40 cheap home improvement products that work so freaking well

Clever DIY tricks and affordable upgrades.

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Upgrading your home doesn’t have to mean removing walls or tearing up flooring. It can be as simple as finding better organizational solutions or preventing damage that feels inevitable. Amazon offers plenty of goods that take your home to the next level without emptying your bank account. As a DIY enthusiast, I know that with the right tools, you can make any house a home. Check out these 40 cheap home improvement products that work so freaking well.

First up, you’ll find home products that protect your belongings. From covers for your refrigerator door handles to a drain protector, these simple changes to take care of your home will save you money in the long run. I’ve also included some cleaning kits that will revive your tired tile, appliances, or electronics. These simple switches can make your home feel nicer, more efficient, and in turn, make your home a better place to be.

Don’t worry: if you’re bummed out by your home’s current aesthetic, I have a few things that will do the trick. I’ve added unique products like peel-and-stick tiles that will add some character while hiding those ugly tiles you loathe but don’t want to spend the money to demolish.

These highly rated and reviewed products are under budget and you may be surprised by how big of an impact they really make.


This grout pen that colors over dingy tile

Give your bathroom an instant facelift without breaking the bank with this crowd-favorite tool: a grout pen. Use this $12 marker to simply "color in” the grout between your tiles and wait 30 minutes for it to dry — your walls and floors will look brand new.


The refrigerator deodorizers that keep your kitchen fresh

A smelly home often begins in the refrigerator, but these affordable deodorizers will change all of that. Within hours, you’ll notice odors disappear and stay gone. The non-toxic deodorizers last for six months and can even keep your fruits and veggies fresher for twice as long. They’re compact, leakproof, and can be placed anywhere in your fridge.


An outlet shelf that’s perfect for smart devices

This under-$10 fix gives you a little extra counter space right where you need it. This home outlet shelf turns any ordinary outlet into a convenient stand for speakers, beauty products, or voice-activated smart devices. The shelves can sit above an outlet and hold up to 10 pounds.


A window blind duster to keep dust at bay

Keeping your blinds clean will extend their life and make your home look in a tip-top shape. This is the tool you need to get this tough job done: it’s a hand-held window blind duster with three blades that you cover with microfiber sleeves to capture every speck of dust and dirt from blinds. This nifty little tool is so helpful it has more than 13,000 reviews and comes with five washable microfiber cloths.


The drain protector that prevents clogs

Skip the expensive plumber bills and prevent clogged drains before they happen with this drain protector. The stainless steel protector nestles inside of the drain so it won’t float away in your tub or sink and has a mushroom-shaped top that filters your shower water, trapping hair and debris before it washes away. Empty the protector every couple of showers by simply pulling up on the filter. It couldn’t be easier to use — or cheaper.


These biodegradable trash bags make it easy to compost

Many of the food scraps you throw away can be composted, but separating your trash can be a messy job. Keep things clean and separate with these compostable trash bags. This pack of 50 includes large six-gallon biodegradable bags that are thick, strong, and better for the planet. You can place lawn clippings, leaves, and plant-based materials like food scraps in these bags and compost the entire thing.


This food container set that’s stackable and transparent

These stackable food containers are cute and they keep your snacks fresh. They’re made of glass and come in three sizes: 10, 20, and 34 ounces. The dishwasher-safe lids and containers create an airtight closure, while the transparent design makes it easy to see all your snacks or ingredients and how much of each you have left.


A nesting utensil set that stands vertically with magnets

These nesting utensils improve functionality without compromising style (or spending too much). The set includes a slotted spatula, spaghetti server, slotted spoon, solid spoon, and ladle, all of which fit into each other and nearly stack on the storage stand. The secret is the magnetic handles, which securely attach the utensils together. Each spoon is dishwasher safe and can withstand heat up to 392 degrees Fahrenheit.


This sunrise alarm clock that wakes you up gently

Change the way you wake up in the morning by switching your rude alarm for the rising “sun,” thanks to this sunrise alarm clock. It simulates a sunrise to gently wake you up in the morning. This clock also features a radio and seven natural alarm sounds. Choose from eight different light colors and three brightness settings. It also boasts a USB charging cord to charge your phone while you sleep.


The jar grip that easily opens stubborn lids

Stop struggling to open jars and snag one of these $15 tools that you can install directly in your kitchen. This grip jar opener is designed to be fixed under your kitchen cabinet, disguised when not in use, but handy whenever you need it. The V-shaped design opens any lids, including child-proof medicine bottles, water bottles, milk jugs, laundry detergent, and more.


These checkerboard vinyl tiles to cheaply update floors

Replacing tile floors is not a budget-friendly renovation, but these vinyl decals can go right over your existing tile to completely transform your space. The 12-by-12 vinyl tiles have an adhesive back that sticks to your tile without any messy glue. “Good cheap way for a Reno. I put it over real ceramic tiles. It’s pretty easy to figure out a checkerboard effect.”


A laptop desk stand that’s adjustable for wfh

This laptop desk stand is designed so you can comfortably work anywhere, upgrading your work setup. It’s lightweight, portable, and collapses for easy transportation. It costs a lot less than a home office or desk, but still creates a usable workspace where you can be productive.


