39 top-rated products on Amazon that are surprisingly good at helping you chill out

ByLisa Fogarty

Life is so hectic. And just when it seems like you've got everything under control — here comes yet another task or stressful situation that throws things off. You can't control everything, but these 39 top-rated products on Amazon that are surprisingly good at helping you chill out can make those stressful moments feel a lot more manageable.

The market for innovative products that are made from naturally-derived ingredients is huge — as are wellness and self-care products that promise to ease anxiety or help you feel more balanced. However, with so many smart products to choose from, which ones will actually work?

And that's what makes Amazon such a great resource. This list of chill-out products pulls from only those that are highly-rated and well-reviewed. Whether you could use a natural supplement to safely lower cortisol levels, a calming bubble bath with lavender essential oil, or a pair of genius reflexology sandals that target trigger points in the body to relieve aches and pains — all of these products have passed the review and rating test.

There isn't a product on Earth that will be able to keep your boss from making demands of you or eliminate rush hour traffic. But having these items by your side may be just what you need to help see the light at the end of the tunnel.

1. This water painting board with disappearing ink for a zen lesson in letting go

Train your mind to stay in the moment before letting go with this water painting board, which comes with a bamboo brush that you simply dip in water to create beautiful pictures or words. The water will slowly evaporate after you've painted, a reminder that nothing lasts forever. Keep this on your office desk for a quick, relaxing moment away.

2. A pain-relieving foot roller and massager

This ergonomic foot roller has a textured surface that provides a soothing massage, while rolling out your feet on it can alleviate pain associated with conditions like plantar fasciitis. The roller in compact enough to take with you on trips or to the gym — and it even doubles as a massage tool for calves and the back of your neck. One reviewer summed it up: "It feels soooooo good on tired feet at the end of the day."

3. An all-natural lavender bubble bath with plant-based ingredients

Kick back after a long and stressful day by soaking in a bubble bath that you can feel truly good about — one that contains zero dyes, synthetic fragrances, parabens, or sulfates. This natural bubble bath is made with plant-based ingredients like soothing lavender oil, which promotes sleep, and organic chamomile and calendula to moisturize your skin.

4. These relaxation drops that can help with anxiety

If you suffer from anxiety and have a difficult time keeping your mind from racing, these natural stress-relieving drops may help. The formula is made with a blend of five flower extracts — Rock Rose, Impatiens, Clematis, Star of Bethlehem, and Cherry Plum — and can be added to drinks or placed beneath your tongue. According to one reviewer: "Game-changer for anxiety, panic, and fear. Give it 2-3 weeks to see noticeable impact. I am so pleasantly surprised by the results!" Of course, check in with your doctor before starting supplements.

5. An aromatherapy diffuser that can run for 13 straight hours

There are a number of essential oils that can help create a relaxing, soothing atmosphere — and this is the perfect extra large aromatherapy diffuser to deliver them. The 400 milliliter tank — which is shaped like a flower vase and will add to your decor — runs for 13 hours straight and features seven color-changing LED lights and four timer options. It comes in dark wood or light wood.

6. The roll-on essential oil treatment that helps to de-stress and promotes sleep

Not only is this therapeutic-grade essential oil roll-on perfect for travel (pop it into your bag and never worry about spills), but it can be used, mess-free, on any part of your body. The roll-on contains nine powerful essential oils that are designed to calm and soothe the senses. Use it any time you feel a stressful situation coming on or before bed as part of your relaxation wind-down routine.

7. These adult coloring books that help you focus

The next time you need to drown out all of the noise around you and focus on a single, de-stressing task, grab one of the adult coloring books in this three-piece set and put crayon or colored pencil to paper. The books feature more than 120 images of animals, mandalas, and scenery for you to color in while you wind down.

8. The fast-acting magnesium spray for muscle aches and pains

Muscle aches and pains can disrupt your sleep and quality of life. Before you take a pill, try this natural remedy for the pain — magnesium — which can be applied directly to your skin via this convenient magnesium oil spray. The transdermal formula is absorbed directly into you bloodstream and works fast to alleviate discomfort from muscle aches, spasms, and restless leg syndrome.

