42 things under $25 on amazon that you'll use forever


It's the small things that count, and these customer-favorite products from Amazon prove it. Whether it's an ingenious power strip that'll save you space (and looks great) or adjustable spice organizers to make cooking a breeze, these little upgrades make every single day better — and all for $25 or less.

Best yet, many of these life-changing gems are eco-friendly alternatives to plastic or other disposables that end up in the landfill. Going green should feel like a choice to be more mindful about how you live, not a grand sacrifice you're making, and the colorful reusable straws, stylish bamboo utensil kit, and sleek mini dustpan here will replace plastics and paper towels while brightening up your space and making tidying up a lot easier. Plus, since these items can stand up to multiple washes and reuses, you'll also be saving a little cash by not having to replace products.

Scroll on for an organic hairbrush that reviewers swear "gets all the tangles out," a machine-washable velvet throw that "feels like a cloud," mixing bowls that double as storage, a natural way to get garlic and onion smells out of your hands, and 38 more choices that will make your life better and you'll use all the time.


A Set Of Reusable Bags That Prove You Don't Have To Spend A Lot For Style

When it comes to reusable bags, you usually either choose between functional bags without a lot of flair or attractive styles that cost $10 or more each — not with these brightly printed and foldable bags. For less than $15 for a set of six (less than $3 each), you'll have one to stash in your car, office, and bag for groceries, lunches, and more.


An Eco-Friendly Cutting Board Set That Looks Good Enough To Serve On

One of the easiest ways to cut your carbon footprint is by using less plastic. Luckily, 100 percent organic bamboo makes the perfect cutting board alternative that's great for the environment and gentle on your knives, to boot. This set of three even look nice enough that you could serve on them!


A Set Of Produce Bags To Reduce Your Plastic Waste

Take your love of the environment to the next level with this set of reusable produce bags made of GOTS-certified organic cotton. There are six bags in three different sizes so you'll be prepared to tote all your tomatoes, avocados, and citrus home. With a 4.8-star rating, customers have been thrilled with the durability, style, and the extra effort the company takes in sustainability. Even the packaging it arrives in is plastic-free!


The Cheap Stainless Steel Reusable Straws You've Been Looking For

When you're swapping out your plastics, don't forget the straws! They make life a whole lot easier but between a morning shake, lunch, and after-work drinks, that plastic can add up fast. These 16 reusable stainless steel straws (with cleaners, silicone caps, and a carrying bag) make the swap a breeze and with a 4.8-star rating, the Amazon customers are loving how long-lasting and convenient they are. Dishwasher-safe, too!


This Spice Organizer Will Make Cooking Way Easier

"Absolutely brilliant solution for keeping your spices organized," wrote one verified customer about this set of six spice organizers. With more than 1,100 positive reviews, plenty of other customers agree that it's a great solution to stop fumbling around looking for the right spices. They hold 24 round and squared jars and can be easily trimmed with scissors.


An Ingenious Adjustable Camping Light That Works Great At Home, Too

Whether you need to light up a dinner while camping or want a backup light source in case of emergencies, this PaceEarth 2-in-1 lantern and flashlight has got you covered. Customers have loved the extra-bright light that's strong enough to light up a room at home. It's also super versatile and adjustable in height. Best yet, it uses AA batteries, which are way cheaper than the C or D ones you usually have to get for heavy-duty lights.


A Budget-Friendly Smart Plug With 9,000+ Five-Star Reviews

Turn your lights and other electronics on and off from across the room or across the world with these smart plugs that cost less than $15 each and has more than 9,000 five-star reviews. Use voice control with Google Assistant or Alexa in the room, or hop onto the app for control wherever else you go. You can even schedule the plugs on the app. It's a great way to lower energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint while saving yourself a lot of effort.


An Eco-Friendly Utensil Set With Even A Straw Included

Skip those plastic silverware sets and upgrade to this reusable set of bamboo utensils that not only work and are easy to wash, but look great too. "I keep them in my purse, so since I got them I haven't used plastic straws and utensils. They're easy to handwash with soap and water," wrote one reviewer. The set with a carrying case even includes a straw with cleaner.


These Mixing Bowls With Lids Double As Storage Containers

Mix up a meal, batter, or side and then seal it tight until you're ready with these brilliant bowls with lids. "Excellent mixing bowls and the lids are great quality. Much easier to keep foods fresh without using plastic wrap! Durable, stain and odor proof!" one customer wrote. They're also stackable to save you space.


