls

Solution: a pumice stone that doesn’t require chemicals

This powerful and all-natural pumice stone works effectively to remove toilet bowl stains you thought you’d never be able to remove. It’s both non-toxic and odorless and can scrub away built-up limescale, iron deposits, rust, and calcium. Use it on ceramic or porcelain surfaces and simply rinse it clean to store it in the included case that’s made with holes for fast air drying.


Problem: not grooming your pet, leading to furniture covered in hair & fur

Solution: this pet grooming rake that thins coats & removes mats

Plopping down on a sofa laden with your pet’s fur is not the picture of relaxation. For fur-free furniture, use this pet grooming rake that’s made with two sets of teeth to both de-mat and thin your pet’s coat. One side has nine teeth while the other has 17, with both sets of blades working to gently and efficiently remove hair. And, as a bonus, the rounded edges of the blades feel great on a pet's skin, providing a massage-like experience.


Problem: the sponge you use to clean bottles has no reach

Solution: these bottle brushes that scrub every narrow space

Sipping from your water bottle only to spot some kind of mystery crud at the bottom can make that beverage much less refreshing. What you need are these bottle brushes that come in a pack of five to address all kinds of bottle shapes and sizes. Two are perfect for cleaning water bottles, one is designed for long-neck bottles, one for baby bottles, and there’s even one specifically for straws. All are dishwasher-safe and feature stiff yet non-scratching nylon bristles as well as a rust-resistant stainless steel handle.


Problem: water leaks from your shower & onto tile

Solution: a shower door bottom seal that prevents water seepage

Attach this shower door bottom seal to keep your bathroom floor dry and free of mildew or mold. It’s compatible with any frameless shower door and just requires you to slip it over the bottom – no self-adhesive needed. Easily cut it to your dimensions with the two types of vinyl material working to prevent any water leakage.


Problem: not properly storing patio cushions, leading to mold & mildew

Solution: this deck box cover that’s completely weatherproof

Pulling moldy patio cushions out of the deck box when the weather finally turns fine can feel incredibly disappointing. That’s where this handy deck box cover comes in. It’s made of weatherproof, waterproof, and heat-resistant material that also protects against UV damage. It slips over your box easily and secures using drawstrings on either end so you can rest easy knowing those cushions will be in tip-top shape the minute the sun comes out to play.


Problem: leaving the door open & letting bugs in

Solution: a magnetic screen door with 64,000 reviews

Letting that beautiful breeze through may feel great in the moment, but you’ll pay later when irritating mosquitos are keeping you up at night. Turn to this well-reviewed magnetic screen door that installs easily and is made with a fine polyester mesh material to keep all kinds of flying creatures out of your home. The middle seam features 26 strong magnets that stay together securely yet separate effortlessly to allow you or your pets through.


Problem: allowing your home to get too dry

Solution: this humidifier with adjustable mist levels

Feeling a literal shock at every turn or touch of the door knob can be easily fixed by simply adding this humidifier into the mix. It offers multiple mist levels and features a 2.2-liter tank that allows it to run for at least 24 hours. Rotate the nozzle 360 degrees to get that precious moisture where you need it and refill easily from the top. It’s quiet enough to have by your bedside at night and is a cinch to clean.


Problem: using soggy mats in the bathroom

Solution: a memory foam bath mat that dries quickly

Keep the bathroom a serene haven of clean when you use this bath mat that absorbs water efficiently and dries fast to prevent mildew from forming. It’s made with soft memory foam that your feet will love and has a nonslip bottom to stay safely in place. Choose from seven size options as well as from over 20 colors such as autumn glaze or royal blue to perfectly match your bathroom aesthetic.


Problem: not removing lint from your dryer

Solution: a dryer vent cleaning kit that works with your power drill

Get deep inside your dryer vent, duct, and exhaust port using this dryer vent cleaning kit that attaches to your power drill for super-efficient cleaning. The kit includes a brush head at the end of a flexible rod that can extend up to 40 feet. When you fire up your drill, the brush will rotate inside the duct, grabbing all the amassed lint inside. Not only will you be preventing dangerous house fires, but your dryer will be running more efficiently, to boot.


Problem: never cleaning your makeup brushes

Solution: this automatic brush cleaner that removes old makeup in under a minute

If you’ve been putting off cleaning your makeup brushes, your skin won’t hesitate to let you know. Instead, opt for this automatic brush cleaner that works in under one minute to both clean and dry those brushes thoroughly. It includes a brush spinner, a glass bowl, eight collars to fit different-sized brushes, and a stand to keep everything neatly organized. Attach your brush with the correct collar to the spinner and pop it into the bowl that contains your cleaning liquid. Spin to clean, then spin to dry, and, voilà, your brush is clean and ready to go.