9. These fizzy, fun, and moisturizing bath bombs made with different essential oils

Make your relaxing nighttime bath a treat for your mind and your skin — these colorful bath bombs, which come six in a pack, and are formulated using olive oil and different moisturizing essential oils like peppermint, orange, lemon, grapefruit, lavender and eucalyptus. They create a fun, fizzy bath experience while leaving your skin soft and moisturized.

10. A supportive neck and knee pillow for pain-free sleep

If you're waking up with pains in your neck or back, it's time to take action. This supportive lumbar pillow is made from comfortable memory foam that retains its shape over time. Place it under your neck, knees, or lower back when you're resting or trying to get to sleep and it provides better spinal alignment. It comes with a removable, eco-friendly bamboo cover that you can wash and it fits in your carry-on case so that your hotel room feels more like home.

11. An acupressure slipper for arthritis and other pain management

Your feet actually hold the key to controlling pains throughout your body, according to the principles of reflexology. And these acupressure slippers support that practice with acupoint nodules that provide a soothing massage and can relieve arthritis or plantar fasciitis pains. The slippers — which are meant to be worn for only 15 minutes each day — come in five sizes and four colors, and have an adjustable strap.

12. This miniature humidifier that can be used in your car or office

You may love your home humidifier and wish you could bring it with you everywhere — and you can when it's this compact miniature humidifier that features two adjustable spray modes and seven color-changing LED lights that provide a soothing environment in a hotel or office. The humidifier holds 200 milliliters of water and will work for four continuous hours. Charge it with its USB cable and it keeps ticking.

13. The therapeutic cold-pressed essential oil blend that relaxes the senses

A few drops of this jasmine essential oil blend on pillows, clothing, or your skin can immediately relax your senses and make you feel ready to tackle whatever the day throws at you (or, if used in the evening, get you ready for bed). The blend contains jasmine, neroli, rose, geranium, lavender, and tuberose oils that reviewers say smells heavenly. This cold-pressed oil is strong though — one or two drops is all you'll need to smell and feel its effect.

14. A scalp massager that boosts circulation and makes you less tense

There are few things better than a relaxing scalp massage, and now you don't have to rely on your partner or pay someone to provide it. Take matters into your own hands with these scalp massagers, which feature sturdy pulling wires with beads that give you a gentle, soothing massage. The massagers come two in a pack and will boost blood circulation and make you feel less tense after a trying day.

15. The muscle roller stick that loosens up overworked, fatigued muscles

If you went a little too hard at the gym and now your muscles are paying the price, break out this muscle roller and get to work targeting those aching, fatigued muscles in your legs, arms, shoulders, back, or abs. The portable stick allows you to apply as much, or as little, pressure as needed to relieve pain.

16. An adjustable white noise machine with 20 ambient sounds

Trouble sleeping at night? You're not alone — and this white noise machine may be just the tool that helps you drown out the noise in your head and focus on more soothing sounds that will lull you to sleep. The machine features 20 ambient sounds — 10 fan variations and 10 noise variations that include white, pink, and brown noise. It has adjustable volume and provides the option of charging it with a USB cable.

17. This refreshing facial spray for mid-day touch ups

You — and your foundation — may be ready to throw in the towel by the middle of the afternoon. Hold on just a little bit longer and take a refreshing break with a few quick spritzes of this facial spray. The spray provides fine droplets of water mist that make you feel and look your freshest best again. Reviewers say this is refreshing and cooling to use anytime, anywhere.

18. The calming salt lamp that purifies the air in your home

Not only is this salt lamp a glowing beacon of warmth that soothes the eyes, but it's a busy air-purifying multi-tasker as well. The lamp is made with pure Himalayan salt crystals and releases negative ions, helping to clean and reduce allergens in the air. Sit the lamp down on your floor or table and use its dimmer switch to achieve the level of brightness you need in your life at that moment.

