41 fitness products that are best sellers on Amazon because they're actually life-changing

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ByAndrea Hannah
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There aren't many products you can truly call "life-changing," but the ones that have made the biggest difference in my life have had to do with fitness. And I'm not alone. Best-selling fitness products on Amazon are filled with reviews from people who insist that their lives are better off after their purchases. It makes sense if you think about it. When you work out, you tend to feel better, and when you feel better, everything feels better. And if it's a pair of buttery-soft gym shorts that makes you want to hit the gym again, then you know what? Those shorts really make your life better.

All you have to do is comb through the reviews on some of these products to see how they've helped people. Reviewers write about how a weighted hula hoop helped them get stronger, how a Pilates bar made their workout more fun, or how the right shirt made running in the heat a little more bearable. But here's the thing — I've already sifted through the reviews for you. Now all you have to do is keep reading to find more than 40 popular fitness products on Amazon that are going to totally change your workout — and in turn, your life.


These high-waisted shorts with over 40,000 glowing reviews

Over 40,000 reviewers insist these high-waisted workout shorts are the best on the market. They're made from moisture-wicking material that keeps you cool and dry, yet they also have plenty of stretch so they're extremely comfortable. They even have pockets that are big enough to hold your phone or wallet, and an extra-wide waistband that won't roll down. Plus, they come in just about any color you could ever want.


This sports water bottle that comes with multiple lids

Not only does this sports bottle keep your water cool all day, it also comes with a variety of lids, so you can sip any way you want. It comes with a stainless steel lid to help keep your drink cold for up to 12 hours, a carabiner straw lid with two straws, and a flip lid with an extra wide spout. And since it's double insulated, this water bottle never leaves behind any condensation.


This dumbbell set that's really affordable

This dumbbell set is perfect for beginners and experts alike. It comes with three pairs of dumbbells, including 2-pound, 3-pound, and 5-pound weights, all of which are great to work your shoulders, upper back, biceps, and more. Each weight features a textured neoprene coating that prevents your fingers from slipping, and the set comes with a convenient storage stand. For only 35 bucks, this set is a steal.


These popular resistance bands that can give you a full-body workout

With over 68,000 five-star ratings, these resistance bands are clearly popular for a reason. The set comes with five bands made from durable natural latex. They range in resistance level from extra-light to extra-heavy, and some reviewers even double-up the bands as they get stronger. They come with a drawstring bag that weighs less than a pound, so you can take them with you on the go.


This extra-long foam roller that can relieve sore muscles

No matter how much you work out, this foam roller is well worth the investment. At 3-feet long, you can easily target every large muscle group to help loosen tight, contracted muscles. This roller is also made from high-density memory foam, which allows it to keep its shape so it can really press into those sore spots and trigger them to release.


This fanny pack that holds your most important items

Whether you're headed to the gym or out for a run, this fanny pack is a must-have. At about 14-inches across, it's large enough to store your phone, wallet, keys, and more, and it features four zippered pockets to help you stay organized. It's also made from soft, light material that won't weigh you down. You can even adjust the nylon strap to fit securely around your waist or slung over your shoulder.


This tech shirt that keeps you cool

It's easier than ever to stay cool and dry with this tech shirt from Under Armour. It's made from highly breathable, sweat-wicking material that helps to pull moisture from your skin, so you don't end up soaked and overheated. One reviewer writes, "The fabric is soft and light. I normally hate any shirt that isn't 100% cotton, but Under Armour is a strange exception. These only get more comfortable after wearing and washing."


This jump rope that's great for speed workouts

If you're looking for a fast and effective way to lift your heart rate, look no further than this best-selling jump rope. One reason it's so popular is that the handles feature ball bearings, which add the perfect amount of weight and resistance to really pick up speed. On top of that, the handles are made from luxe memory foam, so you can jump for as long as you want in comfort.


This yoga ball that can help strengthen your core

This yoga ball can help build your core strength — and all you have to do is sit on it. It features an extra thick, puncture-resistant shell, so you don't have to worry about wear and tear no matter how you use this ball. Some reviewers love it for exercising while other replace their desk chair with it. Without back support, this ball forces you to contract your core muscles to stay stable, helping to build strength over time.


This foam mat that's extremely versatile & customizable

No matter the shape of your home gym, this foam puzzle mat has you covered. At 24-square feet, this mat is large enough to create a space for your workout equipment while protecting your floors. It comes in separate puzzle pieces that you can snap together to make your own unique shape, and the EVA foam flooring is super durable.


This body glide that prevents chafing

Thousands of reviewers insist that this body glide will save your skin from painful chafing. Made from plant-derived ingredients, it's suitable for all skin types and goes on smoothly. The silky film it leaves behind allows your skin to slide against your clothing, making your workout much more comfortable and completely pain-free.


These dumbbells that can train any muscle group

These basic dumbbells are a must for any home gym. They come in a variety of sizes, and each weight features a textured neoprene coating that's easy to grip. They also features a hexagonal head shape so they won't roll across the floor. You can grab them in a few different sizes to train any and every muscle group.