These Reusable Gallon Bags Are BPA-Free And Eco-Friendly

Store your food without having to waste a lot of plastic with these reusable freezer-safe, BPA-free gallon bags that are easy to wash. With a 4.8 rating, it has tons of fans. One wrote: "These bags are great. The seal is leak proof and closing it is easy and reliable.... These bags clean easily... These bags are heavy weight plastic and hold up well."


These Stick-On Lights With A Remote Will Make It Easy To Find Stuff Inside Your Closet

Unlike a lot of closet lights, this set of six come with two handy remotes so you can press them on or just click a button. You can even have them turn off automatically after 10, 30, 60, or 120 minutes. Stick these LED lights in your closet, pantry, or anywhere else you could use extra light — some customers even used it in their kitchens and home bars.


These Handy Silicone Brushes Baste And Apply Sauces And Oil

Basting and glazing don't have to be words to avoid with these set of four easy-to-use silicone brushes that apply sauces and oils in a stroke (or two). These dishwasher-safe, BPA-free brushes are just as simple to wash, too. And with a 4.9-star rating, they're a customer favorite.


A Brilliant Gadget That Holds Your Phone Or Kindle

Customers love this sturdy and reliable phone and Kindle holder for hands-free scrolling, reading, watching, you name it. And unlike a lot of similar units, this one stays where you set it. "It's perfect. Have it on my bedside table so I can watch videos on my phone without holding it," wrote one happy reviewer.


A Stunning Set Of Salt Lamps For Good Vibes

"I love my lamp! It’s amazing and definitely helps my mood and sleep!" says one happy reviewer. While it might not instantly make everything peachy, this set of two hand-carved salt lamps definitely sets a zen mood. You can even personalize the light with the dimmer switch.


A Classic Skillet With More Than 11,000 Five-Star Reviews

Sometimes you just can't beat the classic and Amazon reviewers are in love with the iconic Lodge cast iron skillet for how evenly it heats up and how long-lasting it is. "The cooking, changed my life that day. It was SO. EASY... The best," wrote one reviewer, and there are plenty more like it in the 11,000-plus five-star reviews.


This Avocado Slicer And Pitter Is A Must-Have If You Love Guac And Toast

"This is the best avocado slicer I have ever used! It scoops out the avocado easily and leaves almost none in the peel. Perfect little slices," wrote one customer about this stainless steel gadget. With a pitter and the versatility to use it with eggs and mangoes and more, this is something to file this under amazing things you didn't know you needed.


A Velvet Throw That "Feels Like A Cloud"

"If... you're shopping for softness, I honestly can't imagine finding a softer blanket out there," wrote one customer. Machine-washable and available in seven colors, this fleece velvet throws adds a touch of warmth and a ton of softness to the bed, couch, and beyond. Plus, it's Oeko-Tex certified to be free of harmful chemicals.


A Brilliant Tool Gets Rid Of Garlic And Onion Smells From Your Hands

Don't get stuck with hands that smell like garlic, fish, or onions after you cook. Just get this stainless steel bar and rub away the smells with or without water. Reviewers even said that it worked for plenty of other smells, too. "There is nothing like the smell of mouse on your hand when you're trying to eat lunch. I originally got one of these as it is able to be used in a zoo facility since it is just steel and isn't something involving harsh chemicals that could harm animals. It has been working very well," wrote one customer who went on to buy it for cooks.


These Wool Dryer Balls Get Rid Of Static In Your Laundry Without Chemicals

Dryer sheets can include some yucky ingredients, but static-free clothes and sheets are pretty great. That's where these handy 100 percent wool dryer balls come in. Hypoallergenic and fragrance-free, these are a great choice for kids, pets, and sensitive skin that are a lot less noisy than rubber or plastic balls, too. With a 4.6-star rating on Amazon, customers agree that it works!


These Silicone Gloves Clean Dishes, Fruit, And Even Your Dog

Protect your hands and scrub food off the dishes at the same time with these silicone gloves — customers found this especially helpful with cleaning veggies and fruit, household cleaning, and even giving the dog a bath. Safe to go into the microwave and dishwasher, they're tough and easy to clean.