19. A natural solution for migraines and headaches that's portable

If you suffer from headaches or migraines, you know the pain and tension is no joke — and that it can pop up anywhere and any time. If you're searching for a drug-free alternative, carry around this compact headache rollerball — which is formulated with natural ingredients like peppermint, rose, and basil oils — and can be applied directly to your forehead and temples. One reviewer wrote: "I have tried so many things I was convinced this wouldn’t do anything. But even with the worst migraine pain, it gives me 15-20 mins of relief at the least. Highly recommend!"

20. This plush pair of wearable speakers for sleep and workouts

Music and podcasts provide a comforting way to get to sleep or become fully engaged with your walk, run, or workout. But the opposite holds true if you are constantly pulling your ear pods or earphones back into place. This speaker headband is designed with ultra-thin speakers embedded within a soft, stretchy headband. Wear the headband, which comes in six colors, is adjustable, and compatible with most devices, and it stays perfectly in place the entire time.

21. These gel toe separators for bunions and hammer toes

Alleviate pain and discomfort from bunions, hammer toes, and other foot conditions by wearing these gel toe stretchers and separators for 15 minutes to one hour each day, so that toes become more flexible. The medical grade gel stretchers not only provide instant relief, but they prevent future aches and pains — think of them as an investment for your feet.

22. A padded foam bath pillow that supports your head and shoulders

If you take baths, you need this bath pillow in your self-care routine. The large bath pillow has two panels — one for your head and one for your neck. It adheres to tubs with seven powerful suction cups and is designed with 2 inches of plush padded foam — so expect extreme support and comfort while you soak away the day's worries.

23. The low-tech deep tissue massage tool that gets the job done

You don't need bells and whistles, heat, or a million attachment heads to benefit from a great massage. This low-tech deep tissue massage tool targets trigger points and relieves tension and pain anywhere on your body and it gets the job done simply, without fan fare. Use it anywhere on your body and apply just enough pressure to loosen up knots and feel better in an instant.

24. An aromatic herbal tea with sleep-inducing herbs

Settle in for the night with a cup of caffeine-free tea made with natural herbs that were pretty much all picked for their sleep-inducing powers. This delicious tea blend includes chamomile, lavender, valerian, and kava root — all of which help calm your nervous system and prep you for a great night of sleep. One reviewer raved: "My favorite bed time tea. Nice flavor. Absolutely helps your body and mind rest."

25. This de-puffing ice roller for injuries and late nights

Whether you've been up all night having fun or finishing work — or have a sunburn or a migraine — this ice roller is here to rescue you by reducing inflammation and swelling. And it'll make you feel really, really, good. The roller can be stored in your fridge or freezer, comes in three colors, and is perfectly portable.

26. This cold, clay-filled mask that relieves throbbing sinuses

The second you feel sinus pain or a migraine coming on, stop and relax while wearing this cold, clay-filled mask, which molds to your face and stays cool longer than gel masks. This double-sided mask features a soft, plush fabric on one side and a PVC cover on the other for days when you need the coldest experience possible to combat head or sinus pressure and pain.

27. These compression socks that boost circulation when you're on your feet

If you're on your feet all day or spend a lot of time traveling on planes, you may be a little too familiar with the leg and foot pain and swelling that often accompanies these actions. A quality pair of graduated compression knee socks like these boost circulation and keep blood flowing to reduce discomfort and fatigue. They're great for long plane rides, too.

28. An organic lavender and flaxseed pillow for tired eyes

Give tired, overstressed eyes a miniature massage with this organic lavender and flaxseed-filled eye pillow. The little pillow provides aromatherapy benefits that relax you and help stress melt away. Keep the pillow in your freezer for additional de-puffing magic.

