40 dope things that keep selling out on Amazon

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ByIleana Morales Valentine
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There are some serious gems among the thousands of products available on Amazon. In fact, there are some products that are so dope they keep selling out. These clever products tend to garner thousands of reviews on Amazon, so you have tons of people vouching for how well they work. And honestly, they're pretty affordable, too. But here's the best part: you don't have to go looking for them because I've already rounded up 40 cool things that keep selling out on Amazon.

You'll find dozens of clever products you'll wish you'd bought sooner. Like this mini donut maker that whips up dessert in minutes. Or the adjustable lap desk that lets you WFH comfortably anywhere or serve breakfast in bed. And how about these insulated coolers that keep your canned drink chilled until the last drop? Or the lightweight beach blanket that sand won't cling to forever. Seriously, they're simple but brilliant things that make life better. And they span lots of categories, so you'll find awesome products for your home, travel, or work.

So keep scrolling for 40 dope things that keep selling out on Amazon. You'll want to get your hands on these before they're out of stock — again.


The insulated cooler that keeps your canned drink cold

Pop a slim can into this cooler, and its double-insulated walls will keep your drink cold to the last drop. It fits slim 12-ounce cans, and its stainless steel and copper construction keeps drinks up to 20 times colder than a beer sleeve. Plus, it comes in 28 colors and patterns, so you can choose your favorite and always know which drink is yours.


This personal blender for on-the-go smoothies

Make smoothies at home or anywhere using this portable blender. The 14-ounce blender jar also doubles as your smoothie cup with a travel-friendly lid. That means one less thing to clean, but when it's time for a rinse, the jar and lid are conveniently dishwasher-safe.


A set of stainless steel mixing bowls that save space

Prep any recipe using these stainless steel mixing bowls. The six bowls, which hold a range of .75 to 8 quarts, all nest within the largest bowl for smart storage. And their steel construction makes them durable, lightweight, freezer-safe, shatterproof, and dishwasher-safe.


This memory foam seat cushion that makes any office chair more comfortable

Place this ergonomic cushion on any chair for an instant upgrade. Its gel memory foam filling provides support while relieving pressure on your tailbone. The cushion also can improve your posture and relieve back pain. Use this popular cushion to improve your office chair or any seat you'll be sitting in for a while


This reusable pet hair remover with over 70,000 reviews

Eliminate pet hair around your home easily with just a few swipes of this reusable remover. Without sticky sheets or batteries, the brush system collects dog and cat hair from couches, beds, blankets, and clothes. With a 4.6-star rating and over 70,000 reviews on Amazon, shoppers love that this solution is eco-friendly and effective. It also works great for lint.


This adjustable umbrella that's lightweight & portable

Stay in the shade wherever you go with this portable umbrella that weighs just 1.8 pounds. It comes with a matching carrying case so it's easy to tote around, and its clamp attaches easily to most chairs or tables. Plus, the canopy is made of UPF 50+ fabric for added protection from UVA and UVB rays.


This swivel peeler with a Japanese stainless steel blade

Easily peel vegetables and fruits using this swivel peeler with a sharp blade. The ergonomic handle offers a non-slip grip while the Japanese stainless steel blade effortlessly removes skins from potatoes or other produce. It features a built-in eyer for removing imperfections, and the peeler is conveniently dishwasher-safe.


A sandproof & waterproof blanket for beach days & picnics

This durable and lightweight blanket gives you a place to sit wherever your outdoor adventure takes you. The polyester construction makes it waterproof, windproof, tear-resistant, and sand won't stick to it. And it's machine-washable and comes with a compact carrying bag so it can travel anywhere.


This filtered water fountain for dogs or cats

Step up your pet's hydration station with this cool water fountain. Its triple-filtration system improves the water quality for your pet, and you can choose from three water flow settings. The clever design holds enough water for the day and allows multiple pets to drink water at the same time.


These stretchy silicone covers for saving leftovers

Save any leftovers or cut produce by covering them with these stretchy silicone lids. Just choose one that fits from the 12-pack, and it works like a reusable plastic wrap to preserve food. Each lid provides a leakproof and airtight seal, and they're conveniently dishwasher-safe.


A leakproof lunch box that prevents soggy salad

With separate compartments, this smartly designed lunch container divides all the components of a salad until you're ready to eat. The benefit is lettuce stays crisp and salad dressing is sealed, so nothing gets soggy. At lunchtime, you can simply mix everything together to eat. The main bowl of the container is microwave- and dishwasher-safe.