This flameless lighter that’s rechargeable

Light your fire more easily by upgrading to this flameless lighter with an extra-long wand. The wand makes it easier to light grills, fireplaces, and deep candle wicks from a more comfortable distance. Instead of the traditional flame, this lighter is powered by lithium and charges via USB within under 60 minutes. Once it’s charged, it lasts for days.


This mop and broom holder for organizing your home

Here is a simple upgrade that can make your closet, utility room, or laundry space feel more organized: a $10 mop and broom holder. There are slots for up to five tools, as well as six hooks between them where you can hang towels, scrubbers, and smaller accessories. You can also use it for gardening tools, sporting equipment, or any other cleaning supplies.


A slim storage cart for additional storage where you need it

If you are frugal but need some additional storage, check out this rolling three-tier cart. It has more than 6,700 reviews, and many reviewers have raved about how easy the trolley-style cart is to move from room to room, and how the durable wheel brakes keep it from rolling away on its own. Its narrow size is perfect for storing in your bathroom, laundry room, or kitchen.


This silicone splash guard for your sink

Tired of ending your dish-washing chores with a soaking wet shirt and floor? This splash guard is the cheap upgrade you need. The silicone splash guard sits on your countertops high enough to keep you dry, but discrete enough that it won’t get in your way. It’s flexible and easy to move, plus it dries quickly.


The spice racks that add instant storage to your cabinets

This pack of two stylish spice shelves offer the perfect way to upgrade your storage without breaking the bank. The stackable and expandable shelves provide more customizable storage that can hold up to spices, cans, or condiments, plus it can be used in tandem by stacking them, nesting them, or placing them side-by-side. Stack oils and spices on these shelves to organize your kitchen under budget.


This portable storage case with 55 compartments

You’re going to feel more motivated to fix things around the house and make upgrades when you can find the tools you need — in one secure and convenient spot — which is exactly what this portable storage case provides. The case features 55 small separate compartments where you can stash things like nails and bolts, but it’s just as great at organizing crafting supplies like buttons and beads. The portable case has a handle and a secure latch to keep your items safe and sound.


A stainless steel bar that eliminates odors without soap

Get rid of lingering odors with this stainless steel bar. It’s perfect for eliminating pungent smells lingering after cutting up onions, fish, or garlic. Just rub it in your hands with or without water, like you would with normal soap. The bar itself is dishwasher-safe and this pack even comes with a soap dish to keep the bar of soap on your counter.


The ladle tower that doubles as a lid and book stand

This spoon rest is inexpensive and clever — it stores the ladle upright to avoid spills and drips. It’s made of alloy steel and can also hold a pot lid, spatula, or even a cookbook. The matte black stand has a basin that keeps liquids off your countertops, plus is easy to clean.


This catch-and-release tool for critters in your home

Creepy crawlers like to sneak in the house every once in a while, and with this critter catcher, you’ll be prepared. The safe handler gets them out of your home, without hurting them. The catch-and-release tool can handle spiders, roaches, scorpions, flies, crickets, stick bugs, and more.


An expandable bamboo divider set for your drawers

Custom organization usually comes with a hefty price tag, but these adjustable bamboo drawer organizers are inexpensive and easy to use. One pack gets you four spring-loaded dividers that you can put into your sock, junk, or clothing drawers. They are made of bamboo, which is durable and looks nice, and at the end of each divider is a non-slip rubber pad to lock it into place. The dividers expand from 13.25 inches to 17 inches to fit your drawers perfectly. Create individual compartments for your underwear or socks, or kitchen utensils like spatulas, knives, and spoons.


This pack of fridge bins to organize your food and drinks

These clear plastic storage bins make it easier to find your favorite snacks and keep your pantry organized. The six-pack comes with two wide bins and two narrow bins, as well as a bin for sodas and one for eggs. They’re BPA-free and easy to wipe down, keeping your fridge and pantry shelves clean. At $30 for the pack, you can’t go wrong.


A produce container that keeps veggies fresher, longer

Keep your herbs in this convenient container that will make them last longer. Fill the jar with water to hydrate the herbs. The integrated basket keeps the herbs from sitting in the water and getting soggy. Use it for any fruits or veggies. One five-star review noted, “It kept my lettuce fresh and crisp for 2, maybe even 3 weeks.”


This desk caddy that holds all your work supplies

Cut down on the time you spend looking for your favorite pen with this cheap desk caddy. The multi-compartment organizer has five sections for pens and pencils, as well as a spot for sticky notes, paper clips, or other small accessories. Choose from black or silver.


An over-the-door laundry caddy for ironing supplies

This over-the-door laundry caddy holds an iron and an ironing board and turns the back of your door into a convenient laundry station. The over-the-door iron organizer hangs over interior doors — making use of an otherwise useless spot. It’s earned nearly 20,000 reviews and is only $9.


