38 cheap things that help people sleep a hell of a lot better (& they're all on Amazon)
ByAndrea Hannah
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If you could use a better night's sleep, you're probably not alone. Between the stress of a job, the heavy weight of the news, and even small daily stresses, catching sleep that actually feels restful seems like a miracle. Fortunately, there are some cheap things on Amazon that help you sleep better, and a lot of them are pretty ingenious.

It's a given that a supportive pillow and a great set of bed sheets are must-haves when you're trying to get a good night's rest — but honestly, there are so many ways to improve your pre-sleep regimen. For example, a blackberry-flavored melatonin gummy could help you feel relaxed before bed, and staying hydrated with a 100-ounce water bottle can help stave off cramping muscles while you're relaxing.

The way you plan to wake up matters, too. If you go to bed dreading the sound of your alarm, it probably makes you want to jump out of your skin when you finally hear it in the morning. Instead of daytime dread, a sunrise alarm clock can wake you up gently with light and nature sounds. And who doesn't want a warm little nudge instead of an alarm screaming at you?

There are some many great, budget-friendly sleep products on Amazon that can seriously help you out. Here's a collection of some of the most ingenious products so you can finally get to sleep.

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This noise machine with soothing nature sounds

Over 28,000 reviewers swear that this white noise machine has helped them fall asleep in a snap. It features six rhythmic sounds — including classics like ocean and thunderstorm sounds — on top of soothing white noise. You can set this machine to shut off after an hour, or you can keep it playing all night long while you snooze. Plus, it's compact and lightweight, so you can take it with you anywhere.


A sleep mask with built-in Bluetooth headphones

Not only will this light-blocking mask help you fall asleep, but the tiny microphones allow you to listen to music while you relax. It features plush eye cushions made from high-density memory foam, and the entire mask is made from buttery soft fabric. When you're ready to wind down, just sync up your phone with the Bluetooth speakers sewn into the mask so you can listen to your favorite soothing tunes while you rest.


The lavender mist that makes your pillow smell really good

Just a few spritzes of this lavender linen spray will help you drift off. It's made with lavender oil and chamomile, both of which are known to be extra soothing. It also includes soothing witch hazel and jojoba oil, and the entire blend is natural and nontoxic. It's also free of parabens and sulfates, make it safe for your skin and hair.


These strawberry-flavored melatonin tablets that dissolve fast

Melatonin is commonly used in sleep aids, but not all melatonin supplements are the same. What makes this particular supplement so popular is that it's quick dissolving, which means it will get to work fast. Each tablet has 5 milligrams of melatonin — for reference, experts recommending not exceeding 10 milligrams, and note that more isn't always better as it may increase day time sleepiness. Plus, they've got a natural strawberry flavor that fans have called "pleasant" and "excellent." Of course, before adding any supplement to your diet you should consult your doctor.


The calming gummies that actually taste good

These calming gummies are a win-win: They taste good and they'll help lull you to sleep. They're each infused with melatonin (3 milligrams) which supports your bodies natural sleep hormones, L-theanine to promote relaxation, and magnesium to help you feel calm and sleep through the night. Of course, make sure not to eat too many — the recommended dose is just two gummies. And remember, before adding any supplement to your diet you should talk to your doctor to make sure it's right for you.


This caffeine-free tea that helps make you drowsy

Many reviewers have written that a few sips of this Sleepytime tea before bed helps them get a good night's rest. It's made from a blend of chamomile which has long been known to help with sleep as well as valerian root which acts like a seditive. There are no artificial colors or flavors, and they come in a set of six boxes. (That's 120 cups of tea for less than the price of brunch.) One reviewer even left this glowing review: "The Sleepytime Extra has the same flavor as the regular version (which I love), but the added valerian makes it even more relaxing. This stuff knocks me out, in a good way—I think the valerian/chamomile is a great combo."