A versatile lap desk for WFH or breakfast in bed

Create a workspace or tabletop anywhere using this adjustable lap desk. The desk's height and angle is adjustable, and its split surface means you can rest a cup of coffee on the side and keep your favorite pens easily accessible. The versatile desk makes a great work-from-home accessory, but you'll also love it for serving breakfast in bed, propping up a book you're reading, or as a space to paint or color.


This tiered organizer for corralling small items in the kitchen or bathroom

Take advantage of vertical storage space in your cabinets using this tiered organizer. The three levels on this 10-inch organizer maximize space for small items, like spices, toiletries, or crafting accessories. Non-slip lining on each shelf also keeps items in place, so it's no wonder this organizer is a recipient of Good Housekeeping's 2021 Storage Award.


This motivational water bottle that helps you stay hydrated

If you're having trouble sticking to your daily water goal, try this motivational water bottle to keep you on track. With time markers along the side, it's easy to follow the timeline and drink enough water throughout the day. Plus, the bottle is leakproof and its wide-mouth design is easy to fill and clean.


These smart outlets for hands-free control of lights & more

Plug in these smart outlets to control your lights or electronics with just your voice. They sync with Amazon Alexa or Google Home, but you can also adjust settings via a smartphone app. With over 72,000 reviews on Amazon, shoppers love how easy it is to set up automated lights using these outlets.


This set of heat-resistant & nonstick cooking tongs

Use these heat-resistant tongs to safely pick up hot foods from the grill or oven. They're heat-resistant up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, and the stainless steel construction resists corrosion. The silicone tips on each pair of tongs offers a non-slip grip and won't scratch pans or grills.


This adjustable jump rope that resists tangling

No matter your height, you can adjust this jump rope's length for a comfortable fit. The jump rope's ball bearing system helps avoid tangles or twists while jumping. And the memory foam handles offer a comfortable and strong grip while you work out.


An exercise ball set for a strength training workout

This exercise ball set offers a total body workout at home. The fitness ball comes with a stability base and resistance bands, so you can strength train your upper body, lower body, or core. Plus, this home gym set comes with an exercise booklet and exercise videos on YouTube to get you started.


This easy-to-use electric can opener that creates smooth edges

Let this electric opener do all the work of removing the lids from cans. Place it on top of a can, press the button, and watch as it automatically opens the can. You'll also love that the can opener leaves a smooth edge on the opening, so you won't accidentally cut yourself.


The bamboo caddy that holds everything you need for a relaxing bath

This caddy extends to fit across any standard bathtub and hold all your favorite bath accessories. The natural bamboo finish fits in with most decor, and the tray is cleverly designed to hold different items. There's a built-in book/tablet holder, wineglass holder, storage box, and space for candles and snacks.


This reusable popper for microwave popcorn

Upgrade movie night with this reusable popcorn popper. Use the lid to measure the kernels, and it also dispenses melted butter over the popcorn as it pops in the microwave. You'll save money compared to single-use popcorn bags, and using this popper is just as easy. Plus, it's dishwasher-safe.


This wildly popular card game for both kids & adults

If you're looking for a family-friendly game that's quick to learn, you need Exploding Kittens. This cult favorite card game with over 46,000 reviews plays like Uno or Russian Roulette but with wild cards that may feature things like taco cats or goat wizards. The game is strategic, goofy, and takes just a few minutes to learn. Hundreds of reviewers noted it's fun for the whole family to play, and many play it daily.


This foot peel mask for smoother feet & removing calluses

Wear these foot masks for an hour, and in a week or two any dry, cracked skin will peel away to reveal smoother, softer skin. The formula features papaya extract, which exfoliates skin, and is helpful for treating cracked heels and calluses. The booties fit up to size 11 in men's and women's shoe sizes.


This mini donut maker that prepares them in just minutes

Whip up a batch of donuts easily and quickly using this cute appliance. With just a few minutes of cooking time, this waffle iron-like machine makes a batch of seven mini donuts. A light on top of the lid lets you know when they're done, and the nonstick surface effortlessly releases each donut. Just add frosting and sprinkles.


The self-adhesive wallpaper that makes any surface look like marble

Give your coffee table, kitchen countertop, or bathroom vanity an affordable makeover with this easy-to-use marble wallpaper. Just peel off the backing and press the paper onto a flat surface to adhere. The final result is a realistic-looking marble finish that's resistant to stains from water or oil.


This non-slip pitter for quickly pitting fresh cherries & olives

Make quick work of pitting cherries or olives with OXO's Good Grips pitter. Hold the non-slip grip, place a cherry or olive in the holder, and press down so the die-cast zinc piece easily pierces through and removes the pit. It's designed to fit both large and small shapes of these fruits, and you'll appreciate the splatter shield so everything falls into a bowl.