These adhesive pen holders that stick to your desk

Keep your writing utensils nearby for your next great idea with these under-desk drawers. They stick underneath your desk with easy-to-apply adhesive, and once they’re mounted, this pack of two drawers can hold pens, pencils, and markers. They easily mount to any flat surface without damaging it, so you can remove them if you change your mind.


A grocery bag dispenser that’s compact and useful

You’re more likely to reuse your grocery bags if they’re easily accessible and this bag dispenser will do the trick. With large access holes, it’s easy to add or snag plastic bags. The tall, vertical container has a small footprint that fits in your pantry or kitchen cabinets.


This three-piece memory foam bathroom rug set

This matching set of bathroom rugs is luxurious looking, feeling, and easy to maintain. They’ve earned more than 12,000 reviews for how cozy and soft they are, not to mention absorbent. The memory foam mats are covered in a soft velvet material on top and non-slip material on the bottom. This three-piece set comes with a large and small mat, as well as one for around the toilet.


These drawer organizers for your undergarments

A few organizing upgrades will make your home feel so much better without breaking the bank and this six-pack set is a must-have. The nylon drawer organizers are lightweight, yet durable. The set includes two six-cell organizers for bras, two seven-cell underwear organizers, and two 11-cell sock organizers. They’re ideal for delicates like ties, towels, and undergarments.


The fridge door handle covers to prevent fingerprints

Even if you can’t see it, your refrigerator door is probably covered in germs. Enter these handle covers. These plush, protective sleeves keep stains, water drip, fingerprints, and smudges at bay, and they’re totally inexpensive. This pair of machine-washable covers can be adjusted to fit your door’s handles and they come in a variety of sizes and quantities so you can protect your other appliances, too.


These colorful mats for your fridge that makes cleaning easy

Give your fridge an instant upgrade with these quality EVA refrigerator mats, which come in a colorful pack of nine. The anti-skid mats catch spills and crumbs, can keep bottles from falling, and are simpler to clean than your fridge. You can cut them to fit your shelves and repurpose them for counters and kitchen drawers. These waterproof mats have earned more than 9,000 reviews.


A dishwasher-safe salad spinner for your next dinner party

Mix up a delicious salad with one hand in this salad spinner. The clear bowl and all of its parts are dishwasher safe so clean-up is a breeze. The non-slip knob is easy to push and even locks down to make storing easier. The one has more than 21,000 reviews and a 4.7-star rating.


The cleaning kit specifically for stainless steel appliances

Keep your stainless steel appliances sparkly with this cleaning kit. It includes a streak-free spray, microfiber cloth, and wipes. It removes residue, watermarks, grease, and even fingerprints from dishwashers, refrigerators, ovens, and grills. A five-star review noted, “I cannot believe how great this product worked with almost no effort! Toaster oven, toaster, deep fryer, brew station, k-cup maker, sink, faucet, and travel mugs are all gleaming and it only took me 15-20 minutes!”


A freestanding shoe rack to keep in your entryway

Instead of kicking off your shoes at the door and leaving them on the floor, add this four-tier rack to your entryway. It holds 20 pairs of shoes and is Amazon’s bestseller in free-standing shoe racks. It has a sturdy metal frame and polyester fabric shelves. It assembles easily to de-clutter your front door in a snap.


This easy-to-install bidet that’s surprisingly affordable

A bidet seems like a fancy luxury, but this budget option makes it much more attainable. There’s no need to replace your entire toilet since this option is attachable. The sleek design features dual nozzle spray options that are controlled with an easy-to-use knob. It’s simple to install and has earned more than 12,000 reviews.


A fancy-looking squeegee that cleans your glass easily

This is the most bougie squeegee I’ve ever seen, but don’t worry: it’s only $17. The stainless steel and brass squeegee removes soap scum, limescale, and other buildups on shower doors and other glass surfaces in your kitchen, bathroom, or patio. It comes with adhesive hooks to rest the lightweight squeegee on when you’re not using it so that it dries quickly. It has a 10-inch rubber blade that keeps your glass shining.


These Swedish dishcloths that are much better than paper towels

Looking to cut down on your paper towel use? Try these reusable, washable, and budget-friendly Swedish dishcloths. They are super versatile to clean spills, wash dishes, or even scrub the bathroom. They’re made of compostable wood pulp cloth and cotton, so they’re natural, biodegradable, and chemical-free. The best part is that one of these cloths can be used for up to eight weeks without picking up odors. And when it’s time to clean — just toss them in the washing machine.


The electronic wipes that remove fingerprints without scratching screens

Odds are your electronics don’t get cleaned often enough. These electronic wipes make it simple to polish your computer screens, TVs, tablets, or phones safely. The nontoxic cleaners get rid of fingerprints, splatters, spills, and residue build-up. You can trust these wipes to leave a streak-free shine without scratching your expensive devices.


A soap-dispensing brush for spotless dishes

This soap-dispensing brush does it all: it eliminates the need to store a bulky bottle of dishwashing soap by the sink and features gentle nylon bristles that effectively remove grease and food debris from plates, bowls, and glasses. When it’s time to refill the brush, pop open the bottom and add more soap. It has more than 18,000 reviews.