40 under-$20 hacks that make you look better than you have in a LONG time

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ByAndrea Hannah
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I'll be the first to admit that I love splurging on pricey grooming products — but recently, I've seen the light. It turns out that there are actually some high-quality products on Amazon that'll help you look and feel great, and they don't cost a fortune. I'm here for it.

The way I like to search for great hacks is to consider my daily routines, starting with the shower and ending with the final touches of my hair or outfit before I head out. There are tons of excellent everyday grooming and wellness products out there, like these gel eye patches. Just lay them over your lids after they've cooled in the fridge and be amazed at inflammation going down.

I also consider what I call "long-term maintenance" routines. These are the things you probably don't need daily, but you should definitely invest it for weekly or even monthly use. Take these foot peel masks, for example. Do you need to remove an entire layer of old skin from your feet everyday? Nope. But once in awhile, it might be a good idea.

If you aren't sure where to even find some of these affordable and effective hacks, I've got you covered. Check out this round-up to help you look and feel your very best.


This "Wonder Water" that leaves your hair silky smooth

One treatment with this "Wonder Water" and your hair will instantly feel like silk. The solution is made from lamellar water technology that works to condition your hair within eight second of application. It's also completely paraben- and silicone-free, so it won't shouldn't down your hair. Just apply after shampooing for lustrous locks in a snap.


This foot peel mask that has over 18,000 reviews

Over 18,000 reviewers rave about these foot peel masks. Not only do they leave your feet silky smooth, but the active ingredients actually work to penetrate the tough, outer layer of your skin. After a few days, the top layer of your skin literally peels away, revealing fresh, soft skin beneath. Plus, many reviewers love the fresh lavender scent these masks leave behind.


These gel ice packs that help reduce unwanted inflammation

Just pop these gel eye patches into your fridge for a few minutes for instant, soothing relief. Reviewers have mentioned that these patches help to reduce soreness, puffiness, and inflammation while soothing the skin around your eyes, leaving you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day. On top of that, they're reusable. When they start to get warm, just pop them back in the fridge to cool them down and reuse them.


This hair oil that's a shampoo, conditioner, & leave-in treatment all in one

You can ditch the rest of your shower products with this brilliant three-in-one hair treatment. Made from a luxe blend of avocado, olive, and almond oils, this treatment manages to nourish dry and damaged hair without any of the greasiness. Just apply it in the shower to clean, condition, and treat your hair with one application. Your hair will come away shinier and softer than it's ever been before.


This deep-conditioning mask that temporarily colors your hair

This moroccan oil mask deep-conditions your hair while also applying a temporary dye. Just apply this mask directly to your hair and allow the nourishing ingredients to help repair and and restore your strands. You can also choose from nine different colors, ranging from rich chocolate brown to eye-popping pastel pink. The color should last for a couple of weeks before it needs to be touched up.


This electric nail file that's as good as the professionals'

Doing your own nails at home has never been easier with this electric nail file. It comes with five different heads so you can grind, file, and buff your nails with just the flick of a button. It also comes with a mini manicure set that's completely portable, as well as 26 mini sand board attachments so you can easily replace them when they get worn over time.


This exfoliating brush that makes your skin buttery soft

This exfoliating brush will leave your skin silky smooth and glowing. At 6 inches long, it's big enough to use all over, and it even features multiple types of bristles so you can choose with side of the brush feels best to you. The top half features soft, flexible bristles while the bottom half features stiffer bristles so you can exfoliate even the toughest skin.


This jewelry cleaner that leaves your gems sparkling

One reviewer wrote that after cleaning her ring with this jewelry cleaner, she "honestly can't tell the difference between a professional cleaning and using this at home." It features an effective formula that helps to remove dirt and debris from your finest rings, necklaces, and more, while also diminishing the appearances of scratches. To use, just set your jewelry into the tiny tray, dip, and remove. Both you and your jewelry will get an instant glow-up.


This handheld steamer that you can take anywhere

It's super easy to travel with this garment steamer so your clothes are crisp and wrinkle-free wherever you go. It heats up to full capacity within two minutes, and it releases a continuous stream of water vapor for 15 minutes, which is plenty of time to steam your entire outfit. Plus, it's lightweight and compact, making it easy to take with you on the go.


This balm that conditions your leather goods

This Mink Oil balm is great for cleaning and conditioning your favorite leather goods. The oil is specially formulated to hydrate and condition your leather boots, shoes, bags, and more, while also adding a protective waterproof coating. Once it's absorbed in the leather, it leaves your favorite pieces lustrous and looking brand new.


These trimmers that comes with 13 attachments

Over 50,000 reviewers insist that this electric trimmer kit is one of the best on the market. This trimmer is so popular because it works amazingly well, and there is zero maintenance. The blades self-sharpen as you use it, so this trimmer works just as well as the day you opened it. And with 13 different attachments, including a nose trimmer, you have everything you need for a clean shave.