These washable shelf liners for a cleaner refrigerator

Line your refrigerator's shelves with these mats for easier-to-clean surfaces. Each mat is waterproof and also resists mildew, oil, and dust. They're much easier to remove and wipe clean than a glass shelf, and you can even use them to color coordinate sections of your fridge.


The ultimate charging station for organizing all your devices

Keep all your devices organized and ready to go with this charging station. Charge up to six devices at once as well as an Apple Watch and AirPods using the defined spaces. The bottom compartment hides cables and power sources so the overall look is neater, and the bamboo construction is sustainable and modern.


This dishwasher-safe utensil rest for a tidier countertop

Place tools on this utensil rest while you're cooking, and it'll keep your countertops clean and drip-free. With four slots and a wide tray, it has plenty of room for any cooking spoons, ladles, or other tools you may use while preparing a meal. And it's made of silicone, so it's heat-resistant and dishwasher-safe. Choose from 16 colors, including gray and white, to match your kitchen.


A lightweight & portable charger so you're never stuck with a dead phone

This portable charger weighs just a half-pound and fits in your pocket, so you can have backup to charge your phone anywhere. Its universal compatibility with USB-C and micro USB ports charges phones, tablets, laptops, and other devices. Plus, when fully charged it holds enough power to charge most smartphones more than once.


These eco-friendly dryer balls that replace dryer sheets

These wool dryer balls help your laundry dry more efficiently and with fewer wrinkles. They last for at least 1,000 loads, replace dryer sheets and fabric softener, and they're fragrance-free. They're gentle on sensitive skin, and you can add your favorite scent using essential oils.


This brush for better shampooing & scalp massages

The thick silicone bristles on this brush help you deeply clean your scalp during a shampooing. The waterproof brush also gently exfoliates and massages your scalp, which helps remove build-up. It's so easy to use and effective, it's no wonder this brush maintains a 4.6-star rating with over 71,000 reviews.


This smartphone mount for your dashboard

This mount holds your phone on your dashboard so you can easily see it while driving. A suction cup holds it securely in place, and the angle of the mount is adjustable 225 degrees. Its one-touch mechanism makes placing or removing the phone from the mount a breeze.


These fan favorite satin pillowcases that are machine-washable

With over 172,000 reviews, shoppers rave about the silky-soft and cooling feel of these satin pillowcases. Unlike cotton pillows, they won't absorb moisture, and the smooth texture is gentle on your face and hair. These pillowcases are an affordable alternative to silk that's also conveniently machine-washable.


This nonstick pastry mat with nifty measurement markings

Roll out dough easily on this pastry mat instead of your countertop. Dough won't stick to it, and you can use the built-in measurement markings to consistently size or cut your dough. Once you're done, this silicone mat is dishwasher-safe.


This toothbrush station that dispenses toothpaste

Create a dental hygiene station in your bathroom with this toothbrush holder set. It holds up to five toothbrushes with a cover to protect each toothbrush head. The dispenser part administers just enough toothpaste for brushing and helps you squeeze out every bit from the tube. Reviewers report the holder works with both manual and electric toothbrushes.


A portable phone stand that's adjustable & foldable

Prop your phone up anywhere using this portable phone stand that folds down for storage. It's designed to hold smartphones, tablets, and e-readers, and you can adjust the holder's height and angle for the best fit. If you're traveling or working from your favorite coffee shop, the stand conveniently folds down to fit in your pocket.


This airtight sealer that keeps all your snacks fresh

Use this mini sealer to create an airtight closure on a half-eaten bag of chips or candy bar. In just a few seconds, the heat seals the opened bag so that its contents stay fresher longer. With this sealer in your pantry, you'll never have to search for another bag clip.


An ergonomic label maker for organizing your home

This label maker helps make sense of items in your home with easy-to-read adhesive labels. The machine embosses letters, numbers, and symbols into the tape, so you can label your spice collection, storage containers, and more. It's easy and comfortable to use with an ergonomically designed grip, and it doesn't even require batteries or a power source to work.


These heatproof silicone sleeves for cast iron handles

Cast iron pans are known for their excellent heat retention, but you need these silicone sleeves to protect yourself from hot handles. When you're ready to pull a pan from the stovetop or iron, just slide the sleeve over the handle to protect your hand. Each sleeve is made of durable silicone that's heatproof up to 275 degrees Fahrenheit.