This battle rope that tones your whole body

Work your abs, shoulders, back, and more with this battle rope. This 1.5-inch thick rope weighs over 15 pounds, which is heavy enough to work all of your muscles to stabilize yourself while swinging it. On top of that, reviewers say that this rope features a 3-strand weave that holds up well over time, even with daily use.


These gliding discs that are affordable & effective

While these gliding discs may seem pretty simple, reviewers insist they'll give you more than you bargained for. They're made from lightweight plastic, and one side is covered with felt, so this disc can easily glide over hardwood or carpeted floors. You can use these discs for planks, mountain climbers, pikes, push-ups, and so much more, giving you a full-body workout with this affordable piece of equipment.


These weighted bands that look sleek & are really comfortable

These weighted bands are different from previous versions of wrist and ankle weights. Unlike other models, these Bala Bangles feature soft weights that can be separated from each other as you move so your wrists and ankles never feel too constricted. Plus, these weights feature a wide adjustable strap so you can always find your perfect fit when you're working out. They're also far better-looking than other ankle weights.


This Pilates ball that even instructors swear by

One veteran Pilates instructor writes, "These balls have just the right texture, thickness, and appearance." Thousands of reviewers agree — this mini exercise ball is the perfect shape, size, and density to work your deepest muscles. You can place it between your ankles to work your core, between your thighs to work your hip abductors, or even behind your lower back for added support during abdominal work.


This booty band that won't stretch out

You don't have to worry about any stretching or snapping with this durable booty band. Unlike other options on the market, this band is made from fabric instead of latex, and it features extra-thick stitching to help it hold its shape over time. On top of that, this band also has a rubber lining on the inside, so it won't slide down your leggings while you're working out.


This yoga mat that comes with its own sling

Nearly 10,000 reviewers give this Gaiam yoga mat five stars, and it's repeatedly called one of the most comfortable mats out there. It's made from high-density foam, which gives this mat a bit of weight to it so it won't slide or curl up in the corners while you're in downward dog. It also has a textured surface to keep you from slipping, and it comes with its own convenient sling to easily carry it to the studio.


These handweights with over 40,000 5-star ratings

You can grab a set of these best-selling hand weights in just about any size you could ever want. This set weighs 10 pounds, and they feature a neoprene coating with a non-slip texture so you can hang onto these weights even when your hands are sweaty. And with the numbers printed on the heads, you'll be able to easily identify the weights you want as you begin to build up your home gym.


This armband that holds your phone in place

This convenient armband is game-changer for your workouts. The band is made from water-resistant materials, so even while you sweat, it won't absorb any moisture from your skin. It also features a clear-view case that allows you to see the music you're playing, and there's even a small hole to fit your headphone cord through. The next time you head out for a run, slip on this armband and let yourself get lost in your tunes.


This dumbbell set that's totally adjustable

You can get a whole set of dumbbells for the price of one with this genius adjustable hand weight. Here's how it works: you can twist off the sides and place the number of metal bars you want inside the shell to create the weight you want. Add just one bar for a 2-pound weight, or you can add more to create up to an 11-pound weight. Plus, it's so easy to adjust that you can change it up mid-workout with no problem.


This fitness tracker that's super affordable yet smart

Not only is this fitness tracker really affordable, but it has tons of great features, too. On top of tracking your heart rate, step count, and calories burned, it also features a blood oxygen saturation indicator. This brilliant software tracks the oxygen level in your blood to see how your heart is working. It also features a full-color LCD screen, and you can even sync it with your Amazon Alexa to set alarms, check your pedometer, and more.


This wobble disc that can improve balance

Reviewers love to use this wobble disc in a ton of different ways to train their core and increase their balance. This cushion is a unique shape that features a "dome" in the center. When you sit or stand on this dome, you're forced to contract your core to help keep your body stable. It also has a a textured surface to prevent you from slipping.


These performance socks that keep your feet cool & dry

These performance socks are so popular because, as one reviewers puts it, "These socks are comfortable, not too thick or too thin, and that little heel nub keeps them right in place." You get eight pairs of socks in a pack, and each one is made from lightweight, breathable materials that keeps your feet cool and dry, even during long runs. There's even a little tab at the heel that helps to keep your socks from slipping while also preventing blisters.


These compression socks that can improve circulation

These compression socks can help to increase blood flow and help prevent sore, stiff muscles the next day. Each sock features enough compression to feel like a gentle squeeze around your feet. They also have a sure-fit heel so they won't slip, and the seamless toe prevents blisters from forming. Plus, you get four pairs in a pack for a really affordable price.


This exercise kit that has everything you need for your home gym

You can build an entire home gym with everything that's in this exercise kit. It comes with 11 pieces, including two latex resistance bands, two push-up bar grips, two wrist wraps, one infinity band, a jump rope, and a guidebook. It also comes with an extra-wide ab wheel roller, which you can use to dramatically increase core strength over time, as well as a foam mat to protect your knees.


These rotating handles that help perfect your push-up form

Perfect your push-up form by training with these rotating handles. To use, all you have to do is suction these handles to your hardwood floor, grip the handles, and start your workout. The handles are just the right height to allow you to extend your range of motion and get deeper into your pectoral muscles. You can also rotate the handles to target different muscle groups.