A Spill-Resistant And Shock-Absorbent Laptop Case For A Steal

Keep your laptop (or tablet) safe while you're go, go, go with this sleek and slim laptop case that's spill-resistant and shock-absorbent. It's so good, it's earned more than 8,000 five-star reviews. There's a separate compartment for your phone and accessories, expandable handle, and seven colors to choose from, too. Not bad for less than $20.


A Palm Massager For Less Than $10 That Reviewers Love

Attach your hand to the included strap and get ready to roll away your aches and pains with this handy massager. "This feels GREAT on calves and arms when feeling rough from a long day or an especially hard work out at the gym. Although it doesn’t take the place of an actual massage, it can really help and does a much better job than just using your hands," wrote a customer.


This Stainless Steel Tumbler Will Keep Your Drinks Hot Or Cold For Longer

Reviewers are obsessed with this BPA-free tumbler with a reusable straw that one reviewer wrote was "just as good as the expensive brands," giving it more than 2,000 positive reviews. With double-wall insulation and made of 100 percent stainless steel, it's keeps cold drinks for 24 hours and hot ones for 6. Plus, it's safe to throw into the dishwasher.


A Handy Gadget For Blending Soups, Smoothies, And More

Making sauces, smoothies, and soups just got a lot easier with this powerful hand-held immersion blender with 250 watts of power and two speeds. The whisk attachment makes whipped cream a breeze. And when it's all done, it can be cleaned in the dishwasher.


A Thermometer That Tells You The Internal Temp Of Your Meet And Your Room

"This device is probably the best single purchase that I have made on Amazon in my three-plus years of Prime membership. It functions wonderfully as a distance thermometer, shining a tiny red dot on what I'm measuring and, based on comparison with a thermoscan camera at work, is pretty accurate across a range of temperatures from 0°F up to about 400°F," wrote one customer. This ingenious thermometer will also tell you the temperature of the meat on the grill with the click of a button.


A Fan That Will Cool You Down Without Hogging The Outlets

This fan that's just under 4 inches is still powerful enough to cool you down (or your pets or electronics) while remaining nearly silent. Just plug it into a USB port and adjust the flexible neck and it'll run. More than 2,500 customers agree that this is a small but powerful unit for hot days and beyond.


A Handy Charger To Keep You Powered No Matter Where You Are

Stop worrying about your phone dying with this handy portable charger with a lithium battery that's big enough for three full iPhone charges. Best yet, it's only about the size of your phone. Two USB ports mean you can charge two devices at once with this TSA-approved device, too.


A Buzzy Beauty Gadget For Smoother, Less Stressed Out Skin

Jade rollers have won over thousands of fans for how they can naturally relieve tension and reduce puffiness around the face, neck, and beyond. For less than $10, you can enjoy the benefits of facial massage with this handy unit that has been a beauty and relaxation secret for hundreds of years.


An Eco-Friendly Set Of Teak Cooking Utensils That Also Look Great

Upgrade your kitchen the eco-friendly way with this set of four 100 percent teak wood cooking utensils. Safe to use on all your pans (even nonstick and stainless steel ones) and durable enough to last for years, one customer wrote about this: "This set initially stood out because of how they looked in the photos and wasn't disappointed when I got my set. They're beautiful!"


This Handy Mini Dustpan Will Make Everyday Messes A Breeze To Clean Up

Save the paper towels and clean up those little spills and messes with this mini dustpan. Made of bamboo, recycled plastic, silicone, and rubber, this is an eco-friendly solution for crumbs, messy pets, and beyond that's super safe for your whole household (no harmful chemicals, here!). "I needed a tiny brush for my bathroom sink — I was tired of using toilet paper to brush all the hairs from the edge of the sink in. This does the trick!" wrote one customer.


A Cell Phone Stand That'll Make Calls, Email, And Video Watching Much Easier

"It definitely helps when I'm at home or at work. When [my phone] used to lay flat on the desk, there'd be a glare, and I'd have to lean over to see what my text/e-mail said, but now I have it propped up next to my keyboard," wrote one customer. This stand works with most phones and even smaller tablets, and is easily adjustable so you can get your ideal angle. It even folds flat for easy portability.