An essential oil set with lavender, chamomile, jasmine, & more

Whether you need to get some sleep or relieve some tension, this essential oil set is for you. It comes with a stress relief blend, sweet dream blend, and a relaxation blend. These oils are 100% pure and undiluted, and they feature soothing lavender, chamomile, rose, vetiver, ylang ylang, jasmine, and more luxe botanicals. Rub them on your temples, diffuse them in your bedroom, or spritz them on your pillow to help you catch some sleep.


This essential oil diffuser that doubles as a night light

Not only does this LED-light diffuser scent your room when you're drifting off, but it also doubles as a night light. It features seven different colors that you can cycle through — but you can set it to your favorite color (or no night light at all). This diffuser comes with a remote control so you can change or adjust functions without even getting out of bed.


This cooling comforter filled with plush down alternative

If you tend to get hot at night, this cooling comforter is a must. It's filled with down alternative, which lends to its softness without trapping in heat. It also features diamond-quilt stitching along the edges as well as sewn-in "pockets" to help prevent filling from sliding to one section fo the comforter. On top of that, this all-seasons comforter is perfect for chilly winter nights and breezy summer naps.


A memory foam pillow with a customizable loft

Thousands of reviewers insist that this memory foam pillow is a miracle worker. Unlike other memory foam pillows, this one isn't a single piece of foam; the high-density memory foam is shredded into smaller tufts so that it can shift around your head and neck to offer gentle support. You can even remove or add filling to adjust to the perfect firmness for you, and the quilted cover is exceptionally soft.


This knee pillow that helps relive back pain

Slip this memory foam knee pillow between your legs when you hop into bed for an excellent night's sleep. It's perfectly shaped to sit right between your knees, and the unique curve allows for just enough space to help your hips align. Just resting with this genius little pillow allows your joints, hips, and lower back to relax so you wake up refreshed and ready to go.


12: These multi-layered curtains that block out sunlight

Whether you work a night shift or you want to take a mid-day nap, these blackout curtains have you covered. They're made from luxe, multi-layered fabrics that block out up to 99% of light. Reviewers have also mentioned that these curtains are heavy, so they help significantly reduce outside noise. Plus, they come in 16 eye-popping colors and pretty much every size you could ever want for your home.


This cool mist humidifier that's super quiet

This cool mist humidifier is a great addition to any bedtime routine. Before you hit the sack, fill up the 1.7-liter tank, set the dial to your preferred output, and you're done. This humidifier will emit cool air all night, helping to keep your skin and nasal passages hydrated while you sleep. It even operates at under 32 decibels, making this one of the quietest humidifiers out there.


This portable fan that you can hook to your bed frame

There are so many things to love about this mini portable fan. For one, the small fan size allows a light breeze while you sleep that isn't too overwhelming. And if you're sharing a bed and your partner doesn't like the fan, you can easily position it so only you're in its direct line. The best part, though, is in the flexible tripod legs. You can bend them in any direction to wrap your fan around an end table or your bed frame so you can fully direct the airflow.


This weighted blanket that feels like a hug

Studies have shown that weighted blankets can help calm you, which can be linked to better sleep. This cozy weighted blanket is a good option, as it applies an extra 15 pounds from tiny glass beads sewn inside. This blanket also features sewn-in pockets, and each one filled with the same amount of beads for even weight distribution. On top of that, the cover is made from buttery soft cotton that feels like a dream while this blanket hugs you tight. It also comes in a variety of colors and sizes to match up with your bedroom decor.


This cotton blanket that's cool to the touch

This cooling blanket is made from an innovative bamboo blend to keep you cool and comfy while you sleep. Bamboo is naturally breathable, which helps to regulate your body temperature when you tend to be a hot sleeper. This blanket is also sweat-wicking to help keep you dry, and it's super easy to care for. Just pop this in the washer and hang to dry.


These sheets that dim the numbers on your alarm clock

If you ask me, there's nothing worse than staring at your alarm in the middle of the night — but luckily, these dimming sheets totally eliminate the problem. To use them, just place one static-cling sheet over your alarm clock to significantly dim the numbers. That way, the light isn't disruptive, but it's just bright enough for you to check the time if you need to.