This dry shampoo that absorbs excess oil

One spritz of this dry shampoo and your hair is fresh and ready when you don't have time for a full wash. The lightweight formula absorbs excess oil while also adding tons of extra volume. Plus, reviewers mention that it has a light scent so it isn't overpowering.


A gentle detangling brush for wet or dry hair

This brush is made specifically for detangling knotted hair, and it does so with soft bristles that don't latch onto tangled strands. It works just as well with wet hair as it does with dry, and it shouldn't cause any breakage. The best part? It feels great on your scalp.


This basic tee that's made specifically for your body

If you have trouble finding the perfect tee, this customizable T-shirt is game-changer. Each shirt is made specifically for your measurements, so you know it'll fit perfectly from the moment you take it out of the box. You can even choose which fabric blend you want. Go with 100% cotton for a super soft standard tee, or a modal blend for a bit more stretch.


These vitamins that support hair & nail growth

So many reviewers insist that these hair and nail vitamins are some of the best on the market. They're infused with collagen and biotin, both of which help leave your hair and nails shiny, strong, and healthy. Plus, they're made with no milk, lactose, soy, gluten, wheat, yeast, or fish, making them one of the best natural vitamins you can find.


This manicure set that has 18 individual pieces

This nail set has anything you could ever need to give yourself a flawless manicure. All of the tools are made from high-quality stainless steel and come with their own elastic slot in the lightweight case to keep them in place. The kit has every type of file shape and size you could dream of, as well as a variety of clippers and facial grooming tools. On top of that, you can zip up everything and take it all with you when you travel.


This milk & honey blend that nourishes your cuticles

This milk and honey cuticle oil is a must for at-home nail care. Just apply a few dabs of this nourishing formula to your cuticles to instantly moisturize and revitalize dry, brittle skin. The honey conditions your nails and skin to make them petal-soft, while the lactic acid in the milk stimulates growth. And for less than 10 bucks for glossy, healthy nails, this oil is a steal.


This roll-on solution that soothes freshly shaved skin

One reviewer wrote that this roll-on aftershave is "like gold to me now." It's formulated with soothing ingredients that help to calm inflamed skin and prevent unwanted bumps and ingrown hairs. The best part about this repair serum, though, is how easy it is to apply. It's even gentle enough to apply to any part of your body for an instant cooling sensation right after a fresh shave.


These ice globes that massage your neck & face

Whether you're looking for a way to relax or an at-home spa treatment, these ice globes are great for both. They're made from glass and can be filled with water — so as soon as you pop them in the fridge, they'll start to cool. After about 10 minutes, take them out and hold the wand to gently roll them over your neck and face. The cooling sensation will leave your skin soft and supple while also increasing circulation for an after-treatment glow.


This nail kit that buffs your nails from every direction

This nail kit has enough buffers and files to last you for multiple DIY manicures. It comes with six high-quality files to shape your nails, as well as six colorful buffers that you can use to polish before you paint. The files also features two different textures — one for shaping and the other for smoothing out rough edges — so you truly have everything you need for perfect nails.


This guide that helps you get a perfect neckline shave

When you need a trim between trips to the salon, this shaving guide has your back. Just situation this guard at the nape of your neck, just above your natural hairline. Then, use your trimmers to shave a perfectly straight line for a close, fresh cut. This band is even made from nonslip silicone, so it won't budge while you're trimming.


This top coat that dries in a snap

Over 11,000 reviewers can't say enough good things about this durable top coat. This clear polish can go over any color, and it dries within 30 seconds of application so you can keep going about your day. The best part, though, is that it dries hard to prevent chipping for up to 10 days, making all the time you put into your mani worth the effort.


This latex cuticle guard that prevents manicure messes

Whether you're a mani pro or you're prone to messes, this cuticle guard makes doing your nails a million times easier. Here's how it works: Just brush this latex guard around your nail bed before you start polishing. Allow it to dry, and then polish away. Any spills or errors end up on the guard, which you then can gently pull off when you're finished, revealing perfectly painted nails.


This tape that instantly hems your pants & skirts

If you don't have time to take your pants or skirts to a tailor, this hem tape is an excellent alternative. It's completely clear and discreet, and it features ultra strong adhesive on both sides. To use, just fold your skirt or pants to where you'd like the hem to fall, then apply the tape to hold it in place while you go about your day.


This reusable pet hair remover that cleans itself

This reusable pet hair remover is both effective and eco-friendly. Instead of dealing with all those sticky papers, just roll this device over your outfit before you head out. It works just as well as traditional rollers, but this one cleans itself. Every time you insert the brush into the base, the tiny nodules help to pull the hair from the brush. All you have to do is empty the base occasionally.


This balm that conditions your facial hair

One reviewer writes that this beard balm "smells good, feels good, and made my beard healthier." Infused with nourishing shea butter and coconut, this balm conditions facial hair that tends to get dried out while also helping to keep it neat and well-groomed. And even though this is a butter-based formula, some reviewers have written that it isn't sticky at all.