29. The calming sleep cream with melatonin and chamomile

Think of this calming sleep cream as a soothing tea for your skin. The luxurious cream is filled with melatonin, which helps your body adhere to its sleep cycle, as well as natural ingredients like chamomile and lavender. It smells and feels amazing on your skin and reviewers say it really helps relax and put you in the right frame of night for a good night's sleep.

30. This warm and cozy hooded robe that feels like a hug

Wrap yourself in an oversized, cozy fleece hug that makes chilly nights so relaxing. This hooded robe is lined with Sherpa and has a roomy pocket where you can stash remote controls, phones, or snacks. It's also reversible — so if fleece is more up your alley, turn the robe inside out and indulge. This robe comes in two colors: burgundy or blue.

31. A cooling car seat cushion that lets you control the temperature

Set the temperature (less cool on more comfy days, more cool on sweltering days) and feel completely comfortable no matter how long your commute. This cooling car seat cushion is completely breathable when attached securely over car upholstery, leather, and vinyl car seats. It fits most vehicles and works by powering it via your car's cigarette lighter adapter.

32. The anti-inflammatory cold massage ball for your neck and feet

Harnessing the combined power of cold therapy and deep tissue massage, this cold massage roller provides relief from pain and tension located on the bottoms of feet, your neck, your lower back, and anywhere else you're experiencing discomfort. The ball reduces inflammation and provides six long-lasting hours of icy coolness (the ball is removable so you can manipulate it however you choose for pain relief).

33. These hyaluronic acid under-eye patches that make it look like you slept 8 hours

Nourish the delicate skin under your eyes and fake eight hours of sleep with these relaxing under-eye patches, made with hydrating hyaluronic acid and Irish moss seaweed, witch hazel, and collagen. The pack of 15 patches won't slip from skin and feel cooling on the skin.

34. An invigorating, heated cream for sore muscles and joints

Loosen tense muscles and help make joint pain a thing of the past with this natural heated cream, which is made with an incredible blend of ingredients like black pepper, cinnamon, capsicum oil, and menthol. This cream reduces inflammation for long-term healing benefits, while providing instant pain relief so that you can get on with your life today.

35. This natural aromatherapy mist for your pillowcase and linens

Lavender and chamomile are two of the most effective oils for relaxation – and both can be found in this smart, convenient aromatherapy mist. The all-natural, eco-friendly formula is safe to spray in the air and on linen and pillowcases to set a more soothing stage for you to rest comfortably.

36. These magnesium bath flakes for a muscle-relaxing DIY spa treatment

Move over, epsom salt. The latest and greatest bath soak for your tired, aching body involves magnesium, a nutrient that naturally soothes overworked muscles. Pour these magnesium bath flakes into warm bath water when you need a detoxing, pain-alleviating spa treatment in the comfort of your own bathroom.

37. A wearable massager with intense heat and deep kneading therapy

If your aches and pains require a Shiatsu massager that can cover a serious amount of area on your body, this wearable heated massager is for you. Fling the massager over your shoulders, adjust it to one of three levels of intensity, add heat, and prepare to feel the soothing effects of eight deep-kneading massage nodes. This massager targets your neck, shoulders, and back.

38. The weighted blanket that provides comfort on stressful nights

Filled with glass beads and designed from seven insulating layers, this weighted blanket feels so soothing and offers an amazing level of relaxation on stressful days and nights. The blanket comes in more than 20 colors and prints, with 14 weight options that vary from 5 to 30 pounds. It can be used as a duvet for sleeping or as a comforting throw blanket.

39. An all-natural herbal supplement that can help reduce stress

Take a literal chill pill when you incorporate this all-natural stress-relieving supplement into your daily routine. The supplement contains herbs like ashwagandha, rhodiola rosea, passion flower, bacopa monnieri, and hawthorn berry, which are often used in Eastern medicine to help balance cortisol levels and keep stress to a minimum. According to one reviewer: It will not make your anxiety disappear, but certainly far more manageable, and you will notice a sense of calm and well being." As always, ask your doctor before starting a new supplement routine. Mic may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently from Mic's editorial and sales departments.