This travel pillow that has its own attached hood

Neck pillows are great, but this hoodie-neck pillow combo takes the cake. It features a standard U-shaped neck pillow that's excellent for traveling, but it also has it's own hood attached. Made from lightweight, velvety fabric, that drapes over your face, leaving your nose and mouth exposed so you can breath easy. The hood acts as a blindfold (and gives you a bit of privacy) so you can rest.


These microfiber bedsheets that feel like a cloud

Over 140,000 reviewers absolutely rave about these buttery soft sheets. Everything in the five-piece set is made from luxe brushed microfiber, which makes them literally feel like a cloud. They also come in a ton of different colors and sizes so you can find the perfect match for your bedroom. One reviewer wrote, "Absolutely the best sheets I've ever bought in my whole life. You won't be disappointed."


This projector that turns your room into a star-filled galaxy

It's easier than ever to fall asleep with this ingenious galaxy projector. Just plug it in, turn it on, and enjoy the gorgeous star show it displays across your walls, bed, and ceiling. You can choose to let it drift slowly, like a moving galaxy, or set it to be static. You can also set a timer so it shuts off after you fall asleep, or dim and brighten the lights as needed.


This subtle under-bed light that's activated by movement

If you tend to get up a lot in the middle of the night, this under-bed light is here to help you out. It features an infrared motion sensor that detects body heat, so it can sense your movements and turn on. The soft glow guides you in and out of your room without waking anyone else, and the automatic timer shuts off the light when you get back in bed.


This cooling topper that makes your bed feel like one big pillow

Who wouldn't love a cooling mattress topper that makes their bed feel like a giant pillow? This topper is filled with down-alternative and features quilted pockets through the surface to keep the down from slipping and sliding. Plus, it features an ultra-deep pocket so it can fit just about any mattress, and you can toss it in the washer when you need to.


This moisturizing sleep cream infused with melatonin

This sleep cream is both heavenly and super effective. Each pump is infused with 3 milligrams of melatonin that absorbs into your skin — and when it's applied topically, it can even help moisturize your complexion. It comes in a 1.7-once container, and many reviewers wrote that it "works great."


This cooling pillow packed with memory foam

Whether you're too hot or need more support, this double-sided pillow has your back. One side features a layer of cooling gel which helps to prevent you from overheating while you sleep. The other side is a traditional pillow, and the entire thing is made from luxe, high-density memory foam. This pillow offers the perfect balance of soft and supportive as it helps to keep your neck and spine in proper alignment while it gently cradles your head.


This essential oil blend that helps you chill out

This essential oil roll-on packs a powerful punch. Inside the tube is a therapeutic-grade blend of essential oils that can help you calm down so you can finally get some sleep. This roll-on is a blend of more traditional sleepy-time ingredients like lavender and ylang ylang, as well as more unique ingredients light marjoram and cedar wood, all of which help your body relax in their own unique way.


These shower tablets that release calming eucalyptus aromas

These shower tablets are an excellent solution when you're feeling sore or have a stuffy nose. Before bed, take a hot shower and set one at the bottom of your tub. The water will help this tablet slowly dissolve, filling your shower with the soothing scent of eucalyptus. Eucalyptus is great for congestion and sore muscles, so you'll be relaxed and ready for a good night's sleep.


This acupressure mat that makes your body melt

So many reviewers have sworn that just ten minutes per day on this acupressure mat is guaranteed to change your life. The mat features hundreds of tiny plastic "needles" that you lay on to loosen your muscles. While that make not feel very comfortable, over 16,000 reviewers have insisted that you just need to give it a minute to work its magic. One reviewer wrote, "Wow love it. Has improved sleeping and reduction in back pain. A bit uncomfortable at first, but give it a couple of nights [and] see how you feel."


This tracker water bottle that helps you go to bed hydrated

Not drinking enough water during the day can lead to tight, cramping muscles at night, so snag one of these tracker water bottles and drink up. It's a 100-ounce bottle that you only need to fill once at the start of the day. There's a time slot printed on the side, signifying every two to three hours and reminding you how much water you've drank. It even comes with an extra-long strap so you can easily take this water bottle on the go.