This gallon-sized bottle that motivates you to drink more water

If you're trying to drink more water throughout the day, this motivational bottle is a great buy. For one, it's larger enough that you only have to fill it up once for it to hold all the water you need to meet your daily requirements. It also features a flip-down spout and a handle so you can take it anywhere. The best part, though, are the motivational messages on the side to encourage you to keep hydrated throughout the day.


These sparkly studs that go with any outfit

These cubic zirconia studs are fun, simple, and go with just about any outfit. They feature a princess cut stone that's crafted in real sterling silver, so you can wear them even if you have sensitive ears. They have a special coating that allows for greater longevity and a lustrous appearance so they'll continue to hold up over time.


This lip scrub that leaves your lips soft & plush

Just a few swipes of this lip scrub can leave your lips plush and polished. It's infused with tons of nutrient-rich ingredients, including jojoba and avocado oils, as well as sweet almond oil to help skin repair and sugar grains for exfoliation. It's also completely vegan, unscented, and free from irritants.


This Apple watch band that comes in a ton of different colors

At only nine bucks, you can grab a couple of these Apple watch bands so you can mix and match them with your outfit. They're made from soft, flexible silicone, so they allow for plenty of movement without feeling restrictive. The silicone material is also moisture-wicking, making this band a great choice for sweaty workouts. And with tons of fun colors to choose from, you'll never get bored.


This hydrating hair mask that has thousands of fans

Over 24,000 reviewers have great things to say about this ultra hydrating hair mask. Made with luxe argan oil, this mask helps to bring dry or damaged hair back to its original luster. Plus, it couldn't be easier to use. Just leave this mask on for as long as you want, depending on your hair type, and watch your hair transform into glossy, gorgeous locks.


These tinted blue-light blocking glasses

These tinted, blue-light-blocking glasses will protect your eyes — and the delicate skin around them — from the blue light being emitted by your phone, computer, and gaming rig so your eyes will feel better and — more to the point — you will sleep better. They don’t magnify but they are designed so you can wear them over your glasses to filter out light.


This kit that gets your lashes and brows in tip-top shape

This convenient kit helps you to get both your eyebrows and eyelashes into shape before you head out for the day. It comes with three versatile tools, including a wide eyelash comb, dual-sided brow and lash tamer, and a brow groomer. Use the comb to separate lashes that may have gotten stuck together with mascara, then brush back your brows and separate your lashes further with the dual-sided tool. Finally, use the brow groomer to apply any gels or fillers for perfectly prepped brow.


This vest that helps improve your posture

Reviewers have mentioned that one of the best side effects of wearing this posture-correcting vest is that it helps to relieve back pain, too. Here's how it works: Slide this vest on so that the central column aligns with your spine. Then, adjust the straps for a tight, yet not uncomfortable fit. This vest will gently guide your shoulders back and down so that your posture naturally straightens, encouraging your muscles to remember the position so that eventually you're standing straight and tall on your own.


This retractable roller that you can take with you

At only 5 inches long, it's super easy to take this retractable roller with you anywhere. Just slip it into your pocket or purse until you need to remove some lint or pet hair from your outfit. Pop up the top, roll, and snap it back into place for an instant clean-up that leaves your clothes looking fresh and neat.


These comfortable no-show socks that are also breathable

These no-show men's socks are perfect for just about any closed-toed shoes. They're virtually invisible in most shoes, but you'll definitely notice how great they feel. They're super thin with a bit of stretch, and they feature a mesh panel near the toes to allow for maximum breathability. Plus, you get seven pairs in one pack, so you have a pair for everyday of the week.

  • Available sizes: 6 — 14


This exfoliating glove that works on your whole body

Many reviewers love this exfoliating glove because you can use it on your entire body in the bath or shower. It's made from a soft, texture cloth that you can slip your hand into for added pressure. Gently rub this glove over any part of your body you want to exfoliate to remove dirt, debris, and old skin cells, leaving your skin dewy and fresh.


This finishing cream that smooths out fly-aways

This finishing cream is exactly what you need to smooth out those unwanted fly-aways. It comes out as a soft white color, but it dries completely clear once you apply it. Just smooth the mascara-like brush over your ponytail to smooth out any loose hairs for a super sleek look. It's also lightweight and compact, so you take this cream with you for touch-ups throughout the day.


A natural, mint-scented lip balm made with beeswax

Not only is this lip balm natural and free of parabens and petroleum, but it also has a soothing mint flavor. It's made with nourishing ingredients including beeswax, rosemary oil, vitamin E, sunflower oil, and jojoba oil — and it'll help your lips retain hydration while remaining smooth.


A portable sound machine so you get a good night's sleep

They call it beauty sleep for a reason. Nothing makes you look and feel better than getting a solid night’s sleep and this portable white noise machine will help you get there no matter what else is happening — snoring partner, screaming cat, street noise — the 36 sounds contained here will mask it all so you can snooze. Choose from the sound of six fans or from noises like the ocean, rain, thunder, or a waterfall.