A Set Of Food Containers That Can Go Into The Oven, Microwave, Dishwasher, And Your Lunchbox

This set of five glass containers will keep your food safe and minimize your use of plastic wrap and disposable containers. The BPA-free glass base can handle the microwave, dishwasher, and even the oven. "The product works in all environments — stove, oven, microwave, and the lids are secured on all four sides! Very sturdy, no leaks," wrote one customer.


An Organic Bamboo Brush Set That "Gets All The Tangles Out"

Skip the plastic and the tangles with these organic bamboo hair tools that has even plastic-free bristles. Eco-friendly and biodegradable, the set comes with a comb and a brush. "I have very thick hair and it's very difficult for me to find a brush that works. This brush just glides through my hair. It is well made and exceeded my expectations," one customer wrote.


An Ingenious Cube Power Strip With USB And Normal Outlets

Finally, a power strip that's adapted to the gadgets you use today. With three USB ports and three normal outlets in a compact cube form, this handy little unit saves space and has a built-in surge protector to keep your devices safe. It comes in both cord and cordless versions, too.


A Backpack With USB Charging Port That Looks A Lot More Expensive Than It Is

This water-resistant backpack does double duty as a USB charger so your devices stay juiced up no matter where you go. With a computer compartment and a headphone hole up top, it's a smart design that has earned more than 900 positive reviews and a 4.5-star overall rating. "This is a really nice and sturdy backpack. It has all the little pockets that I could ever need. It also looks like it will last me a while," wrote a customer.


These Organic Eco-Friendly Bamboo Cups Will Last You For Years

These colorful BPA-free 100 percent bamboo cups are a perfect biodegradable substitute for plastic ones. Dishwasher-safe and stackable so they won't take up a lot of room, this has all the functionality you need while being kinder to the environment.


These Reusable Tea Bags Will Help Save The Environment And Some Cash

Made of BPA-free silicone, this set of six cute reusable tea diffusers make it easy to drink loose teas at home and away. Not only do loose teas involve less packaging and waste, but they also offer a lot more varieties and usually cost a lot less. "These are perfect for on-the-go tea drinkers. I am very particular about what types of tea I drink. I fill one or two up & put it in a ziplock [bag] to take with me," wrote one customer.


A Fun, Eco-Friendly Alternative To Disposable Lunch Bags

Cut out the plastic baggies and add a dose of fun with these reusable sandwich bags. Made of waterproof plastic with a zipper, these are sturdy enough to last through 500 uses and can even go through the dishwasher. "We have been using these daily for lunches for the [last] few weeks, they clean nicely and dry fast... Fresh rinsed grapes did not leak," wrote one fan. With prints including whales, planets, and cats available, it'll also easy to spot your lunch at a glance.


A Foam Roller With 900+ Positive Reviews That Will Work Out The Kinks Naturally

Sore muscles have met their match with this foam roller. "I think it's gotten knots out I've had for 10 years. Using it was absolute heaven," one customer wrote. Made with massage sections meant to mimic fingers and hands it speeds up recovery and eases muscle pain naturally. Use it on legs, arms, the core, and even feet. It can even boost flexibility!


These "Amazing" Massage Balls Will Ease Back And Foot Pain

With a 4.8-star overall rating after more than 1,900 reviews, Amazon customers have fallen for these massaging lacrosse balls. "My sister received hers from a physical therapy session and once I tried it on my sciatic nerve pain I was completely blown away. they are perfect. I've tried many things to alleviate pain from that area and this is only thing that helps. you can use against the wall while standing to roll the ball to pressure points but I use it while laying down," one customer wrote. Made of 100 percent rubber, they're a great natural way to work the knots out in your feet, back, legs, and more.


A Scalp Massager Fans Love For Dandruff And Itchy Scalps

Fans love this scalp massager that helps relieve scalp itching, giving it more than 1,300 five-star reviews. "After the first use I noticed [a lot] less issues with dandruff, after 3 uses, my scalp is pretty much itch free and dandruff free," wrote one happy customer. "It's like getting a head massage. And after even just the first use, I have a lot less flakes and less itching!" wrote another. Use this in the shower when you're shampooing to deeply cleanse and exfoliate your scalp.


These Glass Nail Files Are Gentle On Your Fingers

Say goodbye to jagged nails with these glass nail files. "They do not chew your nails up but leave a nice perfectly shaped nail and a nice smooth finish," wrote one customer. Double sided and easy to clean, glass is gentler on the nails than metal. These are so gentle, you can file in any direction.

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