This dimmer switch that you can control with your voice

Thanks to this brilliant dimmer switch, you don't have to get out of bed to turn down the lights; just install it over your traditional switch to turn off (or adjust) the brightness via voice through Alexa, Google Home, or the proprietary app. Sure, you can still adjust your lights manually — but you can also set up an automatic schedule. It doesn't get any easier than that.


These blue light-blocking glasses that help you wind down

These blue light-blocking glasses can make a big difference when it comes to staring at your device or computer and then falling asleep. They come in a pack of three stylish frames, and each one features lenses that block blue light from reaching your eyes (which, as a result, allows your body to produce more melatonin). Reviewers also mention that this glasses are super comfortable, and they come in several different colors and styles.


This alarm clock that mimics a sunrise

There's no gentler way to wake up that with this soothing sunrise alarm clock. Here's how it works: You set your alarm for the time you want to wake up, choosing from a variety of nature sounds to wake to. As the time gets closer to your alarm time, the lamp will slowly start to brighten, so that you literally wake up with a sunrise simulation. You can also use it as a reading lamp that slowly dims at night, helping you to get ready for bed.


This door stopper that keeps out drafts and sounds

Not only is this door stopper really effective at keep out cold air, but it actually helps to reduce noise, too. At 34-inches long, it fits most standard doors, easily sliding on before bed and off when you aren't using sleeping. The sponge inserts help to keep your room warm and cozy while also blocking out any noise in the rest of your home so you can get a good night's sleep.


This herbal Goodnite Balm that provides soothing aromatherapy

This natural herbal balm made with clary sage, chamomile, lemon balm, lavender, and more to help relax your body so you can easily drift to sleep. On top of that, all the ingredients in this balm are non-GMO, organic, and completely sulfate free. One customer wrote, "I applied it to my temples and my forehead about 20 minutes before I was going to bed. I had the deepest and best sleep I have had in weeks."


This cooling blanket that's ideal for sweaty sleepers

If you tend to run hot at night, this cooling blanket will ensure that you won't wake up drenched in sweat. Its double-sided construction is made of a temperature-regulating, moisture-wicking material on one side, and breathable, 100% cotton on the other. Even though it's lightweight, it still has some satisfying heft to it, so you'll feel comforted (but not claustrophobic) as you fall asleep.


This bladeless fan that doubles as a white noise machine

This bladeless desk fan is sleek enough to fit on your bedside table, and its soft, gradient LED lights can work as a nightlight. It also emits a low hum that happens to work well as a white noise machine, too — a win-win-win for fussy sleepers. This charges up via USB cable, and it's equipped with three fan speeds that you can control with the touch of a button.


This cooling pillow that's infused with gel

This gel-infused body pillow is another must for hot sleepers. It's filled with shredded memory foam, which allows for more airflow than traditional pillows. But on top of that, the memory foam in this pillow is also infused with gel to help regulate your body temperature and keep you cool all night long. Just snuggle up to stay cool until morning.


This sleep aid that's all herbal and all-natural

Unlike several other sleep supplements on this list, Genius Sleep Aid uses the least amount of melatonin (only 0.5 milligrams) — but that's part of what makes it great. Rather than relying heavily on melatonin (which can leave some users sleepy the next morning) the secret to this supplement's success is in the other unique ingredients packed in these veggie-friendly pills. It utilizes L-glycine and L-theanine which can help you relax as well as rutaecarpine which helps eliminate caffeine in the body and supports your adrenal system. One reviewer wrote, "Using Genius Sleep Aid, I have fallen asleep easily, but more importantly to me, I have stayed asleep longer. My rest has been deep and restful." Anytime you are considering adding a supplement to your diet, you should check with your doctor first to make sure it's right for you.


These noise-canceling ear plugs that shut out sound

You won't hear a thing when you pop in a pair of these noise-canceling ear plugs. They come in a set of six, and each one is made from high-quality silicone. As soon as you put them in your ears, they'll warm up and mold to the shape of your canals, creating a seal to block out everything from dogs barking to heavy traffic. Plus, they're washable and you can use them over and over again.