Problem: food falls through that crack between your stove & countertop

Solution: this stove gap cover that prevents unreachable spills

That spilled pasta sauce or dropped vegetable could cause you some potential pest problems down the road but can be avoided altogether with this stove gap cover. It bridges that unreachable crevasse between the stove and the countertop, catching all food spills. Made of heat-resistant silicone, it can handle temperatures up to 446 degrees and is easy to clean in the dishwasher or by hand. The nonslip material keeps it in place and it can even be cut to size if needed.


Problem: improper removal of pet stains

Solution: this citrus-powered odor eliminator with 108,000 reviews

If you know you did a half-hearted job of dealing with your pet’s latest accident, you also know to expect a smell that just won’t quit. Do yourself a favor and address those stains with this highly rated odor eliminator. Its formula utilizes fresh-pressed orange oil to deal effectively with bad smells yet remains free of chemical ingredients. Spray it on multiple kinds of surfaces such as carpet, upholstery, tile, turf, or concrete.


Problem: letting a bug problem go unchecked

Solution: an indoor insect trap that uses UV light as a lure

Easily deal with an out-of-control bug issue by setting up one of these indoor insect traps that work through the night. UV light lures in small flying insects such as fruit flies, mosquitos, or gnats, and then traps them onto a glue board via a fan. There’s no zapper at work and eight extra glue boards are conveniently included. The stylish trap won’t look out of place in your home and within a few days, your bug problem may be a thing of the past.


Problem: never cleaning your ice machine

Solution: an ice machine cleaner that removes mineral deposits

Ensure that your cocktail hour tipple continues to taste delicious over ice by routinely using this ice machine cleaner. It is designed with a non-toxic formula to remove built-up mineral deposits that can make your ice unpalatable over time. The 16-ounce bottle works up to four times and can be used on machines such as countertop ice makers, crushed ice makers, and even built-in ice makers.


Problem: leaving windows dirty because you can’t reach them

Solution: this window washing kit with a telescoping pole

If you’ve ever secretly dreamed of being a window washer, a) you’re not alone, and b) this window washing kit will help you achieve those dreams. A telescoping pole allows you to reach great heights so that even those second-story windows can be washed to a sparkle. And the washer head is designed with a squeegee on one side and a microfiber scrubber on the other, so you can wash and wipe all in one go. As a bonus, the scrubber can be removed and tossed into the washing machine to be ready to go for future use.


Problem: not scrubbing grimy grout between tiles

Solution: a power scrubber with multiple attachments

When grout grime goes unaddressed for long enough, it can make your entire home feel that much dirtier. Skip the manual scrubbing required and opt instead for this power scrubber kit that comes with multiple attachments that can deal with more than just your grout. The scrubbers attach to a power drill to derive serious power and are perfect for accessing tight spaces and narrow crevices. With only the press of a button, your previously grimy grout and entire home will shine.


Problem: never changing HVAC filters which can lead to poor air quality

Solution: a pleated air filter that traps up to 90% of particles

If there’s one thing to not slack on, it’s making sure to stay on top of your HVAC system’s air filter status. This pleated air filter is a perfect choice as it filters up to 90% of those particles such as dust, pollen, dander, mold, and more kinds of debris, to give your lungs fresh and healthful air. It’s made with a pleated design that’s electrostatically charged to collect irritating particles and lasts three times as long as its fiberglass competitors.


Problem: not replacing rusted door locks

Solution: this keyless entry door lock that’s easy to install

There’s nothing as alarming as trying desperately to get your key to work in a lock that has clearly bitten the dust with rust. Avoid this scenario altogether by installing one of these keyless entry door locks that use a customizable code to enter your home. Create up to 50 of these codes which can be used for various family members, friends, or cleaning services. The lock features a backlit keypad and auto locks after a customizable time ranging from five to 900 seconds. Best of all, this door lock is made of IP54 weather-resistant zinc alloy meaning no more nightmare scenarios of rusted locks preventing entry.


Problem: ignoring random leaks around the house

Solution: a reusable water leak alarm that alerts for up to 24 hours

Prevent serious water damage that was occurring right under your nose with this water leak alarm that will continue to alert you over a 24-hour period. Proactively place it in locations where water damage might occur such as under sinks or near water heaters and it will sense if there’s any leakage. It can be used over and over again, which makes the reasonable $11 investment a complete no-brainer in terms of preventing devastating water damage.