This sit-up bar that fits under any door

To amp up your sit-ups, all you have to do is hook this adjustable bar under any standard door to get started. It comes with the tools you need to tighten it, so that it won't budge, and the metal bracket is slim enough that it won't impede opening and shutting your door. To use, just hook your feet onto the bar and start your next set of crunches.


This versatile bar you can use for several exercises

What's great about this multi-use bar is that it serves more than one purpose. You can hook it onto any standard doorframe to instantly create a pull-up bar. This bar is capable of holding up to 300 pounds, and the special design ensures that it won't budge. You can also place this bar on the floor and use it to deepen your push-ups and work your triceps.


This curved mat that trains your entire abdominal wall

You can reach every single muscle in your abdominal wall with this unique curved mat. It features a slight dome shape that allows your torso to fully expand. Then, when you crunch, your muscles have to work harder to contract to their fullest extent, maximizing your ab workout every time. It's also made from high-density memory foam and features a non-slip, faux leather cover.


This Pilates bar that comes with an extra resistance band

This Pilates bar can give you a full-body workout on its own, but it also comes with an "infinity" resistance band to tone your muscles even further. The bar is lightweight and features a foam cover, and it comes with two resistance bands that you can loop around your feet, ankles, wrists, and more to build muscle. The infinity resistance band is smaller with a bit more resistance, making it the perfect tool to get deeper into small muscle groups or stretch after a tough session.


This weighed hula hoop for a fun, effective workout

Weighing in at about 2.5 pounds, this exercise hula hoop is a fun and simple way to get your heart rate up. To workout with this hula hoop, you use it the same way you would any other model, but the weight of this one forces your muscles to work harder to keep it up. The harder your muscles (and you work), the more you'll feel the burn.


This medicine ball with a textured surface for sturdy grip

Over 8,000 reviewers rave about this versatile medicine ball. For one, it features a highly textured surface that's easy to hold onto while you workout, no matter if you're tossing it to a partner, lifting it, or holding onto it while doing crunches. Reviewers also mention that this ball has a solid construction, so it's sure to last for a long time.


This cordless jump rope for tangle-free hopping

No more getting tangled up when you workout with this cordless jump rope. It features two weighted balls at the end instead of a full rope, so you still get the same intense cardio workout without accidentally tripping or knocking something over. It also features ergonomic handles with a textured foam layer, so your hands and wrists are comfortable while you're exercising.


This long agility ladder for workout drills

While this agility ladder looks like a simple tool, thousands of reviewers insist it helps deliver an amazing workout. It features 12 rungs and stretches out 20 feet long for plenty of space to jog, sprint, or hop through this course over and over again. It even comes with its own carrying bag, so you can take it with you to work out with a friend or trainer.


These workout gloves that protect your hands & wrists

If you're looking for a way to protect your hands and wrists during an intense workout, these flexible athletic gloves are a game-changer. They're made from soft, yet supportive material that allows for a full range of motion. The palm also features a padded surface and anti-slip grip to protect your hands from calluses while you lift weights. There's even a wrist guard to help you stay in perfect form and prevent injuries.


This foam roller that mimics a masseuse's hands

As one reviewer writes, "I think it's gotten knots out I've had for 10 years" when using this massaging foam roller. The surface of this roller alternates between smooth and bumpy, giving you a variety of textures to work with depending on which one you need most that day. The bumpy "nodes" push deeply into your muscles to trigger them to release, much like a masseuse's hands, while the smoother texture gently loosens your muscles.


This Thigh Master that you can use while sitting down

It's easier than ever to work your quads and hamstrings with this original Thigh Master. It features a super strong coil in the center, which is what provides tons of resistance to tone your thighs. One reviewer writes, "This really does burn and it serves its purpose in order to build the strength that my body really needs."


This Pilates ring that comes with a helpful exercise guide

Whether you're brand new to Pilates or you've been taking classes for awhile, this Pilates ring is an essential addition to your workout routine. You can place it between your ankles to add an extra challenge when training your lower abs, or you can push the foam pads with your hands to create tension in your upper back. Plus, this ring also comes with a handy illustrated guide to help you build your own routine.


This mini bike that fits beneath your desk

This mini bike makes it easy to exercise in the middle of the workday. All you have to do is slip it beneath your desk, place your feet in the holders, and get to pedaling. You can even adjust the resistance level for an added challenge, and the LCD screen displays your revolutions and calories burned.


This tension rope that you can use anywhere

Not only is this tension rope really effective, but you can use it pretty much anywhere. It features six latex resistance bands, as well as two pedals and an easy-grip handle. Reviewers have used this device to work their biceps, abdominal wall, legs, and upper back, and the best part is that it's flexible enough to fold up and take with you in your gym bag or suitcase.


This gym towel that dries extremely fast

Made from lightweight microfiber, this gym towel absorbs sweat and dries quickly between uses. It's also dyed with plant extracts, so it's gentle on your skin and the color won't run in the laundry. It even comes with its own foam case that's well-ventilated, so it can easily dry out.