Problem: leaving grease & oil spills on your walls when you cook

Solution: this splatter screen with over 35,000 reviews

Stop your walls from wearing your dinner with this well-reviewed splatter screen designed with fine stainless steel mesh that keeps oil and grease in the pan where it belongs. It has a comfortable, heat-resistant handle and is made with small feet that allow it to be placed on countertops without leaving a mess. Choose from three available sizes (11.5, 13, and 15-inch) and toss it in the dishwasher for simple cleanup.


Problem: not cleaning the K-Cup maker so that coffee tastes stale

Solution: a charcoal water filter for a delicious brew

Morning K-cups could be that much more reviving if you simply add this charcoal water filter into the mix. Simply soak the filter for 15 minutes, rinse it for 60 seconds, and insert it into the cartridge to then filter out lots of impurities such as minerals and chlorine so that your brew tastes as delicious as it should. Six filters come in each pack and are compatible with almost every K-cup machine, including Keurig 2.0 models.


Problem: reusing the same cutting board for everything

Solution: this bamboo wooden board that includes six color-coded mats

Not only can this bamboo board serve cheese and charcuterie beautifully, but it also comes included with six color-coded mats for safe food prep. There are small food icons displayed in the corner of each mat showing different ingredients such as vegetables, fruit, or meat, helping you to easily avoid cross-contamination. All the dishwasher-safe mats fit seamlessly into a built-in compartment in the board and can be set on top of the bamboo board to provide a stable cutting surface.


Problem: never being able to tell if the dishwasher load is clean or dirty

Solution: a dishwasher magnet that eliminates guesswork

Simply flip this waterproof dishwasher magnet to say “clean” or “dirty” and everyone will finally know the state of the dishes inside. It’s offered in a combination of blue and gray, or gray and white, and is made in an easy-to-see large size with the words written in a charming font. Able to attach to any metal surface, it also comes with a magnetic metal piece with an adhesive backing to provide additional versatility.


Problem: ignoring hard water stains on tubs & sinks

Solution: this hard water stain remover that removes years of accumulated stains

If you’ve let those hard water stains coat your tub a few too many tens of years, you may have lost all hope. Well, you’re in luck, because this hard water stain remover is about to come to your rescue. Its formula magically dissolves hard minerals within mere minutes and even includes a protective sealant, to boot. Soap scum, limescale, phosphorus, and calcium, to name a few, don’t stand a chance and require minimum scrubbing to be removed. Use it on all kinds of surfaces, from tile to marble to glass.


Problem: mysterious odors are wafting from shoes in the entryway

Solution: air purifying bags made from activated bamboo charcoal

Pop one of these air-purifying bags into your shoes and eliminate that subtle odor greeting you as you walk in the door. They come in a pack of 12 and use activated bamboo charcoal free of any additional fragrance to naturally absorb smells. They are long-lasting, working for up to two years, and require only a couple of hours in the sunshine each month to be reactivated so that they continue to work their magic. Use them all over the home such as in the closet, gym bag, or even the fridge.


Problem: using sponges that get moldy too fast

Solution: a silicone sponge with a light peach scent

Never again pick up a smelly sponge to clean your dishes when you have this silicone sponge in hand. The material resists bacteria and mold to stay fresh for longer and is made with a light peach fragrance. Its soft surface won’t scratch your pots or pans and the non-absorbent silicone dries quickly. Not to mention that these will last you a long time so with three sponges to every pack, you’ll be set for ages.


Problem: neglecting to protect your mattress from stains

Solution: a waterproof mattress protector

A quality mattress protector is one of those must-have bedding accessories you may not think about until it’s too late and you’ve stained your expensive mattress. Be proactive by covering your mattress with this zippered hypoallergenic encasement that is waterproof to protect against spills and provides a barrier between your sleeping head and other gross things like dust mites and even bed bugs. It comes in three sizes: twin, queen, and king.


Problem: you aren’t routinely changing your mildewy shower liner

Solution: a shower curtain with a built-in & detachable liner

This shower curtain with its built-in liner makes it easy as can be to keep your shower game feeling fresh and on point. The snap-in liner is made of washable fabric and is able to be detached quickly to be tossed into the washing machine for routine cleaning. The curtain itself sports a waffle weave design and comes in five different sizes as well as eight colors such as classic white, blue, or light turquoise.


Problem: you’ve noticed your produce & milk are spoiling fast

Solution: this fridge door alarm that uses 2 sensors

Place this fridge door alarm on either side of your refrigerator or freezer door and never again watch produce and dairy products slowly go bad before their time. When the door is ajar, the device sounds an alarm that rings continuously for up to 3 minutes, at which point it goes on to alert you every 4 minutes. Choose from four modes with different decibel levels: quiet, medium, normal, and loud.